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  1. johnmodely

    FSD The latest disaster

    this is what pisses me off the most...I travel NYC to upstate NY every other weekend...L3 in slow moving traffic is 60% of the time, yet im still sitting in traffic having to nag and pay attention going 20mph...just f*cking release L3 in slow moving highway traffic its ready yet they want to...
  2. johnmodely

    Sentry Mode is Useless...

    Not sentry was on and it was charging above 20% when I plugged it in...it just did not detect it at all
  3. johnmodely

    Sentry Mode is Useless...

    So pissed right now...I live in the NYC and park my car overnight at a city charger when I need to charge it, and found this the next morning: Of course car alarm did not go off and sentry mode caught none of it. Seriously fed up with Teslas gimmick software meant to fool people into thinking...
  4. johnmodely

    Is all neural networks really a good idea?

    Highly doubt FSD 12 is "full neural network" with no hard coded logic. Im sure the initial "action" pops out of a black hole neural net, but can 100% guarantee there is a "monitor" program running to make sure those net actions dont violate some very strict rules (like dont hit a human, or drive...
  5. johnmodely

    Ghetto NEMA 6-20 Charging with two 120v 20a outlets

    Maybe this is worth it if you have no idea what your doing, but 300 bucks for something that takes 5 minutes looking at your panel to figure it out for someone that knows what they are doing is not worth it.
  6. johnmodely

    Cross Country Road Trip...Must needed items to bring?

    Doing an ambitious NY to Seattle cross country drive with our 3 month old in a few weeks (and yes we have a contingency plan in case he can't handle the long drive). We are definitely bringing a little 12v mini fridge we can plug in the back, and a portable battery bank with 120v output. Any...
  7. johnmodely

    What on earth is Tesla doing with versionings?

    L3 is already part of FSD IMO (ie if Tesla desided to enable "traffic jam chauffeur") there is no reason current FSD can not handle that at L3 level. Bunch of Autos have already released similar and dont think they are any better than current FSD under these conditions. Tesla is stuck in the...
  8. johnmodely

    FSD+Nag+Sunglasses, 11.3.X Relief

    wear a baseball cap...nag free driving 24/7...they dont know what to do with that case :D
  9. johnmodely

    What on earth is Tesla doing with versionings?

    its annoying, clearly they are at a standstill probably until 12 gets released, in the meantime at least upgrade everyone to latest feature branches thats in beta....
  10. johnmodely

    Elon: One-time FSD transfers for purchases in Q3

    This is just a horrible policy What? This is a Tesla first policy and horrible for customers. What about all the people that bought 15k FSD twice now? What about everyone else that is not ready to buy a new car in the next two months? This is just a money grab to shut up all the long term FSD...
  11. johnmodely

    I got HW 4.0 but NO FSD Beta

    Has Tesla even announced/talked about HW4? I assuming this includes a new FSD chip but dont see any info on it.
  12. johnmodely

    Micro Mice vs Tesla 😂

    Check out this video, these guys have figured out micro second control of autonomous vehicles with low powered CPUs, and Tesla still has not figured out how to keep a car centered in a lane in a curvy road...Sure this is not apples to apples comparison but Tesla really needs to take a hard look...
  13. johnmodely

    When will privately owned Tesla Robotaxis be operating on HW3 or lower?

    It does have perception problems with the current camera setup. I dont think HW3 cameras will ever be robotaxi capable. At minimum front bumper cameras are needed or much wider higher resolution front camera. This whole "creeping" business is super unsafe and is easily solvable with bumper cameras.
  14. johnmodely

    What are people that bought Full FSD doing?

