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    Tesla is doing the seatbelt recall at supercharger!

    Bellevue guys are doing an open Clinic on Sunday in Bothell. They'd re taking this seriously and pushing to get everyone through in record speed.
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    New AP bug

    Washington (Portland to Seattle) area here. Happened the first night we AP. Once it started it didn't stop it until car was irked and used later. Red alarm every land change, even though it successfully completed the lane change. tge roads were wet, so I figured it was probably losing tracking...
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    Autopilot Roadtrip! Seattle to Portland

    We recently took autopilot for a test drive from Seattle to Portland. For the most part, the system performed flawlessly, doing 95% of the driving by itself. It occasionally was distracted by the exit ramps, as we all know. And if you use it as Tesla prescribes, a tool for highway driving, it's...
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    Attorney / Lawyer _ AutoPilot - Like Seriously?

    Actually we SHOULD be clicking on it. Give them false hope that people care. And every click costs them money in whatever advertising scheme they are using. Just like I always click on my political opponents ads. Sure I'll watch that. And I'll let Google take 2.5cents for my having sat through...
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    How quickly is autopilot "learning" about its trouble spots? Anybody experience it?

    I'm not sure how they are updating it, but I would want to agree that it's getter smarter on a daily basis. It seems to not make so many erratic choices as it did on day one. Now for reality: We as users are getting smarter about how it behaves, and are becoming more active and routine in...
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    My "commute" is exactly 300 miles each way - will a 90D save me time vs 70D?

    Use evtripplaner.com Mammoth is a lot of elevation change. You're going to want the superchargers along the way up for sure. I'd get the 90. After 5 years of electric car driving, get the biggest battery you can, and the fastest charging you can, for the most range you can get. 0-60 is fun...
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    Autopilot fatigue reduction on long drives - initial reports?

    Pilot (IFR) and 85D owner here as well. The Autopilot makes driving a little less fatiguing, but it's not the same as an aircraft autopilot. You are still monitoring not just all systems, but more importantly all current conditions for split second response. The auto makers also need some time...
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    v7 firmware with autopilot and new UI first impressions

    I too would like this. And it would it make it blindingly obvious to drivers which modes they were engaging. The information you need in manual mode is different than when the computer is driving. - - - Updated - - - YES! I am 6'3", and have lost the speedometer. Can't see the autodrive...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    #4 was an absolute surprise. The lanes were clearly marked. The sun was high, but behind the car. I've worked extensively with imaging systems. My guess: The lanes being slightly wider caused it to "hunt" which is a standard AI behaviour when they are young, and when they get lost. But...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Just tested it for lunch. Initial observations: 1) Too much information has been pushed to the outer edges of the IC. Speedometer is high enough you can’t see it unless steering wheel was readjusted. Directional gear indicator pushed to right, easily obscured when the steering wheel...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    One hundred percent agree. And by switching the UI dramatically, it would always be very clear to the operator which configuration they were in.
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    a new "whine" sound that wasn't there before... help?

    I think mine started this yesterday. At 5k.
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    A friend created this. Hopefully this is a good forum to share it: Watch “Tesla - Fireflies” on Vimeo: Tesla - Fireflies on Vimeo
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    Washington State caps sales tax exception for EV's at 35k - will this affect you?

    The problem is, all these features cost more post purchase. The Dual chargers went up $500 when it went post purchase. The autopilot feature is $500 more post purchase. Starts to to eat up that $3500 discount pretty quickly, and create a thoroughly annoying post purchase rework of the car...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Sorry, not true. Californisa law states that the driver following is responsible for always maintaining a safe distance that alllows for reacting, even in the event of light or signal system malfunction or failure.
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    Autopilot lane keeping still not available over 6 months after delivery

    There's no reason to believe this iteration is another beta. Could very well be a RC. Could very be rumor.
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    Relocating to Seattle - Charging options?

    We moved up here and our corporate house had an electric dryer. Almost all do. Tell your Relo specialist you have an electric car, and a Dalmatian. Got us moved out of an apartment and into a rented house. Youll stress a little bit. But it works out, power is plentiful, and people are...
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    LED license plate lights

    We did Abstract Ocean about two weeks into owning the car. If it's important to you to color balance the lights (like it was to us) then I highly recommend the AO.
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    Valet Attempts to Park A Tesla- You Decide?

    I don't know. I do see a single line on the pillar, so there may have been an impact, but as loud as it was, I would have expected more than a single line from the colliding car. I also think the jerky driving can be cause by not having creep enabled. People have a really hard time close...
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    Random recognition of my keys

    Start with basic trouble shooting. Eliminate all of those things from your pocket. Carry just the fob, see if performance improves. If it does, then you know your issue resides in at least one, or some combination of the clutter on the keyring. If the performance does not improve, then you know...
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    Are the news Ds finally quiet (no front motor noise)?

    Can't hear it in mine. Maybe I just like the car too much.
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    12V Usage Info? Potentially avenue to adding a couple of miles of range?

    Actually, I would think it's a bigger inconvenience to re-engineer the 12v system than to plan ahead for my charging times. Basically what you're proposing is a larger 12v battery, so it could float itself longer when it gets disconnected from shorepower? I am also in the camp that it's not...
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    Survey: Tesla as primary car?

