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  1. Glenn T

    FSD button is here!

    Very cool, congrats!
  2. Glenn T

    Got Y today and freakage accident same day

    Yes, got the Y delivered today and had a freakage accident, where I was going out of a Trader Joe’s and a vehicle in a different lane, cut over two lanes to get into a gas station. this action side swiped the Y’s front bumper scrapping the paint, but not denting it. I’m not sure who’s actual...
  3. Glenn T

    Eve for Tesla from MyQ

    Thanks, wow, that Eve is real teaser. Maybe I will look into Tesla installed Homelink. Thank you
  4. Glenn T

    Eve for Tesla from MyQ

    Got a new Chamberlain 3/4 HP garage door opener and it has an “Eve for Tesla” option. We will be receiving, hopefully, our Y this month and curious on anyone’s experience with this MyQ option.
  5. Glenn T

    Garage Door Suggestions

    Thank you so much. This info will help immensely.
  6. Glenn T

    Garage Door Suggestions

    Chamberlain, yea, somebody at Lowe’s mentioned them. Thank you for the specific model and the added bonus it links with your Tesla. Question: I noticed there was a 1 1/4 hp. Did you feel that much power was not needed or that 3/4 was sufficient?
  7. Glenn T

    Garage Door Suggestions

    Thanks for replying. Apologies for the misunderstanding. I was just trying to be funny about my garage eating my Tesla. What happened is the garage door sensors didn’t recognize my Tesla and actually closed on top of my Tesla Model 3. This garage door is over a decade old and before bringing...
  8. Glenn T

    Garage Door Suggestions

    Cleared out the garage in anticipation for the new Y. I previously had a 3 that got eaten 😋 up by this Garage Door! Looking to replace this garage door opener with something more Tesla friendly. I live in a part of California that hits triple digits during the summer. Any suggestions or...
  9. Glenn T

    Online Used Model Y

    I actually did check out VROOM and was very close to purchasing. I was looking for the standard range Y as an interim vehicle in anticipation of the future upgrades, including the 4680 cells. As you said, the price for a new was less expensive than for the over-inflated pricing of the used. I...
  10. Glenn T

    Model X vs Model Y

    Yes, research will give you some of what you are looking for, but experience owner’s accounts will give you the hidden nuances a comparison chart can’t. I sincerely thank you for posting your inquiry. It helps us all.
  11. Glenn T

    Recommended USB-C phone mount?

    I had a 3 with your dock preference. Since I’m getting a Y soon, could you send me a picture of you ur center console. Upon receipt I will actively search for a solution and then share my findings.
  12. Glenn T


    Yes, I’m on the yet side too. 😆
  13. Glenn T

    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    Totally agree. If we had reasonable assurances that waiting an extra week would produce a wanted upgrade, awesome!! Then wait. Reality, unless you have legitimate inside information , is rarely are there absolutes.
  14. Glenn T

    Battery Pack Upgrade

    Did take a quick scan for similar inquiries and was unable to locate, so excuse my ignorance if I missed the similar thread. Awaiting for our MY in the next few months, I would have to assume there is not even a mere chance of it possessing the 4680s. Therefore the inquire, will we be able to...
  15. Glenn T

    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    No down is a benefit though.
  16. Glenn T

    Help manage and write for the TMC Blog - paid role

    I would definitely interested in doing some blogging for Tesla Motor Club. If you could please provide the particulars, would appreciate it. Thank you for the opportunity, Glenn [email protected]
  17. Glenn T

    2018 Model 3 - Wife says must go!

    The M3 has been sold thank you for all your interests. Glenn
  18. Glenn T

    3 for Y Swap Inuiry

    Thank you all for your interests. The M3 has been sold. Glenn
  19. Glenn T

    Wrap over PPF?

    It sounds like the wrap is going to be easier take off than the PPF. Which is a big deal for me, for I was hoping to trade up within 5 years and wanted the original white pearl to shine for resale.
  20. Glenn T

    Wrap Bully Opinion Request

    We were thinking of getting the new Y wrapped. Any experiences please elaborate. Also, if you changed the color, did the other color poke through or were they thorough?
  21. Glenn T

    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    Good point on 1st Time EV Buyers.
  22. Glenn T

    Accessorizing Suggestions Please

    I’m a 3 transitioning to a Y. This time I would like to start early accessorizing. looking for exterior, interior, trunk, and frunk suggestions. want to protect from scratches and scuffs. Also would llke to throw in some comfort features. Opening the flood gates. TU in advance. Glenn
  23. Glenn T

    Vendor Floor Mats

    I’m going to be receiving the Y, LR, hopefully by September. Can you please inform me about the new revised seat mounting, for I am starting to accessorize.
  24. Glenn T

    What are the benefits of "Scheduled Departure" charging?

