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    Marooned on 2023.26.100 Factory Build Island: Any Fellow Castaways Out There?

    Woke up this morning to a software update notification. I'm installing 2023.32.4(FSD)/2023.32.7(Vision update) as I write...
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    Tesla should re-add the Tesla Model S Plaid+

    I think Tesla should redo the S and X. I think they should make the Plaid+ and that should be the only Model S. The X, should have the battery to give it a 425 mile range. Call it Long Range, and that is the only Model X they need. Sell them both for $77,500 so the X will qualify for the tax...
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    Knowing the Real World Driving Range of Your Tesla — No More ‘Range Anxiety’

    20% is considered end of life if your not paying for the replacement. If you are paying for the replacement, I think you would claim 50% if you thought you could get away with it.
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    China’s Abandoned, Obsolete EVs Are Piling Up in Cities

    With all the flooding in China this past month, it will be interesting to see if any of these EV lots catch on fire. Li-ion batteries and water don't play well together. Time will tell.
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    2023 Model Y LR Poor Mileage in real world

    Isn't it odd, when you are on a road trip, Tesla can calculate your range and remaining charge percent quite effectively over the course of a several hundred mile trip. They calculate range to the point where they know when you are going to have to stop to recharge, and how long it will take to...
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    FSD on a used 2020?

    I have it, and while its fraught with issues, it is quite usable on the highway, for its enhanced autopilot capabilities. It is quite a stress reliever on road trips. Mine is a 2018, Smart summon and auto park don't work. I don't know how 2020 capabilities might differ. Without those...
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    Mercedes approved for ACTUAL self driving in the USA. And will accept responsibility.

    I can't imagine anywhere I would like to go in a car that allows and would be acceptable for the car to drive a max of 37mph. Then for me to still have to be in the drivers seat, just in case... I don't think so. Level 4/5 even @ 37mph on the other hand, an urban taxi / chauffeur service...
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    4 of 5 FSD Beta disengagement strikes!

    I'm pretty sure the eye test performed by most DMV will be minimal in nature. Can you read an eye chart with 80% accuracy. There will be no peripheral vision test.
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    Tesla Significant Milestones 2023: Your 31/12/2022 lists here

    7 seat Model Y now standard configuration, price remains same as 5 seat model today. This allows all Model Y to be eligible for IRA. Tesla offers 3rd row delete option through parts department allowing nominal cost option to remove unwanted 3rd row while retaining IRA rebate.
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    What are your most common intervention scenarios?

    Wife gets upset if I enable FSDb while she is in the car. It is not a good experience for passengers. A passenger needs to trust the driver, and there is no way a passenger can enjoy the experience if the driver has to intervene due to FSDb behavior due to the resulting erratic ride...
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    Supercharger - Boca Raton, FL

    I did a drive by on the EVgo charges at Town Center today and I saw the blocked off area at the other end of the garage. I was able to see into the area and it looks like store material for building crap displays inside the mall. No charger building materials... The work I saw along Glades...
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    Supercharger - Boca Raton, FL

    Its nice that they would be covered, but that doesn't provide much visibility while driving around trying to locate it. As a passer through, navigation may tell me chargers are in the area of the parking garage, but I still need to be able to find them. At least when they are in an open...
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    How much do I save in fuel costs over ICE? A lot, but at times it really depends....

    Just how is 50% of the country that doesn't have access to home charging supposed to pay to public charge their EV? One can buy a new Toyota Prius for almost half what a Tesla Model 3 costs, and will pay approximately half in gas and oil compared to exclusively supercharging a Tesla. even if...
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    Setting my wife up for success with Autopilot

    Just let her know that its just a glorified "cruise control". Tell her it is actually what is called adaptive cruise control. In other words, it will maintain your speed, but it will slow down and stop if necessary for the car in front of you. Other than that, its just like driving yourself.
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    better to charge less than 32A if given the time/option?

    100kwh 400 volt battery = 250 AH. Therefore charging at 250 amp supercharger equates to a nominal 1C charge rate. Charging at home at 240V and 72 amps would be approx .17C rate.
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    Does Full Self-Driving mode affect range?

    I believe FSD increases consumption slightly. I notice my MS drives slightly more erratic than I do. I use brakes much less than FSD, therefor I think I get better regen hence better range than FSD. In the end, I don't have range anxiety, so its a non-issue.
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    2022 Model S Plaid "gearbox fluid service"

    Just remember, third time is a charm. Lemon Law... Sorry, I feel for you.
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    Solved*: AP, TACC, Auto Wipers & Lights

    I did notice the dry wipes before the update last week, so maybe there is some improvement. I have noticed before that it would even operate the washer to spray the windshield. I thought that was amusing...
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    Solved*: AP, TACC, Auto Wipers & Lights

    I have 2018 MS-FSDb and notice with latest software update that auto wipers seem to be working in a much more "human" fashion than just a few weeks ago. I agree, they seem to work a little more frequently than I would choose when FSD is doing the driving, but I would say its not annoying any...
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    Vehicle Range

    I have no idea what the car would have said for range on full charge to 100% at initial delivery. Anything other that, realize you are dealing with a used car! Still, I doubt the car will ever be delivered with a full charge to validate or even know the first full range assessment. That being...
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    FSD Beta Running Red Lights While Making Right Turn

    I know I'm late to the party, but it is clear that jsmay311's report is a stop on red situation. Why, because there is a solid 12" white line in front of the cross walk. Just like dewg's photos show no such line, hence they are continuous turn lanes. Of course all situations require yield to...
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    Vehicle fraudulently transferred out of account without permission

    For all intents and purpose you are in this situation already. You cant supercharge, you don't have mobile access and you probably cant schedule service. ... and you probably cant sell the car...
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    Vehicle fraudulently transferred out of account without permission

    I still suggest an attorney. Your concerns are real. Once you send a letter and Tesla retaliates, I think it strengthens your case for damages. You should at least be able to review your concerns with an attorney before you take action. That might be able to be done as part of your interview...
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    Vehicle fraudulently transferred out of account without permission

    Regarding service, should you take the car to a Tesla service center, they may not let you leave with it. At that point, I think the police could become involved.
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    Vehicle fraudulently transferred out of account without permission

    I suggest you contact an attorney. Attorney should be able to write a letter telling Tesla to fix this or face civil suit. May cost you $500 to get the letter written. Attorney letterhead has a way of getting action and offering credibility to you. Attorney should be able to attest to the...
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    Anyone know the details of canceling an order?

