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  1. JER

    Elon Musk

    Interesting as always, though an interview with Elon Musk on the topic of "The Future You" that doesn't discuss Neuralink in any depth is incomplete. :)
  2. JER

    Slipstream wheels design flaw

    I can see mass reduction being plausible, but perhaps marginal. I don't see how a groove does anything good for rigidity. It doesn't widen the section. Would it be easier to make with this groove? I don't know, but since it's cast I would've guessed the opposite. The only other reason I can...
  3. JER

    Slipstream wheels design flaw

    This flaw isn't unique to Tesla's Slipstream design; I've seen the same problem on certain factory rims for the Mercedes AMG, for example. "Mercedes did it too" doesn't really excuse having such a seemingly daft design feature though. Is there any advantage to having a groove there?
  4. JER

    Slipstream wheels design flaw

    To be fair, washing isn't the only way to encounter liquid water in subzero conditions. If water can collect in there and stay long enough to freeze when the car is stationary, I would also consider that a design flaw.
  5. JER

    Model 3: steering by wire?

    You really are missing the point entirely.
  6. JER

    Model 3: steering by wire?

    Loading from dynamic pressure is not an exact analogy. Not even close.
  7. JER

    Model 3: steering by wire?

    Aircraft control might not be a good analogy here. Steering torque directly tells the driver how hard the contact patch is working and how far forward the stick/slide transition has moved as you approach breakaway. There isn't a directly equivalent feedback in aircraft control.
  8. JER

    Model 3: steering by wire?

    Reliability aside, there's one thing steer by wire doesn't do well that is intrinsic to mechanical steering: Feedback. I can see this becoming less important as people with actual driving skill become less commonplace, but for now it's going to be an unwelcome change for many.
  9. JER

    "Superchargers that have automatic charge connection"

    I saw that at the time and wondered why they aren't just using a conventional robot arm.
  10. JER

    Tesla crashes into MB showroom in Hertford

    The local police tweeted about it; driver was inebriated. Nothing to do with Autopilot. BCH Road Policing on Twitter
  11. JER

    Kman's Tesla Videos

  12. JER

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    I'd ask everyone who says "product" rules out Tesla Vision/AP2 to consider the following: Autonomy is a product if you sell it to other vehicle manufacturers. (That includes fleet learning, which could become an ongoing revenue stream.) Autonomy enables the mobility service, which is also a...
  13. JER

    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    Next project: Dual motor refit.
  14. JER

    Winter tyres, or all seasons?

    Michelin Crossclimate is great by most accounts, but yes, not yet available to fit anything larger than 225/40 R18. They have been slowly expanding the range, so perhaps next time? :) As for regular all-season tyres or winter tyres, neither of those make much sense in the UK. For most of our...
  15. JER

    Tesla Product Announcement at noon

    I'd guess Powerwall 2. It's also about time for Firmware 8.
  16. JER

    Bristol Service Centre showing as open as of Monday 18 July

    Well, the map marker is a lot closer to the real location now than before, when it was over Finzel's Reach in the city centre. :) Here's where it really is: I called in last week; they were still setting up the kitchen and were waiting for most of their tools in the workshop, but the...
  17. JER

    Newer P90DL makes 662 hp at the battery!!!

    What I'd love to see is some CAN data plotted to show how much of this power gain is coming from reduced voltage sag.
  18. JER

    Brexit - The £ - and Tesla

    Based on what I've learned fact checking both campaigns, I'm certain brexit was mis-sold and confident it will not benefit us significantly in any tangible way. I expect less favourable conditions importing anything here for the foreseeable future.
  19. JER

    Tesla moments

    Buick? Well, I suppose the Buick Avista concept car does look somewhat like a Model S (only 2 door.) They're not going to produce any, though. It does say something when Tesla's production vehicles are being confused with other manufacturers' concept cars.
  20. JER

    Tesla Gigafactory

    He said it could. Since this is coming from Captain Optimism, I wouldn't take it as a guarantee, but rather something that is not necessarily impossible. :) The pace of construction is easy enough to explain: they're qualifying the design of the first cell production module before they build...
  21. JER

    UK Model S configuration page has a new option

    So, I just saw this: You can now deselect the new "Premium" console; good news for dissenters of this change. (The third picture in the series is of the old, open console - which I assume is what you get if you deselect the option.) The UK order page seems to be the only one with this...
  22. JER

    Dashcam video bucket

    @HankLloydRight Could it have been just a mirror clash?
  23. JER

    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    Might I suggest a transparent toolbox? Then you can see what you've left behind. You could put a photograph of your family in there too.
  24. JER

    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    I've got a bug report for the UK Model S order page. (I've reported it to Tesla staff, but no fix yet.) It's been broken since the introduction of Slipstream wheels. Replication: Go to UK order page (Order your Tesla Model S | Tesla Motors UK) Select a configuration with red brake calipers...
  25. JER

    That's me priced out of a Models S

    It sucks for the UK, but at least half of the change in the last year can be put down to exchange rate changes; it's gone down from nearly $1.6 to just over $1.4 to £1 in the last year or so.
  26. JER

    List what you LIKE/DISLIKE about Model 3 Prototype - Please share your opinions

    LIKE Body styling. It's stunning. Better than I expected, and my expectations were high. LIKE Tesla powertrain. Looks to be following the same proven principles as Model S. Performance reported more than adequate. LIKE Supercharger compatibility. Expected from Tesla, but a big deal. LIKE...
  27. JER

    No dash screen -- only 15" touchscreen?

