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  1. Kipernicus

    Cybertruck Site states now delay time frame

    I agree that 2023 is more likely. Any 4680 cells being produced will go into Ys first. If Rivian can access the supercharger network and get production going before 2023 I would seriously consider it against the CyberTruck.
  2. Kipernicus

    Lucid Air Will Be Better Than Model S, Says Former Tesla Engineer

    I have liked Peter Rawlinson ever since he worked on Model S. I find him to be earnest and sincere. I just wish they partnered with Tesla to have access to the Supercharger network. Any info on safety rating of Lucid Air? hopefully as good as Tesla.
  3. Kipernicus

    Mach E in the wild

    Yes, Tesla called them "Signature" or maybe Founders edition
  4. Kipernicus

    Rear Hatch Protection Model Y Bumper Design Defect

    I believe this is the article the OP was referring to: Tesla Model Y Liftgate And The Failure Of First Principles and yes, I've been dinged in a parking lot and nobody leaves a note so I'd say there is a decent chance of this becoming an issue for some.
  5. Kipernicus

    MCU2 - Retrofit

    That's my question as well. Especially since I have a 60, and my 90% is ~165 and supercharging is terribly slow. On the other hand, we could play more games and watch videos to while away the time at the supercharger....
  6. Kipernicus

    Reason for range discrepancy between real world and EPA?

    You have to drive the speed limit, take it easy on acceleration, and minimize brakes (time the regen to slow/stop) But really, where's the fun in that?
  7. Kipernicus

    Model S Plaid

    Is Plaid only for better track performance? Or do you think all model S/X variants will benefit with improved range and charge rate?
  8. Kipernicus

    Superchargers slowing

    Just came back from SF-LA-SF, a trip we have done for many times but haven't done in over 1 year. Really painful and frustrating now with a 10% degraded 60 and much slower charge rates at the superchargers. Was pulling about 26kW at 50%. Also, keep a lookout for the automatic limit reduction at...
  9. Kipernicus

    Anyone know what this item is?

    Seems like they could have offered, or you could have asked, for them to fix it via Mobile Service so you wouldn't have to go through the trouble of visiting the service center again.
  10. Kipernicus

    Bicyclist yelled at my son for driving an EV?

    That guy is basically Jef the Cyclist from Pearls Before Swine
  11. Kipernicus

    Look what my wifey did for Fathers day.

    That, sir, is one nice garage
  12. Kipernicus

    Air suspension always acts like is, or is it new?

    My car automatically lowers a few minutes after we get out and doors lock. Maybe it is more accurately returning to a normal height now that it doesn't have to deal with our weight. Either way, if I park over a curb, it will settle right onto it and scrape when I pull out. One time I had backed...
  13. Kipernicus

    Extend Warranty or not

    Yes, worth it in my book. Like you said, door handles and screen.
  14. Kipernicus

    Unused EV charging stations

    TonyT your post and poll are missing an important dimension - the economics. I bet those unused stations are pay-to-use. This has the advantage of keeping the station available for those who really need it, when they need it, and are willing to pay for it. It also has the advantage for the site...
  15. Kipernicus

    Fiat Centoventi concept

    I think the most interesting aspect is the modular battery, and that they can take it one step further: - have battery modules interchangeable with home storage (Powerwall type). When you are doing daily commute, have extra storage at home for solar and time shifting when you are going on a...
  16. Kipernicus

    Tesla to Shutter Stores In Favor of Online Sales

    Maybe they'll reinstate the referral program, a sort of "volunteer" sales force. Just don't go crazy with the rewards, like multiple next gen roadsters, to keep the cost reasonable.
  17. Kipernicus

    SR Model 3 owners getting more than they ever could have hoped for

    My phone is much smaller than the center screen
  18. Kipernicus

    SR Model 3 owners getting more than they ever could have hoped for

    No traffic in the Nav is a pretty serious cripple in my book
  19. Kipernicus

    Tesla Model 3 Announcement: $35k Model 3 Available, some price changes

    But Nav on Autopilot shifts to FSD option Also, why is Dual Motor range shorter than RWD? With Model S wasn't the D range greater than RWD for same battery size?
  20. Kipernicus

    Tesla Model 3 the way I want - Signature Wheel + MPP Comfort Coilover

    Looks like you did some donuts before taking the pics. Nice touch :)
  21. Kipernicus

    Tesla S 100D Sooooo slow to start up

    Wow this is news to me. My first MCU got the bubbles, and it was replaced a year or two ago. Now it has the yellow border, but service center said to wait for v2. I think I'd rather live with the yellow border than deal with the slow reboot every time and no option to turn off Energy Saving mode!
  22. Kipernicus

    Weird Model S freakout in parking lot

    Good thing is that all the driving systems are well separated from the UI stuff, so no matter what's going on with the center screen or dashboard, I am confident that the car will still drive ok.
  23. Kipernicus

    Not getting enough miles

    when you set a destination in the Navi, and go to the Trip tab of the energy display, it does predict the usage based on terrain (hills), but not weather (headwinds, cold, etc). It's still useful and as you drive it adjusts the prediction with a second line so you can compare how you are doing...
  24. Kipernicus

    Who wants in on a class action lawsuit? ;-)

    165 at 100% is pretty bad and not typical. I'm at 77k miles (Jan 2013 build) and get to 174 at 90% and 191-ish at 100% Worse than what TexasEV said probably because I've gone below 20% and above 90% more often, but still nowhere near as low as what the OP is seeing. Did KMAN's original 60 get...
  25. Kipernicus

