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  1. Madartist

    Vendor Tesla Model S & X Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating, and more

    We're the owners of the Model S and X above. As usual, Pete did a beautiful job prepping and detailing them to make them better than new! If you like having a perfectionist and true artisan work on your car, then Pete at First Impressions Premier Auto Detail is your man.
  2. Madartist

    Bittersweet goodbye

    Congrats! The new car looks sweet. Enjoy.
  3. Madartist

    Blackvue 650 (Dashcam) Group Buy - $310, including 32 Gig Card

    Here's an alternative source for the same Blackvue DR650GW-2CH dashcam from Amazon. It is available for $311.07 with free Prime shipping and 128GB Blackvue SD card. It is only slightly more expensive than the 32GB version mentioned above.
  4. Madartist

    Ouch! Meeting with a tow hitch....

    I'm so sorry to see what happened to your beautiful Roadster, Nigel. It hurts just to look at it. I'm amazed that such a low speed collision did so much damage. Glad no one got hurt. The only bright side may be that it's easier to deal with a few replacement bumper parts than a body shop. Good...
  5. Madartist

    Escort MAX 360 mount options and questions

    My Escort 360 appears to be working when mounted in this location. However, what I cannot say is what effect, if any, the windshield has on the range of the detector.
  6. Madartist

    Production (Non-Sig) Model X Vin #'s now being issued

    Thanks for the reply, Peter. It would have been nice to get regular status updates on the MyTesla website like they do with the Model S.
  7. Madartist

    Production (Non-Sig) Model X Vin #'s now being issued

    For those who's Model X are currently in or finished production, did you see an update on My Tesla dashboard? In other words, is the Tesla website accurate in updates on the status of the order beyond just "confirmed"?
  8. Madartist

    Vendor Tesla's Paint Correction and Total Surface Protection Specialist

    Beautiful work, as always, Pete! Have you done any XPel wrap on the Model X yet? Is there a template available?
  9. Madartist

    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Thanks for all the responses. That's good to know. Sounds like they just want the battery to be < 20%.
  10. Madartist

    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    That's an excellent suggestion to avoid seeing outdated data.
  11. Madartist

    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Does anyone share my concern that draining the battery pack may affect its longevity? Or am I over reacting?
  12. Madartist

    WPB Area X owners, care to trade demo rides?

    Sorry to hear that. May I ask why? We configured our X last month without seeing it or driving it in person. It's a total leap of faith. We take some comfort in the fact that the initial reviews from the Signature X owner seems to be mostly positive. Any specific concerns about the car based on...
  13. Madartist

    Vin 0062x pickup in Tampa 12/23 at 6pm

    Congratulations! Hope to see some pictures and hear your impressions after you take delivery.
  14. Madartist

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Congratulations, Bonnie. We can't wait to see and hear your impressions/reviews of the Sig 2. I hope it doesn't rain on your parade this delivery weekend. Our deepest sympathy on your loss as well.
  15. Madartist

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    I do not own a pair of pliers large enough to do that, but that certainly works as well.
  16. Madartist

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    I just installed all the replacement lights from Abstract Ocean yesterday. Overall, it wasn't difficult. Start with Pete's excellent installation guide. Here are some additional hints which might help. Trunk and Frunk Lights: These are the easiest as everyone has said. However, the first time I...
  17. Madartist

    Escort MAX 360 mount options and questions

    I recently purchased the Escort Max 360. While I cannot test the range of the radar detector as compared to anther car, I can say that it does work. I have it mounted to the right of the rear view mirror. If you purchase the straight cord, It is possible to hide the power cord along the...
  18. Madartist

    Thank you Jerome

    I'm sad to hear of Jerome's permanent departure from Tesla. I kind of suspected as much when he takes this much time off right before the critical Model X launch. Jerome intervention was critical in my Model S inventory car purchase. To me, his words and actions were that of a customer advocate...
  19. Madartist

    Fun/Interactive Model X Animation

    Thanks for sharing, Bonnie. This is awesome. Can't wait to see it in person.
  20. Madartist

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    Just ordered! Really looking forward to see in my trunk for once. Thanks for the vote of confidence on this DIY project. Most of us do not possess your mad skills! :smile:
  21. Madartist

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    Looks really close. Can't wait to order. Looking forward to the improved lighting.
  22. Madartist

    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Hmmm... I wonder if the upgrade will do any harm to the battery pack if it needs to be completely drained. :confused:
  23. Madartist

