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    2021 Model 3 SR+ Vibration through steering when Climate Fan is on

    It is really hot here where I live recently. This is the first summer I have had my model 3 and I have noticed that the AC compressor is really loud. I can sometimes feel vibration when the AC is cranked up and the fans are going full blast. I don't think it is really noticeable when driving...
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    2021+ Model 3 Magnetic Sun Visor Scrapes?

    This is minor, but it seems like a design defect and I am just wondering if others are having the same issue. On 2021 onwards (?) I think the sun visor clip is magnetic now. The magnet seems strong enough that it has started stripping the plastic when I flip it down. It is like this on both...
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    Sentry mode false alarms from earthquakes.

    Thanks for they replies. From what I can gather it sounds like the loud music probably doesn't play, just a standard honking type of alarm.
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    Charge Port Replacement - Misaligned?

    I didn't have my charge port replaced, but mine seems to be a little off on the alignment from the factory. I've had my Model 3 for about a month. I didn't actually notice it until after seeing this post and plugging in my car tonight, but yah, I can see the light through the gap on mine too...
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    Charge port lid misaligned

    My model 3 is about 1 month old now. I noticed recently that the charge port lid is misaligned and appears to be touching (or almost touching) the body on the top side when closed. I'm debating if I should bring it up to the service center when I go to fix the other issues I already have...
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    Sentry mode false alarms from earthquakes.

    @Stanwood Steve Thanks for that! I just want to keep the car protected, but don’t want to be the guy who wakes up all his neighbors at 2AM when the next earthquake happens. It sounds like it likely could trigger. Maybe if sentry mode is on in the daytime and we have an earthquake, I can see...
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    Sentry mode false alarms from earthquakes.

    I want to use Sentry mode at home. I’d rather just use the recording feature of sentry mode and disable the blaring alarm if I could, but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible. So my questions are as follows. Now, in 2021, does sentry alarm still play the loud classical music when it’s...