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  1. Zroiron

    Expired Model X plaid N2itive, seat covers, hitch, mats, tow hook [Expired]

    What would approximate shipping cost be for the trailer hitch package?
  2. Zroiron

    Model X shudder--blown off by Tesla service. Advice?

    I had the n2itive camber kit installed in Jan 2022 after replacing the rear tires twice in 11 months! Just had a 4 wheel alignment done a week ago and my rears are like new! Unbelievable!
  3. Zroiron

    Supercharger - St. Louis, MO (BarK)

    BarK has restaurants, and a toilet if you feel the urge. Nowhere to you is somewhere to many others! And it’s next to an Interstate Highway! Chill dude!
  4. Zroiron

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    I had the same issue. After picking up a nail and taking the car to Discount Tire, I was informed that they would not repair the rear tire because the rear tires were nearly worn bare on the inner edges. I was getting ready to drive from Las Vegas to St Louis with my wife and 3 standard poodles...
  5. Zroiron

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Any idea who makes this wheel?
  6. Zroiron

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Same here. I ordered the X in mid December with a supposed delivery date of mid March! Well here we are in June only to be told by Tesla that October-November window is likely! Nope! I cancelled the order as well as my order for the Cybertruck! Found a 2020 X Performance with FSD and Ludicrous...
  7. Zroiron

    First Refreshed Model X Deliveries in July

    I’m tempted to look for a 2020 LR and call it a day!!!
  8. Zroiron

    Short review of a 2021 (pre-2021 refresh) Tesla Model X Long Range Plus

    We are waiting on the refreshed model X ordered Dec 10, 2020. Your review of the current model is quite helpful and thank you for that. I am disappointed to know the the noise levels in this model have seen little improvement over previous years. I am optimistic that the refreshed models will...
  9. Zroiron

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    My assumption is higher revenue in their pocket!
  10. Zroiron

    For those who have current Model X reservations (Jan 27 or before)

    Sounds like a class action lawsuit in the works. Bait & Swtich!
  11. Zroiron

    Model X - Las Vegas Tinting?

    Who did you use for window tinting?
  12. Zroiron

    Suggestions on new tires?

    I went with Pirelli Scorpion Zeros. Much quieter than Continentals in my opinion. I got almost 50,000 miles on the OEM Continentals.
  13. Zroiron

    New Tesla Cord Wrangler Design (and colors)

    I just ordered one. Happy to support an enterprise that involves family members in entrepreneurial ventures!
  14. Zroiron

    Tesla Golf Bags

    Thanks. I was informed that the golf bag in the trunk belongs to the manager who was merely illustrating that a golf bag would fit there!!
  15. Zroiron

    Tesla Golf Bags

    our Las Vegas Store gave away the last Tesla Golf bag that I had planned to purchase last week...I'm bummed and would like to locate one in another Tesla Sales Center. Any ideas on who I should talk to?
  16. Zroiron

    Thoughts On "Pseudo-Badging"

    Maybe up badging will 'scare' off the young un's who want to race at the traffic light!;)
  17. Zroiron

    Vendor New Cubby Drawer

    Norm, I would like one of the cubby drawers for the X in Alcantra. Would you please contact me at your earliest opportunity? Thanks
  18. Zroiron

    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Blvd. South

    The Superchargers in Town Square Shopping Center are on-line!!
  19. Zroiron

    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Blvd. South

    It might be due to the fact that hundreds and hundreds of Teslas travel to or through Las Vegas!!
  20. Zroiron

    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Blvd. South

    Don't believe management! One of their managers told us it would be open the week after Christmas!!! Still waiting....
  21. Zroiron

    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Blvd. South

    If they can't handle a little pee, how could they survive a good rain storm!!
  22. Zroiron

    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Blvd. South

    I stopped by yesterday as well. Spoke with a contractor making some connections. He assured me that it would be very soon. I believe that the transformer is installed. i know because one of my dogs whizzed on it!!:p
  23. Zroiron

    Insurance won't pay certified Tesla body shop their charges. Claiming they're too expensive!

    I was T-Boned on November 29th in a shopping center here in Las Vegas. Idiot driver at fault claimed he didn't see me! Duh! He ran a freaking stop sign! Witness confirmed him speeding through the stop sign! My Blackvue dash cam caught it too. My insurer, Liberty Mutual paid almost $22,000 for...
  24. Zroiron

    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Blvd. South

    The Las Vegas Tesla Owners has their monthly Brunch at the Lazy Dog Restaurant just steps away on Sunday Feb 12th. Someone in the group drives by almost daily checking on the status of the Superchargers! We will definitely give a shout out when they come on-line!!
  25. Zroiron

    New Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter

    Why are you parting with it?
  26. Zroiron

    Crap..... got backed into.... help please

    I plan to file a DMV claim as soon as I get our X back. Asshole ran a stop sign and T-Boned me on the drivers side!
  27. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    I'd rather not share it on this forum. Just glad that I had Blackvues front and rear!!
  28. Zroiron

    Lets see your garage!

    Appreciate that info. Just ordered them on Amazon!
  29. Zroiron

    Lets see your garage!

    Awesome job on that wall! You're giving me ideas!!:)
  30. Zroiron

    Lets see your garage!

    Where did you find the cable organizer mounted next to the charger?
  31. Zroiron

    Lets see your garage!

    Where did you find that cable organizer that's mounted to the wall between the garage doors?
  32. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    Travelers Insurance covers the other driver. They are going to pay my expenses as well, since he was clearly at fault! (I have dashcam video to prove it!)
  33. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    I'm not eating anything! Insurance is supposed to make you whole again! I'm also going to sue the guy for loss of value!
  34. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    My company is going to submit the claim against the other driver's insurance company for all expenses, including total car rental costs even if it exceeds 30 days.
  35. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    I plan to do just that! Thanks!
  36. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    A second look by the estimator has bumped the estimate up to $20K. I contacted him immediately after someone on this forum mentioned that the left wheel looked 'funny'. Now the waiting begins in earnest...:mad:
  37. Zroiron

    Elon Musk to advise Trump administration

    "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!"
  38. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    maybe 15-20mph
  39. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    $12,000 ballpark, with possibility of more once they open it up...I have already mentioned to the insurance adjuster that the left rear drive axle could be bent,,,
  40. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    I know. I've already gotten an estimate from Liberty Mutual and it does not include the drive shaft or the drive unit! I will be staying in touch with the repair shop on that possibility...
  41. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    Thanks but no interest in starting over!
  42. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    I was moving about 15 mph, otherwise, it could have been much worse!
  43. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    Your humor is misguided! Thank you for trying!:(
  44. Zroiron

    T-Boned in a Shopping Center

    Lady (Bad) Luck visited me this week! I was T-Boned in a parking lot by an old guy who ran a stop sign! This town has more people who run stop signs than you can imagine! I wanted to put my foot in his a@@ but I was too shaken up to even think clearly. The repair shop tells me that Tesla has...