    Model 3 MR charges at 32 amp vs LR at 48 amp

    Yes, dual chargers were available with the original 60. I've charged at 80 amps many times and it is glorious. Having a Nema 14-50 on a 50 amp circuit with the UMC1 charging at 40 amps was pretty nice too. Really disappointed in Tesla downgrading the onboard chargers and UMCs so much, but I...
  26. Kipernicus

    Atari Games

    I would like the on screen buttons to stay there in full screen mode, below the game. there's plenty of space (on the vertically oriented screens at least)
  27. Kipernicus

    The "GOOD IDEAS" thread

    I'm still waiting for speed sensitive steering. Don't know if this has been changed in newer cars, but in my classic there is a choice of Comfort, Normal, and Sport. What I want is Comfort under 25 mph, Normal from 25-60, and Sport at 60+, or something like that.
  28. Kipernicus

    Firmware 8.1

    Yes, "Me Too". Maybe it only affects Classics? I submitted a voice command Bug Report.
  29. Kipernicus

    Maps Traffic Not Exactly Working

    Same issue here on 2018.24.1 I find if I click the traffic off, then back on, it updates
  30. Kipernicus

    Rimac Concept_Two

    Are all those vents and scoops necessary? They scream ICE to me.
  31. Kipernicus

    bubbles on touchscreen

    Extended warranty FTW! I've had the screen bubbles for a while too but waited until I had more issues to fix under the same deductible. This came in the form of 2 door handles failing (one wouldn't present, one presented but did not activate the door). Now I've got new screen and MCU and LTE...
  32. Kipernicus

    NHTSA sets 'Quiet Car' safety standard to protect pedestrians

    I think that part was more of a dig against BMW, where they pipe in some noise in the i8 to make the 3 cylinder engine sound more ... substantial.
  33. Kipernicus

    Speed Sensitive Volume Control?

    Wow I have wanted this for the S for the longest time. Didn't know they are implementing in the 3. Hope they get it right and can push it to the rest of the fleet.
  34. Kipernicus

    Toyota 'Mirai' Fuel Cell Sedan

    Why hasn't Toyota given Mirai Nagasu a car?
  35. Kipernicus

    "Less energy is available due to cold battery" trying to charge

    never mind the car, his phone was at 5%! :eek:
  36. Kipernicus

    Door Handle Failures

    Got my first door handle problem in over 5 years - and it was 2 at the same time! Drove to Tahoe this weekend and when picking up the car on Sunday the front right presents but doesn't light up or open, and the back left does not present (or goes "clunk" and comes out halfway). Out of warranty...
  37. Kipernicus

    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    Look at this scam, from "@alon_musk", using his picture and everything replying to a real Elon tweet. Funny thing is there's a bunch of "Thanks it worked" tweets after it. All fake?
  38. Kipernicus

    Falcon Heavy - 7&8 Reuse - Elon's Roadster Demo - LC-39A

    I guess this is why it's good that it's an autonomous drone ship and not a manned ship
  39. Kipernicus

    SpaceX F9 - 6th Reuse - SES 16/GovSat - SLC-40

    Good that they are not littering in the ocean
  40. Kipernicus

    Would you be comfortable letting your car sit at about 8% charge overnight?

    Me too. That charger you are counting on for the next morning - you're sure it will be available to you when you get there? And you plan to spend pretty much all day charging?
  41. Kipernicus

    Gwynne Shotwell

    What's the "vanity plate that's a play on an Elton John song"?
  42. Kipernicus

    Tesla clone’ EV startup secures $350 million investment from Alibaba and Foxconn

    The most important thing is a little harder to copy - the supercharger network.
  43. Kipernicus

    Going to Falcon Heavy launch discussion

    So regular tourists who had planned to visit KSC on a particular day that happens to be FH launch will be turned away?
  44. Kipernicus

    2014 MS60 Rated Range

    You could try the various rebalancing exercises. Take a road trip to some supercharger and roll in with like 10 miles or less. Charge to 100% and wait for it to finish that "calculating time remaining" bit. Could take 1.5 hours or more, so have a long meal or something. Then drive back home and...
  45. Kipernicus

    2014 MS60 Rated Range

    That is low. Mine is Jan 2013 60kWh, with 68k miles. My 90% is 177 and 100% is 197
  46. Kipernicus

    Falcon 9 FT Block 4 - Zuma - SLC-40 (changed)

    For me, the name Zuma brings up memories of a beach in Malibu Zuma Beach Malibu - Definitive site of the Zuma Beach
  47. Kipernicus

    Supercharger - Fremont, CA - 39201 Fremont Blvd (Fremont Hub, LIVE 27 Apr 2018, 12 V2 stalls)

    It's nice to see a couple of Chargepoints installed as part of the deal.
  48. Kipernicus

    Supercharger - Hollister, CA (Casa De Fruta, LIVE 12 Mar 2018, 20 stalls)

    Great video from the train (Casa de Choo Choo)!!
  49. Kipernicus

    SpaceX F9 - 5th Reuse - Iridium Next 31-40 - SLC-4E

    At first I read the title to mean that this particular booster had gone up 4 times already and this is the 5th time. Sounds more like this is just the 5th launch to feature a reused booster. Still pretty cool.