    The heating of the battery sounds intriguing not sure if that’s true but I could see the possibility. I myself live in an area California that our peak hours end at 9:59 PM, so when I come back from work which is before then I set mine at 10 PM.
  25. Glenn T

    2021 Model Y SR for Sale or Trade

    Wow, I would agree to the price, but I live in California. I have a 2018 LR M3 and would swap, again, not sure how we would do this. I would kick I an extra 15K for difference in age.
  26. Glenn T

    2018 Model 3 - Wife says must go!

    sure or we can FaceTime on the phone
  27. Glenn T

    2018 Model 3 - Wife says must go!

    My apologies, I posted an addendum post below that with more information and an asking price between 35-38K. Maybe I will repost this for clarification. Thank you
  28. Glenn T

    Interior Entry Scuff Marks Question

    Oh, yes those infamous car entry scuff marks. Has anyone used the magic marker sponge 🧽 to rid their beloved Tesla of those scuff marks? And if so, how did it work for you?
  29. Glenn T

    2018 Model 3 - Wife says must go!

    Another addendum to the “2018 Model 3-Wife Says Must Go” The majority of the 52K, except for the last two hundred miles, was in 2018 and 2019. Took it into Tesla for a check up and they tweaked the alignment and I got all four tires replaced. Reason for only two hundred miles was two-fold: ✔️...
  30. Glenn T

    Dried Coffee Removal Inquiry

    TU I will give it a shot.
  31. Glenn T

    Trade in confusion

    Personal opinion with a family four I would go with the Y. I have a Model 3 and it’s sporty and fun, but with a family of four you are going to need space to pack stuff in especially as your kids get older and the Y will give you that opportunity. Trade in wise I would go elsewhere like an...
  32. Glenn T

    Dried Coffee Removal Inquiry

    The image may be a little fuzzy, but it is a dried coffee stain just below the door handle on the speaker. Tried to wipe it off with just a wet wipe but no avail. If anyone has a suggestion on how to get it off we definitely appreciate it.
  33. Glenn T

    Wrapping a White Model Y

    Hey, that's a good attitude. Your Y is unique.
  34. Glenn T

    2018 Model 3 - Wife says must go!

    Some additional information of clarity price we are looking for would be between 35 and 38K we saw two similar mileages, 52K, LR 2018s on cars.com being sold for 42.5 and 47.5 and so we wanted to be reasonable and therefore lowered it to between 35 - 38K. The Slacker radio was grandfathered...
  35. Glenn T

    Novice to Y Performance Inquiry

    Awesome glide, TU
  36. Glenn T

    Novice to Y Performance Inquiry

    We are going to a dealership, not Tesla, to test drive a Y. How can I check if it is Performance or LR? The salesperson is honest enough and says he’s not sure, that it’s a Land Rover dealership and they just started selling used Teslas.
  37. Glenn T

    Help me talk my wife into a P Y

    Has your wife test drive the Y? My wife just test drived it last weekend and she now is opened to it.
  38. Glenn T

    Model 3 Ground Clearance

    Yea I agree Paul. I did some Uberring with my Model. If the bridal path is fairly even and doesn’t have bumpy mounds you will be fine. Otherwise, you may want to consider the X or the Y.
  39. Glenn T

    Model 3 Outdoors Parking

    Agree, I also got a back shade and a roof Velcro shade. Our summers hit up to 120 degrees and it made a big difference for us when we climbed in on a scorching day.
  40. Glenn T

    2018 Model 3 - Wife says must go!

    The LR3 is too low for my wife, so it must go. Pictures attached. No accidents, just daily wear. Replaced the tires just before the Pandemic and have only driven a few hundred miles since the Pandemic because I don’t drive for work anymore. I live in Southern California. Please contact me a...
  41. Glenn T

    Buy Model 3 Standard Range Plus now or wait for LFP and tax credit?

    Yea, it’s tough to play that waiting game, Gasaraki. Personally, I would rather enjoy the benefits now. You can always trade in with retained value when the LFP comes out. Most likely, because Biden favors EVs, the bill will pass, so we can take advantage by years end.
  42. Glenn T

    3 for Y Swap Inuiry

    The LR3 is too low for my wife, so for the interim, before the 4680 launches, looking to get a used or new Y. If anyone wants to swap their Y for my 2018, I will be happy to compensate the difference. Not picky: SR, LR, or P. Pictures attached. No accidents, just daily wear. Replaced the tires...
  43. Glenn T

    Please help read license plate from Sentry Clip

    I couldn’t decipher either, but maybe one of the other vehicles or the restaurant videos could help.
  44. Glenn T

    Blog Musk Says Price Increases Related to Cost of Raw Materials

    Any idea when those federal incentives will kick in?
  45. Glenn T

    Model Y replacement windshield issues

    Continual, squeaky windshield, squeaky noise, and squeaky wheel. I agree keep on squeaking till they get it done.
  46. Glenn T

    Next Gen Model Y

    Yea, I agree with Tdeno, why deny yourself. Enjoy it now. When technology catches up and you want to upgrade, the Y will retain its value, so your trade in value will be plentiful.
  47. Glenn T

    Wrapping a White Model Y

    That’s a shame. Is there any way they can remedy that? it doesn’t seem right.
  48. Glenn T

    Wrapping a White Model Y

    I live in San Fernando Valley; maybe I will have to check into Bully’s for the Y I’m looking to purchase.
  49. Glenn T

    Adding a lot of plastic to my 3-row Model Y (car seats, protective films, more)

    Definitely have sparked some ideas in me regarding the Y we are considering.