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    DIY repair: EPB_w053 - Parking brake did not release, EPB_w052 - Parking brake functions degraded

    Hadn’t been mentioned here but it may be relevant to get a stuck park brake free. There’s two types of park brake mode on my Model X, the first is just push the park button at the end of the stalk when I park, and the dash shows the park symbol in grey I think. I use this 90% of the time. The...
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    Lift Gate Power Strut Noise - Model X 2017 100D

    I had a service guy out to install a CCS2 adapter in my MX so I took the chance to pepper him with questions. Apparently the strut noise is normal/common. And no need to replace it.
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    Squeaky Brake Pedal Model X100D 2017 - Which lube?

    I've had a pretty squeaky brake pedal for a while on my Model X 100D (July 2017) I got in there and put some automotive Blue grease inside the boot/cylinder area and the noise went away for afew months, but lately it's come back again. Anyone got a recommendation as to what lube to use? Feels...
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    Changing 2nd Row Seats to folders

    @MDR SEA how did you go with this project?
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    Pedestrian Warning Sound now in X? Wait, what?

    Does it make a difference if the windows are up or down? Perhaps it's teslas way of complying with the 2020PWS rule, by having the car make the sound from in the cabin if windows are down? Or perhaps the infotainment computer has a spare speaker output?
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    Model X Roof & Hitch Box

    Great setup. I think I might do this so I can take a surfboard again!
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    Door pocket separation

    @ItsMeCarlos did you ever fix this issue. It's not broken clips. It's Tesla not seating the clips during manufacture.
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    Fixed Passenger Door Rattle

    We have also developed pocket separation just like yours. If I pull it back a little I see there's a couple of tabs that were never fully seated. Being plastic welded into place, I think it will be difficult to snap the inner pocket lining back into place. Did you have any luck?
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    DIY Installing CCS Retrofit in My US 2017 Model X

    Not sure if it helps but I thought I'd post here with a bit of info from my service tech visit and CCS2 retrofit kit. (Here in Australia) The tech guy took about 45minutes to install. Probably would have done it 50% faster if I wasn't lurking around and asking so many questions. He suggested...
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    Lift Gate Power Strut Noise - Model X 2017 100D

    My Lift gate Power Strut on the model X 2017 makes a clicking/tapping sound as it actuates. Sounds like it's not too far from failing. Are these things user serviceable? Or throw out and replace? Searched this site and youtube and couldn't find much.
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    My Tesla S P85d nightmare. I don't think I ever want another tesla ever again and want to get rid of this junk asap

    What did you pay for it? And In your country do dealers have to warrant a used car? In Australia they have to provide 3 months minimum, and often offer up an extra year for a small fee.
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    broken Lower latch cover on FWD

    Further to this I’ve seen afew people report that when the car is jacked on one corner they hear a crack soundand find a broken aluminium latch cover. my car was jacked up just a few days before. I think that as the car is raised from one corner (rear left) it induces a twist which forces the...
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    broken Lower latch cover on FWD

    I seem to be forever fixing small issues on my Model X. This time it’s the Aluminium Falcon App I f Foir lower latch cover that seemed to fall apart in my hand when I touched it. It looks like such a strong part but mine seems to have just shattered. Anyone else come across this?
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    please help: Front door latch just failed have to drive 400 miles in AM with latch warning beeping!

    If the doors are working better, perhaps you had the servo motors changed too, thus the high price. For me I believe it’s just the latching mech that is currently failing.
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    please help: Front door latch just failed have to drive 400 miles in AM with latch warning beeping!

    That's a ridiculous price to have to pay for a faulty part. I'm not looking forward to this.
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    please help: Front door latch just failed have to drive 400 miles in AM with latch warning beeping!