    Completely opposite I have a 20 year old Nissan that I drive to work daily, as I wait out the rest of its useful life. The Model S sits in the garage, waiting for our road trip weekends. We drive the S further than I would ever trust driving a gas car. Even up the side of Mt St Helens, well...
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    Whispbar hum - 65+mph

    If it's a hum, I'd look at the tape vibrating under pressure of airflow.
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    Music skipping with UHFS with USB, flac

    Ever since I took the latest update (.21) this week, I've started having audio skips on all media, even cell phone calls.
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    I'm impressed with nrg eVgo

    There's room for both. I I like my superchargers, and I love the convenience. And when I'm road tripping, I love that I can take my kid across the coastline gas free. When im in an urban area, where I don't need all 85kw, just another good top off, I'm happy to use whoevers L3 I can get to...
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    Does everyone have trouble opening their charge port door?

    Had this problem yesterday with my home charger. I pushed button nothing happened. Pressed again multiple times, nothing. Stood there for a minute, staring at the charger, the car, trying to think of next logical steps, suddenly charge door opened. It was like the computer was locked up, had...
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    Dad with teenage son torn over getting Performance versus Standard

    Get him a used LEAF. No kid is responsible enough to handle these machines on day 1. There's a reason pilots have to get some basic training, then go for advanced high performance ratings afterward.
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    Blink Planning to charge $4.80/hr for parking (15 minutes after a charge is complete)

    exactly. I'm assuming I'll be able to charge them $4.80 everytime I pull up to one of their stations with my 3 year old, only to find it not working yet again?
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    Feature request: Leave AC on for (n) minutes when I leave the car

    Personally I'd love it if they just gave me an accessory screen when they sense me leaving the drivers seat. "Enable accessories for 30 minutes? [Yes] 10..9..8...7..6..5" I often have to leave someone in the car when I just run in the store. This car doesn't really support that sort of...
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    Autopilot lane keeping still not available over 6 months after delivery

    Driving around seattle, it goes off constantly. The construction lines, the old lines, the cracks in the pavement, the changes in pavement texture, the sunset causing tar lines to reflect. I've actually been really curious about how the car is going to handle things when it's left to make the...
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    Windows Sealing Condensation

    I see this whenever I wash the car in Washington. Curious if anyone thinks it's an issue.
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    When does version 7.0 beta come out?

    When does Firmware 7 come out? Has anybody received it yet? Weren't a few of us supposed to have it by end of June? :)
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    Seattle Snohomish Nema 14-50 installation cost?

    I guessing this is Switch's standard Tesla fee. My HPWC install (3 feet from the panel) was $683. Never mind the $4,800 for a new panel.
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    Redmond Wa -> Astoria Or -> Redmond Wa with CHAdeMO

    That's great news! I was just planning that exact same trip. Which chase no did you use in Astoria?
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    10 year cost of ownership

    Washingtons EV tax is $100. And I understand it's going up to $150 next year. I agree that taxing gas higher actually makes more sense, as we need to discourage hydrocarbon behavior.
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    Blogger Claims Tesla's Battery Swap a Scam

    I can't find any links to it, but we went through the same nonsense in Orlando when I was the only registered LEAF in the state, and we had 300 chargers installed throughout the city. Fox news sat in front of a charger for 8 hours, and "NOT ONE ELECTRIC CAR PLUGGED IN!" They went on to whip...
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    Nav system mileage

    Exactly. Routing costs cycles, and would slow down other functions. So it gives you a first guess, then a precise estimate.
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    You guys really pull into a Nissan dealer with your CHAdeMO adapter?

    Let's remember that Tesla doesn't allow other manufacturers to charge at their stations. Everybody just needs to play nice as we all work this out. Be a polite owner, and I find polite chargers most of the time. Ignore the bad apples, those will work their way out.
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    Creep ON or OFF?

    this is exactly why I keep it on.
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    +1 :)
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    Near Everett, WA B&B, motel, or hotel with charging recommendations wanted

    Lots of Fred Meyers in the area have Level 2 chargers. The one in Bellevue has a Chademo as well. (Would be about 26 miles from your destination.) If I had my HPWC installed yet I'd offer to leave the cord outside the garage door. -S
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    Sales Taxes - pay in two states!!

    I tried for the one day permit to get the LEAF out. Since it was new, if its tires ever touched the pavement I was on the hook for California fees.
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    Sales Taxes - pay in two states!!

    Check your states rules. You'll never escape paying the California taxes (which is something insane like 8-10%). But your state may give you credit for paying the out of state taxes. Florida wanted 6% sales tax, and would charge you a 6% "use" tax on any car less than 6 months old. However, they...
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    TACC Disabling in Tunnels. Why?

    I'm betting it's radar reflections, which the system deems unreliable. My TACc disengaged over the weekend when I got boxed in by two trucks on the left and right side. Whatever the car "saw" it didn't like and returned control to the driver. Thats how these things work. You're still the driver.
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    Buying UMC in WA should be exempt from Sales Tax? How-to?

    Ok, so I'm buying the chademo adapter, I assume I just need to check box 2b, and sign the form, return it to Tesla with the purchase?
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    As a LEAF driver for four years who just moved over to the tesla, I see the as solving the wrong problem. When my car is in motion that doesn't generally surprise a lot of people. A car is supposed to be in motion. We've learned that. What does surprise them is when I'm sitting still. They have...
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    Do We Own Our Vehicles? General Motors Says No.

    When I worked for a amajor entertainment studio, I had multiple lawyers routinely tell me that just because I bought a DVD, it didn't mean I had bought the right to watch it. Nearly identical DMCA argument.
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    Advice Needed: I have very inflexible delivery requirements

    I have had mine held back for nearly a month due to my travel and purchasing a home. It's been a non issue. Picking it up Saturday to deal with work schedules.