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    Need CCS adapter ASAP or advice...

    The last I heard is that Tesla disabled the aftermarket CCS adapters in latest software release. If anyone has any newer info, please reply.
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    Tesla to Offer CCS charging adapter?

    I would like to see more superchargers also, of course; but we had two unpleasant experiences this past week. We charged at the supercharger in Greenville, AL (on the way to Pensacola), but system limited to 80% because it is a "busy" supercharger -in this case, 6 stalls, but only 5 of them...
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    Tesla to Offer CCS charging adapter?

    Well, I answered my own question; see here: Setec usage blocked in current Tesla software release. This is very inconsiderate of Tesla if they don't have a solution of their own to offer... time will tell, I guess...
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    Tesla to Offer CCS charging adapter?

    Just to verify - has everyone who bought the Setec adapter and tried it found that it does not work? I was interested in one of these because the Chademo chargers are few and unreliable (The Electrify America ones work about half the time, in my experience).... and I don't see an option to get...
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    Can Service Rover change battery coolant & brake fluid?

    Thanks for the info; I will plan to take car to Atlanta early in the year. I see a service schedule posted here, but it appears to apply to all models.
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    Can Service Rover change battery coolant & brake fluid?

    At 50k miles, I understand that the Model S battery coolant is supposed to be changed out; also brake fluid. Can anyone tell me - can a service rover do this from their truck, or does the car need to go into the Tesla maintenance depot for this?
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    Supercharging Nightmare Begins

    This whole discussion (which I am completely on board with), tells me something - that the intuition that I have (having spent 30 years in the auto industry) that long distance charging (supercharging, if you will) is going to be the major gating factor to wholesale adoption of EVs, is true. The...
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    Weird situation at Brentwood SC

    That must be it, I expect that the Brentwood SC is actually at a service/delivery center, there were Teslas everywhere. The difficulty here is that this is also a key stop on Interstate 65. Maybe next time I will try the CHAdeMO at the Mapco Mart on Moores Lane; that way I can eat a hot dog...
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    Weird situation at Brentwood SC

    While traveling last week, I noticed a weird situation at the Brentwood (TN, near Nashville) supercharger - I wonder if anyone else noticed this, and/or if it is going on at other locations also. The Brentwood SC is in front of a Tesla showroom; there is a bank of 6 charging stations. It...
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    Did your owner's manual disappear?

    I think the owner's manual is downloaded and displayed when you request it (it may be stored locally for further use). I found when I waited for a while, the manual eventually appeared. It would never show up when I was in a location with poor connectivity (i.e., most of the state of Alabama)...
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    Did your owner's manual disappear?

    The disappearance of the manual must have been a bug. Over the weekend, Version 9 appeared, and the car has the manual after the Ver 9 upgrade installed.
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    Did your owner's manual disappear?

    OK, checked again. Still no owner's manual (either through the "T" menu or at the bottom left of the Settings page). I just realized: my car is out of warranty. Is distribution of the manual no longer supported when out of warranty?
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    Did your owner's manual disappear?

    That is an interesting thought... maybe this is still in the process of being transferred. (I did try rebooting the main screen, but that didn't help). Will check it again today and see if anything is different...
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    Did your owner's manual disappear?

    Today, I noticed that my Autopark feature did not seem to be working, so I thought, maybe I didn't do something right, so decided to look at the owner's manual. No dice on that....the whole thing is blank... seems to be a table of contents, but no text. The latest Release Notes page is also...
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    90D Vacation from 190 to 40 in 7 days unplugged parked . Normal?

    I have a 90D with 50K miles. 100% is 275 miles. I lose perhaps 3 - 4 miles a day when unplugged. - your 100% looks awfully low for a 90D. - something is apparently turned on, that you don't want. 21 miles per day vampire drain is definitely not normal.
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    Clean low cost hydrogen boron fusion and impact on environment

    I agree that we need to work on all possible solutions because the actual course needed may require all of them. That said, I have noticed that fusion has been 5 to 10 years off since I first started reading about it in the 1960s. Billions (yes, with a "B") have been spent. The nightmare...
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    My Journey Toward Clean Transportation

    The Southern Environmental Law Center has filed a formal complaint with the Public Service Commission about the Reserve Capacity fee. The law firm Ragsdale LLC has now also become involved. Contact them if you want to help, maybe this could be made into a class action lawsuit if PSC is not...
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    What is your alternative to spending $1500+ on the Wall Connector and a dedicated 240v line?

