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  1. Newb

    Hats, flamethrowers....

    Flamethrowers are for kids. I want a doll that looks like Elon and says "boring" every time you push its belly.
  2. Newb

    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Bears and fudsters put out articles based on _negative_ speculation all the time - that's true. But positive speculation doesn't seem to catch the same attention in the media, unfortunately. I reckon Tesla even had a much better January (wrt Model 3 production and deliveries) than Inside EV...
  3. Newb

    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Because it‘s not a fact (yet). just unconfirmed speculation.
  4. Newb

    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Inside EV was about 45% off Jan-Feb 2016 numbers for Model X. They changed their numbers ex-post for both months only after Tesla sent out the Q1 16 delivery update in March 16. They‘re just speculating, as well as we all are. They’ve no secret sources of information. my 2 cents on that...
  5. Newb

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    about 80-90 Model 3 there on the picture.
  6. Newb

    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    I‘ll drop this here - might have contributed to the good sentiment today. -> Dave Lee on Twitter
  7. Newb

    Elon Musk

    It's just a wild guess but latest series of tweets and instagram posts looking to me like an indication of him leaving Tesla as CEO. He's helped the company to cross the dangerous road and wants to focus on Mars and more boring things. It wouldn't be an odd timing either: Tesla's mission to...
  8. Newb

    Guesses on "token of appreciation" for line waiters tweeted by Elon Musk

    800 kwh free of supercharging p.a. would be a nice little extra I'd want.
  9. Newb

    Project Loveday Entries | Fan-made Tesla commercials / ads

    ugh, you're right. Can't edit them anymore. @Mods: Could you please delete the reserved-posts? Thanks. @Krugerrand: I like that one, too. Not a lot of original material in it but the composition is great.
  10. Newb

    Project Loveday Entries | Fan-made Tesla commercials / ads

    I was surprised to not find anything like a collection thread for Project Loveday Entries / recent fan-made Tesla commercials on TMC. (Please tell me if I was just too hasty with the search function.) Given that there's no TMC-based collection out there yet, I'd suggest to have a thread...
  11. Newb

    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    Forget about HUD. Neural laces for drivers are the next big thing :cool:;)
  12. Newb

    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    My interpretation is that market might be slow to react to such a story due to mass media being slow to pick it up. Mid-term thinking is that AP 2.0 might be "too beta" for too long. Potentially a drag on the stock if you ask me, just being cautious with short-term plays.
  13. Newb

    Elon Tweet: No 'significantly new consumer-facing technology' in Model 3

    Tesla's not playing games if you ask me. They're simply struggling here and there (e.g. AP 2.0, esp after divorce with Mobileye; insane speed of growth; production complexity issues while growing insanely, etc). Elon is just trying to focus on selling cars and making money while managing...
  14. Newb

    Elon Tweet: No 'significantly new consumer-facing technology' in Model 3

    Strange and disturbing to see Tesla community members having so little faith in the company that's been exciting us for many years now... In case you missed the point of Elon's latest tweet storm: it's not about discouraging all Model 3 reservation holders. It's about encouraging the very...
  15. Newb

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    Let the analyses begin! Wheels: 19'' Slipstream
  16. Newb

    German Government Votes to Ban Internal Combustion Engines by 2030

    it's old news: By Bob Sorokanich Oct 8, 2016 ...and it's just one of the government chambers (Bundesrat) that voted for it. The government (Bundesregierung) nor the main chamber (Bundestag) have supported that resolution, unfortunately. Current conservative government is not a big supporter of...
  17. Newb

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    InsureMyTesla - the best, easiest and most affordable way of insuring your Tesla.
  18. Newb

    Subprime Auto Lending Bubble and manipulation of Auto Stock Price?

    hilarious! :-D Thanks for sharing. On a second thought, the thing is, it's really happening. And this might backfire at Wallstreet one day. Myopia and greed seem to be endless...
  19. Newb

    Photo of Silver Model 3 in wheat field taken Aug or Sept 2015 ?

    Someone on twitter claims those pictures were actually taken in the very heartland of premium sedans: Germany. Marcel Kaiser on Twitter
  20. Newb

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    Don't want to brag, but I was completely stunned that Elon (or his team) replied to me when I pointed to TMC forums. (I'm @PeteEhmKay) . Love your design suggestion!
  21. Newb

    I can't imagine - What will part 2 bring?!

    My best guess: Advanced autopilot features demonstration Details on battery sizes, acceleration, performance models (perhaps beating the Bugatti Chiron on acceleration? demonstrating electrochromatic glass roof option (to be able to tint the glass by the press if a button). sounds crazy, but...
  22. Newb

    How does the trunk work on the Model 3

    sure, but the Model X costs almost three times as much...and it's too wide for many European roads and garages.
  23. Newb

    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    To those saying a sedan liftback wasn't possible in this segment, Check out BMW 3 series Gran Turismo for instance: Tesla could well offer two or three versions of the Model 3: 2-door, 4-door w glass roof and 5-door (as we say in Europe) with a liftgate. I talked to many people in Germany...
  24. Newb

    Devils advocating...from someone who shorted TSLA

    Realist is back! ....yaaaayyyy....
  25. Newb

    Tesla is learning...