    So when you order, you also pay $200 for the mobile connector. I assume it needs to be cancelled or is it automatically cancelled and refunded with the car?
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    Autopilot on long straight highways

    I thought I had the wheel pressure thing figured out, but I guess not. I had a Forced AP Disengagement, and now it seems like I cant figure out how much pressure it wants on the wheel. Constant pressure doesn't work, and it seems like too much work to try to do it intermittently. I guess I will...
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    Supercharger - Boca Raton, FL

    SC in Delray is Busy. Its only 150kwh so you are almost always sharing with someone.
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    Autopilot on long straight highways

    So I am driving on EAP, letting it control the steering of the car, and I am in a situation where precise control of steering is necessary, such as in a descending turn into a visible dip in the road, and I am supposed to provide invalid instructions to the steering wheel to keep EAP from...
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    Autopilot on long straight highways

    So if we are doing it wrong, where is the manual that tells us the proper way to do it? I ask because the manual that is online and linked to my 2018 Model S is not for a 2018 Model S, but rather some other car that is post Raven.
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    Tesla Raising Price of FSD to $15,000, AI Director States "We Can Build a Car That Never Crashes"

    So I have a radar car. I don't have Tesla Vision yet. Didn't Elon say he would not be upgrading radar cars to full Tesla Vision? Also, if he has better hardware/software, why isn't he making it available to existing customers? It seems to me that he is entering bait and switch territory by...
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    Supercharger - Boca Raton, FL

    I think the Tesla store at town center mall is on its way out. The new facility being built in Delray Beach should displace it. I seem to recall at one time, Tesla had superchargers at town center, but not any more. I recall seeing them in the parking garage near Nordstrom's or Bloomingdales...
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    Tesla Raising Price of FSD to $15,000, AI Director States "We Can Build a Car That Never Crashes"

    Elon is CEO of $1T company. I think he is a little reckless in the comments he makes. I will leave it to the SEC to reign him in.
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    How do I opt-out of the FSD Beta?

    You can always file a complaint with the NHTSA about Tesla ignoring your request to remove beta testing functions. With the Biden administration using every opportunity to bust Elon, I'm sure they will run with every complaint we make.
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    Tesla Raising Price of FSD to $15,000, AI Director States "We Can Build a Car That Never Crashes"

    I just took a 2700 mile road trip relying on EAP most of the time. I am making a list of EAP failures for my 2018 S. I think I will put my issues in a separate post. My conclusion is that I expected more from EAP after all Elon's hype about FSD. It is so bad that I am considering making a...
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    Tire efficiency vs Navigation charging estimates

    I think that is the big takeaway from all this. There never was any range anxiety. The car did a great job estimating range and charge requirements.
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    Autosteer would not disengage

    If EAP was autonomous, me and my wife would be dead as well. Coming back from Ohio on I-95 in my 2018-S this past week, I was using EAP in the rain. I was closing in on a semi from the left and the semi hit a puddle and splashed water on me. EAP shut down without warning. The car was...
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    Autopilot vs FSD

    I assume you have this figured out by now, but the feature you describe, blinkered lane changes, is a function of Enhanced Autopilot, which is once again available for purchase. It is included with FSD. The way it is described on the tesla web site does not reflect how it works in my 2018...
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    Tire efficiency vs Navigation charging estimates

    I made it home yesterday. Car performed really well based on my experience, except for Autopilot, but that is another story. total consumption for round trip plus excursions of 2775 miles was 833kWh or 300 Wh/mi. Coincidentally, that was the number I used in ABRP for planning. ABRP and Tesla...
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    Tire efficiency vs Navigation charging estimates

    Yes, +5% worked well for me. Estimates topically are right on, +/- 1%. One instance, I came up 3% below estimated charge remaining, so my +5 seemed to work. I decided to target 15% at charge stops, and overcharged whenever possible. I'm getting ready for return leg on my trip. I will...
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    Tire efficiency report

    Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I suggest going with cold tire pressure as stated on the door jamb.
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    Tire efficiency report

    I reran my test on the Pirelli's after I realized I was carrying 150Lbs of sporting equipment and dogs that I didn't have with my Conti test. If I could loose 100 lbs, I could lower the numbers a bit more! I also want to note I am running on autopilot while performing test. I have suspension...
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    Tire efficiency report

    I appreciate the feed back. I appreciate the concept of performing the tests in standardized conditions. Say 72 degrees, a/c off, etc. Living in south Florida, Its going to be difficult to perform the tests with AC off. It was 95 today when I ran with the Pirelli's and 93 the other day when...
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    Tire efficiency report

    2018 s100D Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Elect F+R 245/45/19- 274kw/mi
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    Tire efficiency report

    2018 S-100D Continental ContiSportContact 5P F 245/35/21 R 265/35/21 - 290kw/mi
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    Tire efficiency report

    I didn't find an active thread for tire efficiency so I thought I would start one. The process is simple. Inspired by the ABRP vehicle power consumption, calculate average power consumption for your vehicle / tire combination. Capture and average power consumption for each direction of a two...