    I am not worried about being caught without the UMC; in fact, went 600 mi to Orlando, and was able to use SC for all juice away from home. (Not the optimal solution - I do take the UMC when I remember it). As far as charging, I did have a pro put in a 14-50 outlet. It was a long run to main...
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    Tesla mobile app isn't accepting my login

    Mine also up and down for a couple of days; suspect that Tesla home office has been having computer or network problems. Center screen on MS also rebooted by itself a couple of times for no apparent reason.
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    Range anxiety after almost 5 yrs??

    Seems likely to me that the whole problem was caused by the 12v battery going out (not the main battery). I know from experience that my Toyota HIghlander Hybrid exhibits all kinds of weird behaviors & malfunctions when then 12v battery is going out. I suspect that your main battery is fine.
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    I freaking love this car!

    Some of my friends have told me that they think it is time for an "intervention" on me, regarding my "unhealthy love" and "obsession" with my Model S. Beware of this. Your friends may start waving crisp new brochures from Ferrari and Lamborghini under your nose; but I'm guessing that, like...
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    Inaccurate range estimate??

    Driving at sustained high speeds (i.e., over 70) and use of cabin heater will definitely cut range. I have found range estimation to be pretty accurate on my S90D, but then I use seat heater instead of cabin heater whenever possible in winter. There are a host of other things that the range...
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    Santa Claus Resigning due to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

    ONION, NJ. - Another public figure has been caught up in the #MeToo movement: Santa Claus, who announced his resignation, effective immediately. This will have the effect of canceling Christmas this year, as well as the lay-off of over 12,000 elves. It seems that Claudine Robbins, a 102-year old...
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    Should I Upgrade to LTE?

    I have LTE (at least, that's what shows on the user interface), but reception (especially podcasts) is spotty. Some podcasts never get past the loading stage. I end up accessing many of the podcasts via my cellphone and bluetooth.
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    University of Waterloo Research: could triple range

    There are a vast number of exotic, new battery technologies out there. The trick is to find a technology that meets the vast number of requirements for something to become a mainstream consumer item. For example, there is price, charging time, discharge rate, longevity (number of...
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    Retroactive cost for Idle charges

    This seems to depend on so many variables. I charge around the Southeast mainly, and it is often a very long walk from the charging station to anything else (i.e., restaurants). OK, so I put the car on charge (say, it needs 45 minutes' worth, i.e., battery low and the next leg of the trip is...
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    Six alerts, this happen to anyone else?

    I guess that is supposed to be "faulty ABS sensor" - but I would think such a sensor problem could cause these types of messages (but without necessarily making it unsafe to drive); still, to err on the side of caution, a tow is probably wise...
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    Does your Tesla try to take every exit on the Interstate?

    All the times when I have had the Autosteer problem (trying to take the exit), I had the Navi system working, with the destination many miles straight down the interstate (i.e., it was not trying to follow Navi directions by swerving toward the exit).
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    Extended Warranty

    You might start getting offers in the mail, without doing anything. I still get offers for adding warranty coverage on 2 cars I got rid of years ago, including a Nissan Leaf.
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    Does your Tesla try to take every exit on the Interstate?

    In most recent version of vehicle software that I have (2017.32.6 ca 28227) I am having the problem that when I am about to pass an exit on the interstate (in the right lane, with autosteer activated), and there is not at least a dotted stripe on the right, the car will try to take the exit...
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    Dead Battery Experience

    I have noticed some variation between what the system shows as an initial estimate and actual range (both plus and minus).... I guess it's because the navi computer doesn't know all the variables that can affect range, including temperature, headwind/tailwind, and load. I have found it is...
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    grid tie inverter

    Guys, correct me if I have misunderstood this but... I think it is possible to put in a grid-tied inverter, and add to your system a Tesla Powerwall. Even if you use an inverter that does not interface directly with the Powerwall, you can supposedly program the Powerwall to charge during the day...
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    EV Hostility?