    Just jumped back in my 2017 Model X at the supermarket and the door won't close. Seems like a latch mechanism failure. Had to drive 3km home holding my door and stopping it from swinging open! I love this car but I'm really disheartened at the amount of little issues like this. Last week it was...
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    FAILED removal of lowering link. HELP

    My mechanic was removing the front lowering links this morning to install the N2itive ones and snapped the tab on the suspension arm that the link attaches to. The tab is made from GRP so I was able to glue it back in place but it will never be the same until I somehow replace the arm. The tab...
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Is there a Technical Service Bulletin number attached to that info?
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    Drive unit Slop

    Hi, On my Model X 100D, I'm experiencing what I would describe as drive unit or drive train slop. As I slowly move down hills, usually with walking speed traffic, when I lift off the brake I feel like the motor engages and the car feels a little shove forward when it engages. It feels like there...
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    Black exterior rubber molding with cracks and chunks missing

    Buy some from a wrecked vehicle with low mileage and replace yourself, it’s easy.
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    RHD in USA

    Did this project ever happen? Just import a RHD and get a charger from that country too. would need a 110>>220v step up converter. from a logistics perspective it’s really simple. if you want to supercharge it too, and use with 110v local power then grab a charge module from a wrecked tesla...
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    I was just thinking about that actually. hopefully today at Tesla AI day we will learn a bit about how Neural Networks will help speed up FSD improvements.
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    I’m seeing no Disney + on the Model X on the 2021.24.3 update in Australia!?!? Anyone else ?
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    Tesla UI, Cameras and doors

    You think the rear camera should be above the repeater cameras?
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    Tesla X HEPA Filter retrofit

    Cabin Filters on Right Hand Drive Vehicles. Are they still behind the glovebox which is on the Left? ie does tesla Just mirror everything behind the dash? Also, I'm seeing supplies of these on Alibaba.com for $37-$46. The $37 one is "Activated carbon material" , and the $46 version is "anti PM...
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    How to replace FWD glass top

    Here's the part numbers. and Image attached. 7 RR DOOR ROOF GLASS ASY, LH 1034902-00-P Over-the-Counter(No VIN) 1 1 7 RR DOOR ROOF GLASS ASY, RH 1034903-00-P Over-the-Counter(No VIN) 1 1 Also, my 9 year old filmed me doing various parts of the process. I can format into a Youtube video...
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    Roof rubber sealant melting

    Yes!, just search your local classifieds or yards for Tesla Model X Wrecking etc. We have very few in Australia but I still managed to source one or two places that had them.
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    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    This hasn't appeared for me. Is there any way to force refresh to get it, or is it just for certain models?
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    NSW insurance

    Budget Direct was by far the cheapest when I compared all the major insurers listed here.
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    Roof rubber sealant melting

    I changed my own glass... Easy! I purchased my Model X and it already had the rubber seals falling apart on the top glass of the FWD. Tesla use defective rubber that's not fit for purpose and should be replaced worldwide as they didn't put UV stabiliser/inhibitor in it. Anyway, I found TWO...
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    FWD door alignment experience and ideas.

    My Right Side FWD sits a couple of millimetres too low. It was low enough to crease the rubber air seal on the leading edge of top glass and split the seal. (NOTE: that the top glass seals are faulty and have no UV inhibitor, so they are going to eventually crumble away on you if your car is in...
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    Tesla UI, Cameras and doors

    I couldn't find much on this topic, but as an industrial designer it's something that bugs me every time I use my car. CAMERA VIEWS I don't understand why the side repeater camera output on the screen is BELOW the rear view camera. I think it would be more sensible to put the reverse camera on...
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    Upgrading AP cameras

    Hi all, I'm about to purchase some repeater cameras over the counter here in Australia. Can anyone confirm these are the current or latest and that they will work on a July 2017 Model X? 1642010-00-A: LAMP ASY, SIDE REPEATER CAMERA, LH - Model X Sep 2015 - Feb 2021 1642011-00-A: LAMP ASY, SIDE...
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    What thread used in Model S/X upholstery?

    My Model X with white interior has some stitching coming out of the centre armrest. Does anyone know what thread I wold use to restitch it? I imagine it would be some form of UV resistant Polyester or Nylon but I don't really know about these things.