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  1. mjtgroup

    Anyone refusing last software update - speed limit restriction?

    Really do not understand the discontent with Big Brother Tesla. This is just another example of Elon taking away functionality paid for by the car's purchaser. This goes all the way back to 2013 when he secretly and arbitrarily disabled the air suspension, from lowering, because of a couple of...
  2. mjtgroup

    Hope the Media doesn't jump on Tesla about this, But............

    I find this discussion toad-ally ridculous . . .
  3. mjtgroup

    Bittersweet goodbye

    Actually, do miss the full frunk but only used it occasionally so the pain is not too great. Love the autopilot functionality and 2 motors, though . . .
  4. mjtgroup

    Bittersweet goodbye

    In Remembrance . . . Reading the first post of this thread just now, brought me back to the day last May when we brought #10,231 into the Tesla store and drove out with our new 70D. Frankly, it was an emotional experience for us as we had first put our deposit down in 2009. Something with so...
  5. mjtgroup

    Autopilot is already improving.

    Unfortunately, none of the above. There was nothing between me and the car that was stopped. It was as if that car was suddenly not there.
  6. mjtgroup

    Autopilot is already improving.

    I was going 45 MPH on autopilot when my car started slowing when it detected a stopped car in front of me. At about 20 MPH and about 3 car-lengths from stopped car, Model S suddenly stopped braking and suddenly started to try to accelerate back up to 45 MPH as if the stopped car was not there...
  7. mjtgroup

    Autopilot is already improving.

    Autopilot Warning Caution. Second time in 2 weeks: Autopilot was engaged, car slows down to stop behind a stopped car and then suddenly accelerates! Had to slam brakes on to avoid a collision. ABS activated. (Did not wait for Emergency Braking to kick-in.) Tesla is working the issue. Will...
  8. mjtgroup

    Two questions about the Summon feature

    Re: Summon. Recently had to stop car as it was headed toward a post off to the side in my garage.It was literally 1 inch away by the time I got it stopped with FOB. In the process it ran over a grocery bag (paper) full of recyclable paper and plastic. Thank goodness no harm done! I will be very...
  9. mjtgroup

    Summon out of garage, did NOT open door! Bump!

    I have a post about 15 feet inside my garage. Initially, my car avoided it, as expected, on Summon. Yesterday, instead of avoiding it, Model S actually headed for the post and by the time I realized what was happening, I was able to stop the car only about an inch from the post. Nothing was...
  10. mjtgroup

    Autosteer 7.1 v/s 7.0

    Here's my take. Waited to install 7.1 for all of the reasons stated perviously. Finally could not resist trying Summon, so I did it. . . Overall, I am glad I took the leap. Summon is amazing. The AP driving is, if I may, more refined and sophisticated. The car is not as "jerky" and does not...
  11. mjtgroup

    Seeking Volunteers for an EV Project at Everett Community College 1/26/16 and 1/27/16

    Hey Joe. Not sure yet of travel commitments, but if I am in town, I would like to participate on the 27th. I have done car shows at Redmond Town Center for the last 3 years and really enjoy talking about my second Model S. Should be able to confirm very soon. Although my new Model S is a 70D, it...
  12. mjtgroup

    Brushed aluminum door sills- scuff marks

    Same for me. Seems to be permanent as I tried many "things" to remove. I bought 2 additional sill pieces (right and left) for replacement. I'm going to have a clear film put on top of the metal "Tesla" plaques. Note: The metal sill plaques are part of of a longer plastic piece that cost...
  13. mjtgroup

    Alcantara on the dash -which option

    We also had to special order our dash without the alcantara insert as it was standard at the time we ordered our 70D in April 2015. It did not match the white alcantara headliner and, to our understanding, it is a fabric product. We ordered leather to avoid fabric but to each his own. Sorry...
  14. mjtgroup

    Google Maps not loading

    I am in the Seattle area and had this same problem yesterday, for the second time in 30 days. :( Very annoying but reboot brought it back. If it happens again, I'll schedule a visit to the Bellevue Service Center . . .
  15. mjtgroup

    Soon to become a P90D owner!

