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    Found my traded in Model Y, lol

    I'm trading in my 2018 M3LR w/Boost and FSD with 46k miles (red/white/19") later today for a MYP. Trade-in from Tesla was $41,800. Vroom offered $45k and Carvana $35,359 (ha!) A couple of months ago, I got a Vroom offer of $52k, so the over-inflated values of late have def started to nosedive.
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    They'll prob find you a pre-refresh P-car.
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    Tesla reduced price by $2k for M3, $5k for S/X

    But his spouse could order, right?
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Had my HW3 upgrade completed today in Rochester, NY. Dropped off in morning, they gave me an Enterprise rental and picked up at the end of the day. Was surprised that they downgraded me from the x.8.1 to the x.4.1 sw. No biggie, I'm sure it will update again in the next day or two - I was...
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    Service Center - Rochester, NY: When? Where? Really?

    Do they have Tesla loaners available at the Rochester location?
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    How noticeable is the acceleration boost from a dual motor long range to a performance Model 3?

    I def notice a difference, but it's not like night and day. I would say that it really depends on how much the $2k means to you. If you can afford it, you won't regret buying it.... but it's not such a huge change to make it a "must-buy"
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    Near-future quarterly financial projections

    Curious to see the impact of the new $2k performance boost upgrade dropped tonight for the Model 3 AWD. Could have a considerable impact on quarterly EPS for the next few quarters. $2k is basically pure profit since it's just enabled over wifi.
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    That's a really good question. I just purchased the upgrade, but might have thought twice about it if range was reduced. Seems like if that was the case, they would have to mention in the purchase disclaimer.
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    "Tesla Model 3 Produces More CO2 than a Diesel Car" - Please debunk

    Sick of getting forwarded articles like this from friends/family. Can anyone help me out and definitively debunk this article? A Tesla Model 3 Produces More CO2 than a Diesel Car, Says New Study
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    If the upgrade is possible, I really don't see a downside for Tesla and don't understand why they wouldn't offer it. Whatever they charge will be 100% pure profit and cash in the coffer. Initially, it was argued that it would tick off the existing P3 owners, but I think that ship has sailed...
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    Taptes Wireless Charger Not Working After 2019.8.3

    Same on mine. Not sure why passenger side would work. Has anyone contacted Taptes?
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    Genius level IQ people. Explain what Tesla is doing!?!

    Whatever the ultimate outcome of Tesla, there’s no doubt that this is going to be a business case study taught to all MBA students in the future.
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    Parts for Model 3: Still long delays from Tesla service?

    I needed a replacement trunk and it only took a few weeks at the authorized service center. (Service King)
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Are you coming from the stock Aeros or the 19s? Did you use the stock lugs or did you buy new black ones?
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    I just weighed mine on my bathroom scale, which may not be super accurate, but they weighed 24.8 lbs each. Surprisingly, the 10.5" weighed the same as the 9" - not sure why... They are beautiful and were very well packaged. I'm excited for warmer weather so that I can get them installed...
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    20x9 and 20x10.5 staggered. It'll be a few months (sadly) before it's warm enough to install.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Just thought I'd pass along a great deal that I found. 305 Forged Wheels has their 5x114.3 FT101 flow-formed wheels in the 20x9 (+32), 20X9.5 (+25) and 20X10.5 (+42) wheels for 45% off. Total for 4 is $950! I ordered yesterday and wheels were shipped (from CA) same day. Ground shipping for...
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    My belief is that they are trying to prevent having to retrofit any additional cars with the new hardware as FSD rolls out. Additionally, I believe they will increase the FSD cost (maybe significantly) when it is finally available, depending of course on the competition with other carmakers’...
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    P3D 0-60 now 3.3s instead of 3.5s

    So wouldn’t the AWD LR 0-60 time reduce as well?
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    DashCam - Caught accident

    CA is the only state where lane splitting is legal. I personally believe that if a motorcycle is lane-splitting, they should automatically be fully liable and at-fault for an accident unless there’s a clear violation by the vehicle. How does Autopilot react to a lane splitter?
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    No real time traffic updates?

    Where does Tesla get their traffic info?
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    Question... Once you get the notification of the update on your phone, how do you tell the car to update? I thought this was possible, but couldn’t figure it out - ended up just going out to the car and starting it.
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    Any interest in 20 inch Mono-Block Forged Alloy Wheels by Titan 7?