    Umm have you even looked at how Tesla treats FSD revenue?? Not only is it not depreciated on its books, not even full revenue from all FSD purchases has even been REALIZED. So Tesla in their own finances are not realizing full FSD revenue because they well know was not and still has not been a...
  15. johnmodely

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Someone needs to get Elon to come to NYC and drive one of his cars here on FSD and see how he feels about it 5 minutes later...
  16. johnmodely

    Tesla design chief Franz von Holzhausen on Roadster 2.0

    What happened with the roadster? This project dead they haven't mentioned anything about it for years it seems...
  17. johnmodely

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Huh? That’s exactly all they have been marketing / need to solve for their own robotaxi. The new platform they are building is designed for city driving, and this is what they will be dealing with everyday. If they don’t solve this then FSD will never be anything more than a glorified driver...
  18. johnmodely

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    If you guys want to see what FSD beta really has to solve, check out this video this is a perfect representation of typical FSD drives in NYC
  19. johnmodely

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    The only progress or test relevant to FSD are in NYC/Boston/Chicago/San Fran as far as im concerned. If it can't go more half a mile in hard dense city environments then FSD is no where solved...going 10 miles in suburbia with simple lights and right turns and one or two people per intersection...
  20. johnmodely

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    At this point there is no way a class action for FSD Beta buyers wont go through...
  21. johnmodely

    FSD Beta v11.x

    FSD Beta on highway where there are super curvy roads and you are on the left lane seems like beta has a hard time sticking to center of lane, it keeps hiding the yellow line which in this highway is super close to the concrete divider/rail...I have to disengage on almost every curve in the...
  22. johnmodely

    What has happened with the rollout of V11?

    Yea finally got the push...looks like this is going out to everyone left on 10.69
  23. johnmodely

    What has happened with the rollout of V11?

    Still no update here...teslafi is showing about 1/3 of beta group stuck on 69 has updated to .6 though
  24. johnmodely

    What has happened with the rollout of V11?

    Should do a poll to see how many FSD cars on v11 are on a subscription vs bought it outright...wouldnt be supprised if all the new v11 updates went to people with subs first (since they are still getting revenue from them so they want them happy), and just another FU to people that dropped a...
  25. johnmodely

    There will be NO HW4 upgrade for HW3 owners

    No Tesla needs to transfer the full cost especially if we are entrusting them with actually delivering what was supposed to be delivered years ago with the original car purchase. I picked up FSD at 7k as an early adaptor, I still have no received what I was supposed to receive and Tesla has...
  26. johnmodely

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Yea im stuck on 69 as well, dont know what the point of keeping 20% on the old version is...
  27. johnmodely

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Seems like Tesla is doing some sort of A/B test with 11.3.3 and 11.3.4
  28. johnmodely

    Elon Musk and others urge AI pause, citing 'risks to society'

    There is no difference between ChatGPT AI and Tesla AI from a theoretical and data standpoint. Both feed it enormous amount of real world data, and create neural networks which humans have limited knowledge on how they work in both cases. One spits out a bunch of text based on the likelihood...
  29. johnmodely

    V11 updated FSD wiper fix?

    I have this problem, I have a Y
  30. johnmodely

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Has anyone figured out how they are rolling out new releases? Is it just random selection at this point? I have been in beta since the Safety score rollout, and used to get the new releases usually the day off. It does not seem like they are prioritizing "older" beta testers anymore (or wonder...
  31. johnmodely

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    I read that tweet as not referring to the next point release, but as typical musk fashion of needing one more major release where all NN are on video and FSD beta is "complete" in his mind
  32. johnmodely

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Plotting the major released would be more useful than the point releases since 11 is a major release
  33. johnmodely

    FSD Beta v11.x

    sigh looks like the rollout was paused....what are we thinking couple more weeks before everyone gets it?
  34. johnmodely

    Autonomous Car Progress

    I can't believe they have been talking for 2 hours and have said absolutely nothing new...
  35. johnmodely

    Make FSD Transferable - Sign the Petition!

    Liability will be there regardless of whether you have the car or not, even if there is one person left and successfully files a class action that wins, you will still be paid if you had bought it in the past. Which makes the fact that they refused to transfer it while its not complete even...
  36. johnmodely

    Growing FSD liability could be massive.

    We are taking about FSD purchasers, not your grandma buying a Tesla. Highly doubt ANYONE that dumped 7-15k on FSD purchase had not heard of or read about Musk's comments about it. The only reason I even paid for it was because of his comments on AI day and that Robotaxies would be here by end...
  37. johnmodely

    What are people that bought Full FSD doing?

