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    Trying to understand indicator logic

    Merging from Southeastern Highway to Southern Motorway going north, the indicator always turns itself off before the merge is finished. This happens every time on non-T2 lane with the indicator on full, not 3 blinks. Never understood why it would turn itself off and I'm 100% sure I didn't turn...
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    Model 3 The Model 3 trunk harness recall

    Had the mobile service come last week due to rear camera blacked out once. They are just aware of the recall but no guide protector for ppl with a good wire yet.
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    Gen 3 wall charger now on the NZ store

    The built-in RCD is Type A + 6ma. Not sure if it's up to standard as to exempt the installation of a Type B RCD. In terms of protection, Type B is better than Type A.
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    Joining the club, car arriving in March :(

    Think on the bright side. You are getting the refreshed model which has longer range, double glazed windows, nicer wheels, nicer centre console, more secure place for storing Sentry USB and it comes with a USB stick I think.
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    New buyer questions

    Insured with Vero, aka InsureMyTesla. Not many options out there and premiums are hiking apparently. Charging on 240v adds about 15km per hour. If you need faster charging at home, yes. You would need a wall connector and the cable usually comes with it. Type 2 delivers different amps to your...
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    Supercharger - Auckland (Sylvia Park / Mount Wellington)

    That's a lot more convenient than K road. Woo-hoo.
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    Model 3 Range in NZ

    Unfortunately, at the moment, EPA testing standard, a.k.a US standard/US range, is the closest to real-world conditions comparing to NEDC and WLTP. As a user/buyer, you should bear in mind that the factory specifications are only an indication, measured in conditioned testing. Road conditions...
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    Good idea or bad idea?

    It may make a difference. It's hard to say without a direct comparison. When I charged at the 50kw stations, often it would stay at 40-45kw for about 20 mins then it would reach 50kw. I thought it was due to power being shared with other cars charging there but it happened when I was the only...
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    Tesla Software Updates for Model 3 New Zealand

    Nice findings. Have you tried using ExFat format for Dashcam drive. I heard it is now supported.
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    Who sets Model 3 AC on Auto?

    You are probably right. I didn't know where the sensor was but I always felt it must be too close to the vents so it cools down much faster than the rest of the car.
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    Who sets Model 3 AC on Auto?

    So I'm not the only one. Great and not so great. I got it with v10 so I don't have much comparison, but it has always been like that on sunny days. I think the temperature sensor is not placed in a place where it could accurately detect the average cabin temperature.
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    Who sets Model 3 AC on Auto?

    I didn't think it was broken either since it worked fine with manual settings and inside temperature was about right when the AC is turned off. It just seems that on sunny days, the temperature sensor and the passenger don't agree on how hot the inside of the car is.
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    Who sets Model 3 AC on Auto?

    The reason I'm asking is whenever the sun is out while the outside temperature is not too hot, e.g. 24C, the AC, on Auto set to 22C, will be very slack in doing its job. Fan speed will hover around 2-4 while passengers being roasted in the car. When there is overcast, under the same outside...
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    Tesla Software Updates for Model 3 New Zealand

    It's been just minor updates since xmas. Looking forward to that AP core code rewrite update coming online.
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    Model S delivery time

    That date on the website usually is just a placeholder until someone calls you to confirm a date.
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    No LTE connectivity

    Not sure if it's related, just offering some more information. It appears the builtin SIM in the vehicles is from an Aussie provider as the Netflix content changes switching from LTE to WiFi and some websites appear to be blocked based on Aussie regulations. In most cases, since it's "roaming"...
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    Tesla Software Updates for Model 3 New Zealand

    Tried voice command to turn on rear camera immediately after updating to 50.7, still showed command not recognized. Waited a night and tried again, worked perfectly. Will try again tmr but I guess that's fixed now.
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    Navigation speech impediment?

    Did seem to cut short of a word there. Have you compared with Google Maps?
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    Park Assist Unavailable, disconnected front bumper cables.

    They did a great job repainting the bumper and their staff were very nice and helpful. This is nothing but a simple missed task on a busy day.
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    Park Assist Unavailable, disconnected front bumper cables.

    Long story short, my Model 3 delivery was pushed back for about a week due to a paint issue on the front bumper. Paid a visit to Precision while the car was there and learnt that they will take off the bumper for a repaint. Got the car 2 days ago and discovered yesterday that all front...
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    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    No doubt about that. Now I'm trying to find reasons other than just to have a look at the car to justify a trip to the shore.;)
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    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    Very good point, will give'em a call tmr. Cheers.
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    Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand

    Good for you. Fingers crossed no hiccups from now on to Wednesday. For me, unfortunately they have to push back because of a "minor scratch" occured during transport. Suppose to deliver on the 12th, which is tmr, now reschedule to 16th subject to completion of job. Vehicle is with Precision...