    I’m interested. Prefer the ts-10, but would possibly consider the ts-5 if that was the only one we had the numbers for...
  24. K

    Group Buy Poll for Mono-Block Forged Alloy Wheels by Titan 7

    Is there a price on the 20's? I may be interested...
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    AWD delivery thread

    I disagree and really have to give kudos to all the Mt Kisco employees. The pandemonium was created by Tesla corporate - It wasn't the local delivery centers' fault. They were saddled with an impossible task. They normally do less than 10 deliveries a day and were then suddenly tasked to do...
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    AWD delivery thread

    Well, I’m happy to report that I’m typing this while sitting at my first supercharger in my new M3D! I’m 200+ miles from my delivery center, and as of yesterday afternoon, still had no vin assigned. At the advice of a delivery agent, I decided to no longer trade in my current vehicle and just...
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    AWD delivery thread

    Hopefully Tesla will learn their lesson from this debacle and Under Promise / Over Deliver when the stakes are $3750 of the customers money. Oh wait.... 12/31/18 is also EOQ. :)
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    AWD delivery thread

    Has anyone had a successful delivery without a vin showing up on your acct first? I've got an 11:30 appt tomorrow, but no vin yet.
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    AWD delivery thread

    What was your delivery location?
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    Connecticut (Mt. Kisco) AWD delivery

    For those you that have had deliveries cancelled this weekend at Mt. Kisco, what were your configs?
  31. K

    AWD delivery thread

    you don't need to add car to insurance policy on day of pickup...just have to show proof of coverage. Insurance companies give you a period of time (72 hrs??) to add car to policy - you are fully covered in the interim.
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    AWD delivery thread

    no. and my financing tab has also not opened up to allow me to submit an app. My appointment does show in my account though.
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    I ordered a Performance 3. The car at delivery was an AWD.

    Maybe at the same time, they could offer P3D owners a free or inexpensive uncork to Ludicrous to appease them.
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    Should this SEC action seeking to remove Elon as CEO give me pause about my delivery?

    I assume a fine too. Let’s not forget that this was a single, one-line tweet....not some vast conspiracy to defraud shareholders.
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    AWD delivery thread

    Hopefully, but I'm not counting on it.... What's your config?
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    AWD delivery thread

    Thank you! I called this number and also was able to get scheduled in 5 mins. Picking up @ 11:30 on Sun at Mt Kisco.
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Tesla is now offering a rate match guarantee. Looks like you have 7 days to find a better rate....
  38. K

    Winner in current delivery chaos? Automobile Dealer Assn

    I guarantee the Automobile Dealer Association Lobby are ecstatic about the absolute chaos happening over the last few weeks with Model 3 deliveries. I'm sure the Lobby is already busy contacting elected officials screaming that dealers are essential for the consumer's protection. In my state...
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    AWD delivery thread

    How many people who received a text also have trade-in checked on their order? I have a trade-in, but have figured all along that I would probably get a low-ball offer from Tesla and would likely either sell myself or to CarMax. The problem with those options now is that I hadn't planned on...
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    AWD delivery thread

    Did you send bank loan information unsolicited or did they request it?
  41. K

    Tesla Financing - Best Rate Guarantee?

    Looks like they’ve put the rate guarantee in writing now. This is from my payment method section of my order...
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    AWD delivery thread

    I got the following response a couple of hours ago: “Thank you for confirming your availability this weekend. We will reach out to schedule your appointment as soon as we get a firm date on when your vehicle will be ready for delivery.”
  43. K

    AWD delivery thread

    If it were a scammer, I think they would have responded to our replies right away looking for bank transfers etc... No upside from the scammer's perspective to slow-play it.
  44. K

    AWD delivery thread

    I got text too.... 510 area code. I replied within 30 seconds, but haven't heard anything back yet...
  45. K

    AWD delivery thread

    Me! I am a day one reservation holder and ordered a RWD M3 on 5/4. When they announced the AWD, I still didn't have a vin, so they put me back in the reservation queue and I was invited and configured on 6/26 - a day BEFORE the floodgates opened. I switched to white interior right when it...
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    AWD delivery thread

    Do you have a link to where on Twitter I can read about this? I think I may be one of these orders. Called 6 days ago and was told that I should have had movement by now. Her supervisor escalated my order to be reviewed by someone, but it's been crickets since then....
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    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    What was full vin? I’m waiting on a red one - just want to watch out for it.
  48. K

    AWD delivery thread

    Happy for all of you that received delivery dates, but very frustrated with the randomness of this process. I've seen numerous people with same config in same region with order dates after me moving forward.
  49. K

    Non-P AWD with White Interior

    Congrats! I have same config as you - still have active edit button. Hoping things start to move soon....