    Im quickly approaching the boat where I'll want to upgrade this year/next but have full FSD on the car. When I bought in 2020 I didn't have any doubt that Elons promises would manifest by now, but I was clearly duped into dumping thousands for FSD for features that have still not manifested in...
  38. johnmodely

    HW4 sensor suite and hi-res camera updates?

    If you guys think Tesla is going to replace 100s of thousands of FSD cars for free I got something to sell you…. HW 2-3 upgrades were easy because there were a couple thousand cars that had it. They wouldn’t even logistically be able to replace 500k cars even if they wanted too, that would clog...
  39. johnmodely

    Low Power Sentry Mode

    majority of the power draw is from image recognition nets running on the FSD chips to catch behavior it deems problematic and record to onboard storage. This burns 200-300 watts, even if the car is not in sleep mode it would not come close to that much burn if video was not being analyzed.
  40. johnmodely

    Low Power Sentry Mode

    I live in the city and sentry mode is useless for the one case I want it recoding: when a car is moving in a space in front or behind me so it can catch bumper scratchers. All it does is just catch all the people walking down the sidewalk and burns a full battery every two weeks for no...
  41. johnmodely

    Supercharger - Brewster, NY

    Just stopped at it as well...finally this make charging on my way up/down from upstate super convent and dont have to take the taconic if I dont want too!
  42. johnmodely

    Windows and trunk randomly open on their own while I’m away from my car.

    wow...was about to post a new thread but im glad im not going crazy and this is happening to others. I park my car in the city...go outside this morning and find my rear hatch wide open on a busy city street with stuff in my trunk...was like WTF! App showed car locked but showed rear hatch...
  43. johnmodely


    I think we all know turning off sentry mode will not use up any battery. Issue is the crazy drain when its on. Whole point in situations like this is to keep sentry mode on, but when it burns 5-10% a day it defeats the purpose.
  44. johnmodely

    FSD Beta 10.69

    Would like to just report that FSD Beta 10.69 is still garbage in NYC. Can't go more than a few hundred feet before needing a disengagement. Can confirm its no way near primetime for "fsd city streets" and will definitely not be by years end. We have many years to go unfortunately.
  45. johnmodely

    FSD Beta 10.13

    Has not Tesla's marketing since 2018 been every car made is FSD capable and will only require a software update? What happens when FSD is realized and its awesome, so now 3 million cars want it...even if they didn't purchase FSD they might have millions wanting to upgrade and anything done...
  46. johnmodely

    FSD Beta 10.13

    I still think camera/hardware is the main issues for more rapid progression, but now they have to solve for their 5+ year old FSD chip plus inferior camera setup because they have cornered themselfs here with 3+ million "FSD capable" cars on the road soon with this hardware. Imagine logistics...
  47. johnmodely

    Would you buy again FSD today?

    Only reason I have it is because I got in the 6k crowd. Would never touch it for 12k knowing how crude and not useful it is for everyday driving. Right now its a fun thing to test, but its usually more of a chore than normal driving. I might possibly pay the 12k but only if they grandfathered...
  48. johnmodely

    Yet another, AP fatality under investigation

    ooo someone is salty they paid 10k+ for fsd. World is full of single exceptions, does not make it the norm. Show me raw data where AP accidents are majority caused by AP itself and the incidence rate is higher than a human driver and ill give you my Tesla for free. Ill take AP any day even if...
  49. johnmodely

    FSD Beta 10.13

    Looks like the "bag of points" architecture has hit a ceiling as well. Now well need to wait for another redesign before next level of improvements :rolleyes: Pretty sure we have hit a ceiling either way with HW3 and camera setup. I dont see them solving NYC FSD (ie 10+ cars + 30+ people and...
  50. johnmodely

    Yet another, AP fatality under investigation

    Majority of AP Collisions/Deaths will most likely be from other human drivers crashing into AP vehicles. You can't except the car to go into god mode just because a computer is controlling it and should be "perfect" Applying that to your badly formulated analogy above, its like saying "When I...