    I talked to quite a number of people about my Model S in the past week(including giving one person a test drive).... they have been intrigued and amazed. No negative vibes so far. (Of course, I spent the last weekend at a total nerd conference )(where I was right at home and fit right in), so...
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    EV Hostility?

    Cool shelter pet. I've had a bunch of 'em (2 now). There is no better dog.
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    Stuck at 47A

    Sure would be nice to have more visibility into what our cars are doing when charging; or maybe some explanation about the algorithm being used by the system. I went to St. Louis this last weekend, and on a couple of the charging stops (at superchargers), charging rate would not exceed 57 kw...
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    Model S has No Soul!

    Sorry, but there is no such thing as a soul. link here
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    Blog NTSB Says ‘Operational Limits’ of Autopilot Played Part in Deadly Crash

    One can make the case that the NTSB is engaging in "nanny-state-ism" in suggesting that Tesla block Autopilot from working on any roads other than what it is optimized for (interstates). Many Tesla drivers have found the system to work fine on other roads (not all of them), and know how to keep...
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    Electricity vs Gasoline for Evacuation...

    Consider this: if you have to evacuate, you are likely to sit in traffic quite a bit. An EV uses almost no power while sitting in traffic (I verified this myself in a massive gridlock we had here during an ice storm). Gasoline cars run out of gas while sitting and idling. So, a fully charged EV...
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    Tesla Must Be the "Volvo" brand of Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers

    According to my reading, NHTSA is in charge of setting the standards for HAV (highly automated vehicles, which includes autonomous), and they have a very comprehensive list of safety standards to be applied - see policy here. Regarding the phrase "perfectly safe" - from my reading, this is not...
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    Employee who sent $30,000 off email was FIRED!

    Regarding sending out information on behalf of your employer.... most people who work for big companies know that the company wishes to make public statements (including notification of product discounts, etc.) only through the company's Communications department. I can see why Mr. Schenck could...
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    Winter is coming - are you getting the Tesla jacket?

    They gave me an umbrella and a Tesla pen. (Unfortunately, the paint is coming off the pen, so it looks raggedy... but the umbrella still works great
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    How not to travel in your Model S - and still survive

    What a fun story (as in, "ah feel yer pain.")... this is why we have a stressful discussion about it every time someone forgets to plug in the car. Plugging in being especially critical if a road trip is planned for the next day. Some day, DC fast chargers (Tesla SC or otherwise) will be as...
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    Degradation of the Community...

    I agree. I am the first to admit I sometimes post stupid stuff (as most of us do), and I hope that people will take it in stride, (as most of us do), and think, OK, maybe the next post will be useful and/or better than the last one.
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    Thinking about selling my baby 1276. Feedback please

    A Tesla Roadster is a rare item, like beachfront property. They don't male any more, right? Seems like it should be a good long term investment (shouldn't it?)... the few rare things I have had, that I sold,I later regretted selling. So it seems reasonable to keep it.
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    Dual-circuit wall-plug charger

    Good rant.
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    Calling All Electricians - NEMA 14-50 Power

    The smaller the cable, the more heating you have. Heating of the cable is power you are paying for but it is being wasted. I like the #6 Cu.
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    Just too dang hot?

    Hot, just dang hot.
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    Dual-circuit wall-plug charger

    Can someone please explain to me, why there is so much interest in doing 220v charging "on the cheap" -? This is something that can set your house on fire or electrocute someone if not done exactly right... I mean, I just don't see how you can justify the risk simply to avoid a few hundred...
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    [Urgent] Spontaneous Suspension Failure + Lack Of Tesla Support

    When was the car built & how many miles on it? This happened about a month ago?
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    Radar Detector Mount

    I agree with previous post. There has been a lot of discussion about radar detection possibly not working inside vehicle due to a windshield coating.. You can test this by just using a sun visor clip and driving though known Special High Intensity Traffic Enforcement zones (S.H.I.T.E. zones)...