    I get why Tesla have done this; (in addition to the obvious cost saving) the driver could not be moved forward from the rear passengers' legs if you had the depth of a conventional instrument binnacle in front. However, I'm certainly not pleased with the results; that this is close to final...
  28. JER

    Tesla stations in NYC on verge of outnumbering gas stations

    Because any time your car is parked for hours and not plugged in is a missed opportunity. ICE drivers always have to go to a special station to "fill up"; I don't think that's a model we should aspire to copy.
  29. JER

    Lincoln Navigator Gull Wings?

    That's not a garage. That's a hangar.
  30. JER

    Lincoln Navigator Gull Wings?

    Like the Model X doors, but not nearly as good.
  31. JER

    Tesla stations in NYC on verge of outnumbering gas stations

    The #1 destination charger people need is at the place they drive to work at.
  32. JER

    leasing because of battery concerns

    You may want to review this survey data: Plug In America As you can see, degradation is slow; more than 90% capacity remaining after 100k miles is not unusual. If Model 3 follows Model S and X in pack design, replacement will be a simple procedure. Better, cheaper batteries are expected to be...
  33. JER

    leasing because of battery concerns

    If it's anything like the Model S battery, degradation won't be a major consideration.
  34. JER

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    Well yes, that much is obvious. It’s also obvious that leaking the information was not intentional. Missing that the one-directional nature of hashing wouldn't apply to an unsalted short string was an (atypical) mistake from wk, not any sign of ill intent or recklessness. People apologise...
  35. JER

    New Forum Design

    Significant improvement, IMO.
  36. JER

    Bristol service centre

    I spoke to the staff at the Bristol store; they said they hand't been fully briefed, but expected the reservation process to be possible there.
  37. JER

    Please move to XenForo

    dsm363's remarks are looking almost prophetic right now...
  38. JER

    Denver's new building code requires garages to support electric vehicles

    Good to hear. This kind of legislation is sorely needed.
  39. JER

    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    Ease one critical path and you always end up with another. Even if the cost of computing an SHA256 hash was zero, you'd still have to generate permutations to test. The number of permutations grows exponentially with each character, so even a multiple order of magnitude step in throughput might...
  40. JER

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    I thought that was explicit: Your claim of "foreseeable consequence" is one specific point on which you are not giving wk fair treatment, for the reason I stated. Your fair and charitable stance on the other points is (already) noted and welcome. :)
  41. JER

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    In general, this is actually not true. As has been discussed at some length here already, it is normally safe to assume original data cannot be reconstructed from a hash. This was an exception only because wk forgot that short secrets - ones a few characters long - need to be salted with...
  42. JER

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    Demonstrating you don't recognise the difference between ad-hominem and a legitimate complaint about your misrepresentation is a rather poor form of argumentation. Must I spell it out? Well, here are the explicit clauses: (1) Tesla does not partition sensitive information from firmware pushed...
  43. JER

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    No. I have already stated my position very clearly. Your additions - apparently made for your convenience - are unwelcome. You can draw as many chalk outlines on the ground as you like; I have no intention of lying down in any of them. Let me know when you're done with the bad faith argumentation.
  44. JER

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    That's a spectacular mischaracterisation. Indeed, let's. What wk did is tweet a SHA256 hash of the secret. SHA256 is a strongly one directional transform. It is normally impossible to obtain the original data from the hash; assuming that disclosing a hash would be safe was not totally...
  45. JER

    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    According to the blog post, there are actually three parts. Only the middle one is titanium.
  46. JER

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    What you're doing is ignoring both circumstance and motivation. Really? Go break the second hash and tell me how "tough" it was. I said "to all intents and purposes... unbreakable"; that is a true statement. I'm sure you've heard of an example in the news of late. Edit: Agreed. Tesla should...
  47. JER

    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    I found those videos of the shield in action. Well, animated GIFs, actually: https://www.teslamotors.com/blog/tesla-adds-titanium-underbody-shield-and-aluminum-deflector-plates-model-s
  48. JER

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    Again, you miss the point. Had wk actually done this properly - i.e. use random salt - it would've been literally impossible to break without the salt. There could be no leak. Don't believe me? Well, he's posted another hash - this time done right - and nobody has broken it. Nobody will...
  49. JER

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    *sigh* I will say this one more time in the (probably vain) hope that certain people take notice this time: wk057 did not deliberately leak information That dubious distinction belongs to whoever first broke the cryptographic hash and published the result, not wk. The only thing wk did wrong...