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    Ultra Hi-Fi Sound Upgrade

    It seems USA/Europe Tesla owners in average have much higher rating on UHF than Hong Kong's.
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    Denmark: P90D sticker price to increase 180% on Jan 1 2016

    It also means Tesla cars appreciate over time instead of depreciate. Look at what happen at Denmark. Model s owners will make money when selling their used Model S, so you should buy more now and sell later. :biggrin:
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    How Satisfied Are You With Autopilot?

    I think it will be very important this auto-pilot system continue to learn the specific roads we drive everyday, to work, and go home; learn how we drive and react for those particular roads. These will be the situation we use auto-pilot most often. For other roads we don't drive so often, at...
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    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    no matter what other people say, like or unlike. i will buy it for sure, there is NO overall better car than this. especially in HK, it only costs similar to E class. i only hope to receive the config email quickest possible.
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    X exterior dimensions compared to S

    I think Model X will be the widest car (sedan and SUV) in the market. It's so much wider than Mercede S and G classes!!! Getting into some garages or public car parks maybe quite a challenge.
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    When I first watch this, I thought it's done by Tesla themselves. Can't believe it's done by a Tesla fan, or a team? Tesla should offer him a big discount on his next Tesla, I think this video is worth more than the referral amount, not just the amount of time he put into this, but also his...
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    Model X Design: Ugly or Sexy? Prius?!

    i fall in love with this design, after seeing it from all directions. hope can start to config soon, and get mine in 6 months. i don't mind to upgrade to sig. if i can get it earlier.
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    Model X Design: Ugly or Sexy? Prius?!

    I think Model X is really a piece of art, for someone who think it's ugly now. Steve Jobs comment: "Art can be ugly at first but becomes beautiful later."
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    The new nose

    how about add some reflective tapes! - - - Updated - - - which one looks better?
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    Did they demonstrate sun visors?

    I also worry about the privacy issue for such big windshield. Can people outside see through the tinted part of the windshield?
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    Stereoscopic cameras on the front?

    too bad no 360 camera for such large car.
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    Missed opportunity: No inverter

    Model X really have too many unique selling features that no other car in the market can compare. the long lasting inverter will certainly be another unique feature, but unsure if this is a must buy feature for many people. if it is, i guess this will probably be added later.
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    Elon Musk Founder 1 Data and VIN Plate [photos] and My Initial X Reaction

    average asian man about 140-160lbs, woman 110-125lbs. so it should be fine for 7 adults and a lot of cargo here. :biggrin: but i guess more people will go for the 6 seat version with second center console. if same price for both versions.
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    Live stream of event?

    what exact time does it start? hope can see a lot of photos and videos from the event soon, better maybe first review in 1 or 2 days. :biggrin:
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    Which door style would you prefer, given what we know today

    if access to 3rd row is easy for both sliding and falcon wing doors; i would vote for sliding doors. but so far no sliding doors allow access to 3rd raw as easy as falcon wing doors.