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  1. sickfox

    Parting out 2013 Tesla Model S

    I'm interested in buying the fins if it's still in good condition. You ok to ship to CA?
  2. sickfox

    Buy parts from salvaged Model S and X

    Looking for a black rear diffuser and the fins for a 2014 Model S. I looked at the ebay store and there was none. Hoping you have my items laying around somewhere. Thanks in advance.
  3. sickfox

    Parting out 2015 MS 70D

    are the four fins under the diffuser still available? Price? also do you have a rear chrome diffuser or a black diffuser (under the bumper)?
  4. sickfox

    Tesla model S 2013 for part out 26 june 2019

    are you selling the fins under the rear diffuser?
  5. sickfox

    2012 Tesla Model S P85 Signature model - Part Out

    are the four fins under the diffuser still available?
  6. sickfox

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Is it me or your mirrors aren't wrapped? Love the color. :)
  7. sickfox

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    So many "clean," tastefully done, M3s here. Love it!!!
  8. sickfox

    Plasti dip side skirts and front lip

    Looks really good. You can see the .01% difference when you're up close but from afar, you can’t really tell.
  9. sickfox

    [!= Ludicrous Mode, MVPA generated] - Should I walk away?

    Good thread. @Fragger, the forum helped me a lot. I also lurked around here for a good year before I pulled the trigger. ;) I knew the existing problems and TMC has tons of helpful and very knowledgable folks that will provide solutions and share it with everyone. With that said, any...
  10. sickfox


    @dannycamps - Yes, that’s the one, RWDs with AP. Didn’t know I was driving a unicorn until 2 months ago, and I bought my car back in late 2014. :)
  11. sickfox


    @thecloud - Yes. This is exactly what I was looking for. @Blu Zap was kind enough to provide the link to the group. I added myself to the group BTW. Couple of months ago, I met a P85+ owner at the Daly City Supercharger (I forgot his name but I'm sure he's a TMC member) and he knew exatly...
  12. sickfox


    @Blu Zap - Thank you! You guys are awesome!!!!
  13. sickfox


    Hey Folks. Sometime ago, there was a monitoring sheet where they monitor P85 and P85+ build date between Sept - Dec, 2014. These are RWD and has AP1 hardware built in. I've been searching for hours for this link posted here in TMC but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone point me to the...
  14. sickfox

    Trying to buy my first Tesla, need advice.

    Have you checked Tesla website for used Model S? There are so many of them and if the moon and the stars are aligned, you may get an awesome deal with a P90D with free supercharging and in your price range. Good luck!
  15. sickfox

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Looks pretty sweet. Awesome job plasti dipping the window trims.
  16. sickfox

    The Tesla Model S is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

    Congrats on your new Tesla Model S. If you still have an ICE car, just don't forget that you still have it running and the keys are still in the ignition when you put it in park and leave. Happened to me on a few occasions. ;)
  17. sickfox

    Model S Plaid

    Saw a rolling clip of MS-P. I'm loving it. Hopefully it's not too pricey when it comes out.
  18. sickfox

    Hit 200K miles today.

    Congrats. 200K is a big milestone. Zero carbon footprint. I have 70K to go to hit the 200K mark. I'm super happy but I'm also been itching to upgrade my other ICE car with the "Plaid". Well, lets see...
  19. sickfox

    Random Model S sightings

    i miss this thread. there was also another thread where people took pictures of people taking pictures when they see a MS.... fun times...
  20. sickfox

    Model S Plaid

    It's been a while since I logged on to TMC. Looking forward to MS-P. Would love to see more pictures. Here's what I've seen so far... Not a big fan of this humongous diffuser... Don't like that wing... And my favorite shot... keep it a sleeper:
  21. sickfox

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Super clean. love it
  22. sickfox

    MS Facelift ETA?

    I saw this MS concept and it looks stunning. Kinda looks like the mustang though in this angle. In any case, does anyone know how often a car company does facelift on their cars, specifically Tesla? I bought my P85 late 2014 and late 2015, the MS had a facelift. Is it around 4 years?
  23. sickfox

    WTB: Black Wheel Nut Bolt Covers

    good to know. Thanks.
  24. sickfox

    WTB: Black Wheel Nut Bolt Covers

    Hello - If anyone of you would like to get rid of your USED or NEW black wheel nut bolt covers, I'd be happy take them off your garage. I have a 21' wheels so I'm not sure if they all have the same sizes. One TMC member is selling his but it's chrome (attached). I need a black one...
  25. sickfox

    (SF Bay Area) 19" Slipstream Wheels/Tires

    Hi Rexorz. - Does this have TPMS? I'm very interested. Where are you located?
  26. sickfox

