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    Cybertruck launch

    Does anyone know how fast the cybertruck can charge at a V3 supercharger? The truck takes 800 V and those chargers only go up to 400 V. I haven’t heard if they use a DC to DC converter for this or split the pack in two.
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    Finland Breaks Record for Biggest Tesla Light Show

    One can make custom light shows. Tesla gave instructions for doing so. You can also tell the car what time to start the light show. The cars get their time from GPS which is very accurate, so they end up synchronized, if everyone gives the same start time.
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    Pyro Fuse Fuss

    I got the message on my 2015 P85D a couple of months ago. I finally took it in yesterday. I was charged $819 and they completed the work in one afternoon. The original estimate was for over $1400. Thanks to posts on this forum, I knew to ask to have the charges for removal and replacement of the...
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 6-18 - SLC-40

    FYI, if i click on the play button or any of the video picture in Grendal’s post, it requires a login. However, clicking on the “Read 420 replies” link in that post brings up the video without requiring a login. I am just repeating what someone posted a few weeks ago as it is a convenient way to...
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    Auto-tilt mirrors disabled

    Just put the car in reverse and adjust the driver’s side mirror back up like you want it. Next time you go into reverse, it will choose the same position.
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    Hooking up my salesperson

    I’d suggest telling them how happy you are with the service and asking for their manager’s contact information so you can tell them how good their employee is.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    I appreciate him posting this info. I don’t do twitter, so this is how I learn what is going on.
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    Rolled forward on its own in the garage?

    I almost suggested you get a garage door opener. They really are a nice convenience. They come with a light beam interlock that is supposed to be mounted close to the ground to stop the door from closing if someone is lying on the ground with their neck in the doorway. I have mine mounted a bit...
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    Rolled forward on its own in the garage?

    To add to the mystery, I believe even if you put it in neutral, it automatically goes into park when you take your weight off the seat. Here is suggestion that doesn’t address your question. Back your car into the perfect spot. Then have someone look at the rear view camera on the screen while...
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    How many miles on original battery ?

    March 2015 P85D with 89k miles and original battery. I’m worried about battery failure, but plan to keep driving it and decide if I replace the battery or the car when/if it fails. While many have failed, it is very hard to know the fraction which have failed and hence the likelihood that mine...
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    Autopilot Autosteer - what is the true benefit if your hands are semi-always on the wheel?

    I use AP all the time on the freeway. I pay attention to the road and keep one hand on the steering wheel, torquing it periodically to avoid the nag. i find long trips much less tiring when I use AP.
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    Can you stop charging remotely from wall charger using the mobile app?

    Strange. I have certainly used the app to stop charging and had it stay stopped. If yours had only restarted once, I would suggest that you had it set to start charging at a certain time and it started at that time. I have no explanation for it restarting twice.
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    Bikes crossing the road

    Yes, that is what you are supposed to do in California. That prevents you from hitting a cyclist as they try to pass you on the right as you make your right turn.
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    Tire Pressure Mismatch?

    I’d also suggest trying a few pressure gauges. Not all are accurate to a few PSI.
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    Life span per owner/ car? Are you happy with your Teslas over 5 years old?

    I have a 2015 S P85D with the CPU upgraded to MCU2. 85k miles. Love it. Plan to keep it another 8 years. I’m worried the battery will fail, but plan to just pay for a replacement if/when the time comes. I will be unhappy about that, but replacing it is much cheaper than a new car.
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    Owners whom choose to go without any warranty, please chime in...

    I bought a 2015 model S P85D new. Its warranty ran out a week ago. I got the extended service agreement which did not pay for itself. It has run out also. No further ESA is available, so I am continuing on without a warranty. I considered trading it in on a new car as it has needed many...
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    Vendor Upgrade your Model S/X at 057 Tech - More range, more power!

    I have a 2015 P85D that has been upgraded to ludicrous and just had the rear drive unit replaced for the first time due to a noisy bearing. Its battery is still going strong but the warranty ends in a few days. Its Vin ends in P76857. It was built in March 2015. I hope to drive it for another 8...
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    DQOTD: Why Are There Always So Many Cars Just Sitting at Tesla Service Centers?