    The Perfect Tesla Raffle

    Alan, My original question was about the similarity between the idea described in this Planet Money podcast which I referenced above and the Climate XChange's strategy for reducing carbon emissions. I remember when I first heard this podcast 2 years ago, I thought this seems like a great idea...
  24. Madartist

    The Perfect Tesla Raffle

    Listen to the podcast again. At ~2:43, they start to talk about a income tax refund for the total amount of the tax collected.
  25. Madartist

    The Perfect Tesla Raffle

    Pollux, I was browsing the Climate XChange website. Is the organization's basic strategy for reducing carbon emission the same or similar to this podcast on Planet Money? Economists Have A One-Page Solution To Climate Change : Planet Money : NPR
  26. Madartist

    Homelink very flaky

    I've had the same intermittent malfunction with my HomeLink as well. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it. Getting closer to the garage and being in line with the opener doesn't help.
  27. Madartist

    Modifications to car made since delivery

    I don't think AMAZING even begins to describe what you've done, Rick. It is truly impressive set of mods. How do you like the Rydeen 360 system? Does it replace your front camera?
  28. Madartist

    Service Center in Naples?

    I've heard similar rumors in the past as well. For selfish reasons, I think Bonita Springs might be a better location. :tongue: I think Bill would agree.
  29. Madartist

    Configuration of 2 captains chairs and 6 seats is available now.

    Oh no! Here we go again with the center console. Sigh.
  30. Madartist

    Will MX fit in my garage?

    @ohmman How did you get these dimensions for the MX? Source? Hopefully the official specs will be more favorable for your garage (and mine).
  31. Madartist

    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    I know some people may think this is a small thing, but I for one am very glad to see that the X will be delivered with an integrated front center console. Now if only it comes with rear cup holders as well... :wink:
  32. Madartist

    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    Pardon my ignorance. Is that a lot? I've never towed anything before.
  33. Madartist

    Model X Mule Sightings

    For those who are fans of the brown color... It's coming back!!!
  34. Madartist

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    That's definitely a significant improvement over the OEM bulbs. Looking forward to ordering the finished product when available.
  35. Madartist

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    Thanks for posting the update. I almost gave up on it. Fingers crossed on finally making progress at this SC site. [emoji2]
  36. Madartist

    Help Me Learn To Park My Model S Properly

    I think the donv was being sarcastic about the delayed release of the promised auto park feature.
  37. Madartist

    Does the $5k P85D upgrade get you a ludicrous P85D or a ludicrous P90D?

    @wk057 Thanks for the info regarding cell level fuses. However, I gotta think that Tesla engineers must have considered and tested that before the upgrade to the ludicrous mode is offered to existing P85D owners. The question is... will you do the upgrade?? Do you think it's safe?
  38. Madartist

    Looking at the $numbers P90D

    I think the upgrade path is only available to current P85D owners.
  39. Madartist

    Must have accessories?

    There's no need rebalance the tires after installing FOBO. Here's the info directly from the FAQ on their website. Does FOBO Tire Plus affect tire balancing? FOBO Tire Plus sensor weight is 10 grams each but extensive testing has shown a maximum deviation of 5 grams on the wheel balancer...
  40. Madartist

    Factory Tour

  41. Madartist

    Premium Rear Console

    Mine CF rear console broke as well in exactly the same way with very minimal use. Tesla replaced it, but had to wait as well due to back order. Let's hope the replacement will last longer.
  42. Madartist

    Factory Tour

    How long does the tour generally take?
  43. Madartist

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Allen, Best of luck with your upcoming surgery and recovery. BTW, just brought your keyboard app. Nice job there too!
  44. Madartist

    TMC Connect 2015 - July 10-12

    How formal is the evening reception on 7/10 and party at Tesla HQ on 7/11?
  45. Madartist

    SC finally found the rattle

    ROFL. Best post of the day.
  46. Madartist

    Extra UMC in Garage & ready to go...

    Are you talking about this bracket? Tesla Gear Shop Replacement Wall Connector Cable Organizer
  47. Madartist

    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    Do you have a link to the LED light you used? Thanks.
  48. Madartist

    Model S Premium Center Console - Only in Black

    I'm so sorry to hear that. One thing I think we can all agree on is that Tesla handled this issue very poorly from beginning to end. I hope they will offer a new option for everyone soon. Along with door pockets and better cup holders, I'm one who thinks that both front and rear center consoles...
  49. Madartist

    Model S Premium Center Console - Only in Black

    Nigel, I've been on the waiting list since October 2013 as well and just got an email with an offer to purchase one. As noted up thread, I would suggest sending an email to onlineorders at teslamotors.com to inquire about your status. Might speed things up a bit. Good luck.