    Great choice and welcome to the forum! I've had my new Model S since May and like it even more than my first, which I traded-in to get the Auto-pilot features. Enjoy!
  16. mjtgroup

    Tesla doesn't seem to see much value in their own cars...

    Must be the mileage or possibly that I put my deposit down on my original Model S in 2009 . . .
  17. mjtgroup

    Tesla doesn't seem to see much value in their own cars...

    Not sure of the "back story" but I traded in my 2013 "40" this past May for a 70D and I was given 90% ($49,000) of what I originally paid. My car had about 8,200 miles, air suspension and leather. I was very fortunate, it appears . . .
  18. mjtgroup

    Pushing out my delivery to get AP 2.0

    Hey Brian. Nicely said. I agree totally with your points especially for those of us who live in Washington State who lost the sales tax exemption in July 2015. Your silver Model S is beautiful!
  19. mjtgroup

    Premium Interior Lighting Option - History?

    My first Model S (#10,231) came stock with interior and door handle lighting at no additional charge.
  20. mjtgroup

    Recommended protocol for addressing issues with TM

    I totally agree with the concept of establishing s formalized and systematic approach to communicating common issues or problems to Tesla. In the past, posting in this forum was, many times, enough to get some attention and action. However, TMC has become so diverse that I suspect that it does...
  21. mjtgroup

    Tesla Trade-in Offer a Joke

    Traded in my 2013 "40" and got 90% of what I paid (factoring in the Fed rebate). Know it was because it was converted to a "60" at no cost to Tesla. Actually sold as Certified Pre-Owned for less than what I was paid. Go figure . . .
  22. mjtgroup

    Non-Controversial/Disputable Tesla Misses

    We personally find your response naive and offensive. We sincerely hope that you or a family member never have to suffer with this terrible disease!
  23. mjtgroup

    The new nose

    Me, not so much . . .
  24. mjtgroup

    Pictures from the X event

    Get pics. I feel like I am there!
  25. mjtgroup

    Firmware 6.2

    Just got .85 today as well. Was hoping it was going to be v7.0 . . .:frown:
  26. mjtgroup

    Autopilot lane keeping still not available over 6 months after delivery

    Eloquent and to the point. I, too, am concerned and hope that the items you note are anomalies.
  27. mjtgroup

    TACC Stalk, strange behavior after update...

    I, too, noticed a bit of difference initially when I tried using the TACC after the latest download . . .
  28. mjtgroup

    TACC and Braking

    Question: When one is using the TACC and the car brakes, are you using regenerative braking or the brakes. In other words, are you wearing down the brake pads as if you were manually braking the car? Or is it a combination of both? Think I know the answer but hope I am wrong . . .
  29. mjtgroup

    Question about alcantera on dash

    Upper Dash Inset Did not like the black alcantara inset in the upper dash but wanted the premium interior. Negotiated with Sales Rep and got standard dash (no inset) on my 70D with premium interior and white alcantara headliner. Could possibly delay build but did not seem to have an impact...
  30. mjtgroup

    1:18 Scale Diecast P85 Model S now in Tesla Store

    Just ordered Multicoat Red. 2 day shipping. Fastest Model S from order to delivery!!!
  31. mjtgroup

    Front Trunk Organizer Box - SOLD

    Front Trunk Organizer Box TESLA PN: 1021170-00-B $125.00 - Original Price Model S organizer box that fits perfectly into the front trunk (Frunk) cargo space. Looks brand new - rarely used Material: 1680D Polyester Size: 18"W x 16"D x 10.5"H (tapers to 7.5?H) Colors: Black...
  32. mjtgroup

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Trade-in That was the car I traded-in for my new 70D. It was a 60kWh battery restricted to the range of a 40kWh. The restriction was taken off when Tesla got it back so it became a full 60. I was given 90% of what I paid which was several thousand more than $46,900. Not sure they would...
  33. mjtgroup

    Want To Buy 70D

    Not my business, but why not buy a new one from Tesla? I just took delivery of my 70D and it is spectacular! (Traded in a Model S 60kWh)
  34. mjtgroup

    Teslas at Exotics at Redmond Town Center - Saturdays!