    I second that! Kudos to Tesla. I reserved in Frankfurt / Germany with about 40-50 other people. The store is quite small, but the Tesla store manager and team did a really great job. ...and I loved the cup cakes! Really great atmosphere and good mood - totally different than with a conventional...
  26. Newb

    If You're Reserving -what car are you coming from?

    One more Mazda 3 here. We plan to sell it late 2018 after our Model 3 has been delivered.
  27. Newb

    Another Prediction Thread: Guess the top end price

    I think that Tesla will position the top end M3 slightly above the MS base price, in order to not cannibalize MS 70 and 70D sales too much.
  28. Newb

    SolarCity (SCTY)

    Ah, that button over here. Thanks! :biggrin:
  29. Newb

    SolarCity (SCTY)

  30. Newb

    SolarCity (SCTY)

    Thank you, James. So, short-term negative for TSLA (in that described scenario Tesla aquiring SolarCity) and mid to long term possibly very positive, I'd think? And what's the likelihood of such a move? For some reason my gut's saying this is more likely than SolarCity going private but that's...
  31. Newb

    SolarCity (SCTY)

    Question to you guys, what would happen to TSLA if TM was to acquire SolarCity? Given the potential synergies, and given that Tesla is a much more powerful brand, that might certainly help Solarcity's business (also for an expansion internationally). Quite a number of people around the globe...
  32. Newb

    Model 3 Reservation Prediction thread

    I also think every reservation count above 100k is nuts. My guess is 20k within 24 hours and 80k by the end of the year (that would be X reservations times 4 to 5, roughly speaking). The Tesla fan base is growing worldwide but Tesla Motors is still unkown to the masses. We need more videos...
  33. Newb

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    Great Q4 letter! Re-affirming that Tesla is still on track, despite the not-so-smooth X ramp! 80-90k guidance is awesome... I thought, they might guide for 70-80k and hit ~70k. +13% in AH for now
  34. Newb

    Looking Forward to the Model 3 Debut

    :biggrin: It'll be close to my 2nd wedding anniversary as well. I love my wife but I'm definitely more excited about the the Model 3 unveil! :biggrin:
  35. Newb

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    Well, first I'm a long-term investor and I'm happy to continue to pile up shares at the bottoms. I'm with maoing that TSLA is oversold and I'd even go further to say we've hit the bottom for 2016 because TSLA mainly dropped (together with the whole market) on macro issues (China, crude oil...
  36. Newb

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    And I've bought more shares. To me this is a screaming buy opportunity. TSLA went downwards on overall China panicking and fossil fuel market poker games affecting macro. Slow X ramp is a non-issue. We've had that before with the S. I know, Elon said with the X they're going to be faster with...
  37. Newb

    Prediction Competition for 2016

    70,980 = 49,900 Model S + 21,080 Model X
  38. Newb

    Lo-Drag: Cd < 0.2

    I think we'll see the Kamm back on the Model 3, which has been mentioned here (thanks for the very informative discussion, btw!). Thereby, the Model 3 might have a similar shape to the Mercedes IAA concept (2015) [drag coefficient 0.19, when in aero-mode) : driving: Is that a weird mobile...
  39. Newb

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    +1 I'm ready to admit that sometimes I can't maintain a certain level of decorum when faced with people who quite obviously and disrespectfully ignore the purpose of a forum. And for me, it'd be the same in real-world fora if some people come in with a negative agenda (proven by their...
  40. Newb

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    hobbes, thanks again for your management of the wiki. I've added an explanation in my post above which is linked to the estimate for Germany. But I'm fine with just posting that estimate in the thread and wait for the final numbers to enter those in the wiki. EDIT: Numbers are out. 121 in...
  41. Newb

    Tesla Gigafactory Investor Thread

    couldn't agree more. @Familial Rhino: I'm not saying we should silence the naysayers, just silence the obvious manipulators who are not interested in any informative discussion at Tesla Motors Club. And the moderators and people running the TMC forums should ask themselves if they want this...
  42. Newb

    Tesla Gigafactory Investor Thread

    +1 I'm getting tired of the repetition of the same old arguments against Tesla which aim to spread fundamental doubt and uncertainty (overvalued, toys for the rich, overpromising). It's all blind to the reality. Blind to what's been happening in the past 3 years. Tesla went from 500 cars...
  43. Newb

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    nice. you were quite right with your estimate. I've checked the number of new registrations in Germany in October and based on the table of "main country of origin" I calculated an estimate of Model S registrations there. It's only Jeep, Chevrolet and Cadillac which sell U.S. cars apart from...
  44. Newb

    Q3 2015 Report & Conference Call

    English is not my mother-tongue but I too found this very intriguing. Usually auto manufacturers would say "we're proud to share 'how far our customers have driven their cars'" (customer = driver). But the shareholder letter closes with "how far our cars have driven our customers" (!car =...
  45. Newb

    Q3 2015 Report & Conference Call

    here's my notes so far: -> On Energy Storage: Sold-out all of 2016 production even of only a fraction of reservation result in orders. Dramatic increases in stationary storage production in 2016/2017. No exact estimates. -> 15% gross margin goal for stationary storage -> Q4: still in...
  46. Newb

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    If I'm not too naive, they'll get it the same moment we all do, namely after market close. It'd be somewhat strange, to put it mildly, if the professional analysts got the shareholder letter before market close.