    At my last two appointments, my car sat for a full week with nothing being done on it. It was there for 2 weeks total. Needless to say, I was quite unhappy. Previously, I got my car back the day I dropped it off.
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    Fob Question

    You should just be able to unlock your car and then press the button on the non-Tesla EVSE to stop charging and unlock the EVSE.
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    Question about charging overnight and leaving charge cable plugged in

    while in reverse, adjust your mirrors to how you want them. The car will remember this and put them back there each time you go into reverse.
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    Towing 2013 model S with UHaul

    You can‘t tow a Tesla with the wheels down. You will need to get a float (car carrying trailer) and put the Tesla on it. I highly doubt a 10 inch truck can tow it. Now a ten foot truck may be able to. You will need find what weight the truck is specified to be capable of towing.
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    Car turned off while supercharging

    My experience and hence expectation is that if you sit in the car for 0.5 hours doing nothing, it purposely goes to sleep, shutting off the screen and climate control. I assume this is to save power. Doing virtually anything including touching the touchscreen will wake it back up.
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    Overheat cabin after fully tinted with 3M crystalline in 72 degrees outside

    In Settings-Safety, turn on “cabin overheat protection”. This will use a fan or even the air conditioning to keep the interior temperature below 105 degrees. It does use some battery power. Or, just don’t worry about it and use the app to turn on the climate control a few minutes before you...
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    Tesla and their “Airplane View”…… what gives?

    To zoom in further, double tap anywhere on the map or pinch to zoom.
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    Homelink Garage Door Button Locations - Left vs Right

    A much easier solution would be to just leave the buttons programmed as they were and back into the garage. Then they would be in the right places ;-). More seriously, glad you found a solution and amused at how difficult it was.
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    Did you request utility permission before installing L2 charger?

    I will simply answer the OP’s question. Yes, in addition to getting a permit from the city, I informed PG&E as I had heard you were supposed to do. They gave me no trouble.
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    Cyber truck has been canceled

    This article has the sad details. CANCELED! Tesla Cybertruck Is Dead
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    Lasik and windshield tint

    Also note, that tinting the windshield is illegal in California except for the top 4 inches.
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    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    How does data get from the BMD to you? Does it have its own cellular connection? Or does it connect to the vehicle owner‘s phone via Bluetooth and use the phone’s cellular connection? Or?
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    Car could not call 911

    Thanks for doing this testing. Could you please tell us exactly what you used for the phone book entry. E.g. did you put “911” in for the last name or “nine one one” or what? In addition to that I assume you simply put 911 in for the phone number.
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    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Not everyone loses all settings. Virtually all mine were remembered. I only had to reconnect Bluetooth and wifi if I remember correctly. I’m happy with the upgrade. For me, but not for everyone, it fixed the problem where streaming music frequently skipped the last part of a song and went on to...
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    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    It sounds like you are using a non-Tesla charging cord since you mention an adapter. First, make sure the car is unlocked. Press AND HOLD the the button on the charging cord until the light on the charging port turns white. That means the charging cord has been unlocked. Continue holding the...
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    Any tall drivers take delivery of the refreshed S yet?

    I’d suggest you make a post asking for someone to let you sit in their refreshed model S. That is the only way to tell for sure.
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    How can you tell that the alarm is activated?

    Leave a window open. Lock the car. Leave key far from car. Reach through the window and open the door. If the alarm sounds, it was on.
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    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    No one can tell you. Sometimes an update gets rapidly rolled out to nearly everyone, sometimes only a few get it.
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    They are getting more than you would get. Elon says others, including you, can have it in 1 month. He tends to be optimized though.
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    Red car on screen and loud warning

    It sounds more like the Forward Collision Warning. You can set the sensitivity of it in the UI.
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    eMMC recall reimbursement

    Same for me.
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    Side mirror auto tilt. One side only?

    It tilts to where you last had it set when in reverse. So, put the car in reverse and adjust the mirror you don’t want to tilt to the same position you like when you are going forward. After that, it will be in the same position in forward and reverse.
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    Any way to disable brakes lights from activating when letting off accelerator?

    Just let off the accelerator a tiny bit so your deceleration is very gradual.
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    Unable to drive - Authentication required alerts every hour/two hours?

    It is a model S. There is no phone key.
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Elon said he would have another presentation about the update in the next couple of weeks.
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    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    You lose FM radio and the backup camera doesn’t see well in the dark. Not sure if you also lose XM radio.
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    Key Fob question . . .

    On a model S (and hence hopefully on a 3 also), click the trunk of the fob twice to open the trunk. Hold the trunk on the fob for a few seconds to open the charge port. Click the frunk on the fob twice to unlock the frunk. Make sure you have walk away lock enabled to lock the car when you walk...
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    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I doubt it. I have a 2015 P85D that came with 3G. I upgraded it to LTE when I got the ludicrous upgrade.
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    Phone call volume too low after the holiday upgrade

    You don’t mention it, so I will ask, did you try turning up the volume while you were using the phone?
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    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I still use an RPN calculator on my phone. Way better than using parentheses.
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    The high efficiency is less about saving on the cost of electricity and more about having a high range with a small, cheap battery. It also allows faster charge rate when measured in miles added per hour.
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    Wiki Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    According to Wikipedia, the fineness ratio is the length (height) over the maximum width.