    Selling 19 inch Grey Slipstream wheels New with tires and TPS

    Hi JJrad - Are you selling these new silver slipstreams with tires? If so, how much? Very interested
  27. sickfox

    Blacking Out Chrome moldings

    @Naomi - Car looks fantastic!!!
  28. sickfox

    Your Tesla Car Name

    V3RY S3XY Unfortunately, I couldn't get the license plates here in CA. DMV's reason is that they cannot substitute a letter with a number. =( BOOOOO.....
  29. sickfox

    Saw the Model 3 at Monterey car week....thoughts

    front is 100% sexy. as for the rear, looks like she got some big A$$. just put some nice 3 piece concave wheels, an inch drop to spice things up and she'll be lookin' good!
  30. sickfox

    Guys.. don't skip annual inspection.

    Learned something new today. Thanks for the info.
  31. sickfox

    For Sale: 2016 Model S P90DL (Refresh)

    What a beautiful car!
  32. sickfox

    21" Tesla Model S Factory Rims (So Cal)

    @adimarpineda - few questions: 1. still available 2. are these staggered 3. no tpms? 4. Are you willing to sell for $1,200 (cash transaction/paypal/google pay) and I'll pick it up? Please let me know. Very interested.
  33. sickfox

    300 prototypes

    i can't wait to see how the external will look like with these Betas...
  34. sickfox

    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    I was a bit disappointed that I didn't any gift after seeing this thread. But then again, I didn't fall in line the day of and didn't make the reservation until April so I accepted the fact that I'm not getting one. But guess what came in the mail two days ago... wooot woot... I did the...
  35. sickfox

    Anyone want to team up on a savings thread to keep each other motivated?

    @tander - That's exactly what i'm doing right now. Your advice is not for everyone but if you have experience playing the stock market, it's a another way to to grow your M3 deposit, rather than putting it in a CD where it makes 2-3%. (Nothing wrong with CDs). ;) I have about $22K saved up...
  36. sickfox

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    Too bad no one took a picture of the interior. Might have a hole at the bottom like the Flinstones... :D
  37. sickfox

    Model 3 Photo Gallery (Unofficial)

    Thanks for posting this. Love the front shots of the car. Is it me or the side mirrors look bent? o_O
  38. sickfox

    Model 3 Photo Gallery (Unofficial)

    Thanks SuperOmega. The "Take my Money" meme is just hilarious. After we put the deposit and configured our Model S, the 3 months wait was excruciating. This forum really made the wait easy and bearable... looking at pics and seeing people with Tesla grin. When we were waiting for our MS...
  39. sickfox

    Model 3 Photo Gallery (Unofficial)

    Interior Pics:
  40. sickfox

    Model 3 Photo Gallery (Unofficial)

    Last batch of Exterior pics.
  41. sickfox

    Model 3 Photo Gallery (Unofficial)

    3rd Batch:
  42. sickfox

    Model 3 Photo Gallery (Unofficial)

    2nd Batch.
  43. sickfox

    Model 3 Photo Gallery (Unofficial)

    For those of you who are also obsessed with Model 3 like me :D and cannot wait until we get our hands on it, here are some photos that I've collected so far that may sooth the waiting period. PHOTO and CLIP credits goes out to the owners. After reading This obsession has taken over my life...
  44. sickfox

    Be honest: is SCing on a long trip annoying?

    I thought about this question and though of my trips from SF to LA or from SF to LV. And my answer is it depends on the travel. Is your long trip travel for pleasure (vacation maybe?) or business? If my travel is for pleasure (we went from SF to LA recently), I know that I'm not rushing to...
  45. sickfox

    (1) OEM 21" Silver Turbine Wheel / (2) Tires

    Mike, will the wheel and tire fit in the frunk? how much thread left on the michelin?
  46. sickfox

    Did anybody else frame their Model 3 thank you gift?

    didn't get one.... :( what's up with that?!
  47. sickfox

    Replaced Damaged Chrome Rear Diffuser with...

    @whitex - I was going through my pictures and I think I've deleted them all unfortunately. From what I remember, I believe there were a total of 5 screws to remove the rear diffuser. BUT you would need remove the plastic fins to access the POP UP screw inside the diffuser and hard plastic...
  48. sickfox

    Adjustable Lowering Links for Model S w/ Air Suspension

    Still available? What's included? 2 fronts and 2 rears? Any instruction manual? (I'm a newbie)
  49. sickfox

    Is buying a Model S still worth it?

    This sums it up! but, going back to your original question, buying a MS is definitely worth it.