    Yes, your roadster is still allowed. I do agree that vehicles that generate a lot of interest should be included and a "state of the art" electric vehicle (Model S) fits that criteria, in my mind. Bottom line: it's their show. PS: I really like my new 70D! Goes into Metropolitan Detail today...
  35. mjtgroup

    Teslas at Exotics at Redmond Town Center - Saturdays!

    We were told today at the Exotics RTC car show that the electric Tesla Model S is now too common and will not be allowed to participate in future car shows (exceptions made for some P85D). I completely understand and realize that there were other more "common" cars that were turned away today...
  36. mjtgroup

    If you do not mind, Please post your trade in offer from Tesla so we can compare note

    I do regular Car Shows and have other daily drivers so I drove my Model S about 2 days a week. It is my "hobby" and I like talking about our cars with folks . . .
  37. mjtgroup

    If you do not mind, Please post your trade in offer from Tesla so we can compare note

    90% trade-in offer from Tesla on my "40" with 8,300 miles. (Paid $54,000 after Fed tax credit, $49,000 Tesla offer) I suspect that their offer is based on the fact that my "40" will become a "60" with the range restriction turned-off. If sold to a private party, they would have to spend an...
  38. mjtgroup

    Exterior Mirrors

    So I take my Model S in for it's yearly service. A couple days after I get it back, I notice a triangular piece of what appears to be a gasket protruding from under the passenger side mirror support. I take the car back to the Service Center and ask if the mirror had been removed for some...
  39. mjtgroup

    Frunk Dent (Frustrating...)

    I had an issue recently with valets at a very nice hotel where I had parked for dinner. Just seated when I saw on my iPhone app that the doors, back and frunk were being opened and closed. Apparently "show and tell" for the valets. I immediately confronted them, explained my displeasure and...
  40. mjtgroup

    Teslas at Exotics at Redmond Town Center - Saturdays!

    At Exotics at Redmond Town Center yesterday, the 2 Tesla Model S were assigned the "backlot" while almost every other car was directed to the Center Court to be displayed. In fairness, there were a handful of overflow Porches, Corvettes and a few other cars along side of us. It is unfortunate as...
  41. mjtgroup

    FOB and windows

    Not, AGAIN! I really do not get it!. No notice but hidden in amongst upgrades and improvements. Tesla, stop already. Never had a problem with the windows but used that feature frequently. Once again we all "pay the price" for the issues of a few. Guess I am glad that Tesla is watching over...
  42. mjtgroup

    Tesla iPhone app servers down (4/22/14)

    It appears that I am having the same issue, as well. . .
  43. mjtgroup

    Firmware 5.9

    Mayhemm. Your are absolutely correct and I too, like you, have become very cautious. Violated trust. A long road back but I sincerely hope lessons have been learned. Over-reaction to an underhanded action? Perhaps. But, it is my opinion and I am disappointed. Still love my car. . .
  44. mjtgroup

    What other vehicles do you have in your garage?

    2003 Jag X-Type 2007 Subaru Outback 2010 Ford Fusion
  45. mjtgroup

    front T logo in red

    Yes. That is my car at the Chateau Ste Michelle Winery car show last May. I have added more red vinyl from Roger (see post above) since then on the back: "TESLA" in red on the back chrome piece as well as on the "S" in "Model S" on the back.
  46. mjtgroup

    front T logo in red

    Bought pre-cut stickers from Roger (see: View Profile: rogbmw - Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum) for everything but logos which were done by hand. Wrap from a local detail shop. Not hard to do but you it helps if you have a sharp blade and a steady hand. Good luck!
  47. mjtgroup

    How do you deal with valet?

    Used the valet. Tipped right away to be parked out front of the restaurant. 15 minutes later, checked my iPhone app and saw doors, front and rear hatch open and close. Went out immediately: "What are you guys doing?" "I paid you to park it, not play with it . . ." Then gave them a quick brief on...
  48. mjtgroup

    front T logo in red

    Multi-coat red wrap. More of a satin look and removable. On the car for 9 months with multiple washes and still looking good . . .