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    Blog Panasonic Invests $100M to Boost Tesla Gigafactory Production

    This would be awesome. I have a 2014 MS 85 that I simply adore. While I will probably get a new one when the wheels fall off this one, it would be tempting to keep this and just get the newer batteries. 90k miles and climbing quickly with an 80-mile round trip commute.
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    Right front AP camera fails in heavy rain while on freeways

    I had this happen on my S right front sensors, and the issue ended up being the fender/air dam itself having been pulled out of alignment. The sensor then sat back about 1/8" and it thought there was a nearby obstruction. We live about a mile up a gravel road, so I think over the years it just...
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    An Unfortunate Day for my X

    Ouch. My sympathies. I have Auto-Link on my S, but watch it like a hawk due to 3 large dogs who enjoy nothing more than escaping to the neighbors where they can roll in pig/horse/cow poop, necessitating a shower (with me) when I return. Even with the car outside before I put the miscreants in...
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    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    "How often do you have to get the oil changed in that thing?"
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    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    Wow, sorry to hear about your experience. We also bought a CPO M5, but the car (in the Seattle showroom) was impeccably clean and in great shape with 30k miles. I've been driving the wheels off it since December (40 miles each way to work) and no problems. Hope your issues get resolved...