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  1. ra-san

    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    Sorry I missed this till now. Issues filed on the project page will send notifications to me I'm more likely to notice. Files with the extension ".aiff" get copied, but from your screenshot it looks like yours were ".aif". I'll update the list of extensions I'll copy to include that. Given...
  2. ra-san

    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    I really don't know how much workaround junk we want to keep doing for this ongoing saga of …challenged… media player support… but that said, I can think of a couple things one could do. Even ignoring the amount of work one would have to do to do it though, I think they are crappy choices. 1)...
  3. ra-san

    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    I do wish Tesla supported CarPlay, but I do find their Bluetooth implementation (which does support AAC) and using the iPhone's interface to work pretty well. To answer your question though: For playlists: If you add more songs to your playlists, the app will just copy the new songs. If you...
  4. ra-san

    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    I haven't stopped by and reviewed this thread in ages. You're welcome to those thank you's posted earlier. I'm glad some people have found the app useful. I do still wish Tesla would support playlist files - would make everything so much better in terms of being able to organize without...
  5. ra-san

    Garage door position reset only works for approach and not departure.....

    Well, unusual maybe, and yeah, nice garage, but I have to wonder why they split the functionality like that. I'd have expected the position reset to affect both arrival and departure. Having trouble coming up with a justification for splitting them, yet it seems like it would have been more work...
  6. ra-san

    Tesla Key, the easy way to prepare your vehicle from an iPhone and iPad

    "Fast and easy". "One click with 3D Touch" is the advantage, if you value time. Nice idea. If the connection actually happens reliably and quickly. I can see how it would be really handy and nice to 3D Touch the app to get things going without having to enter the app, and significantly ease...
  7. ra-san

    P90D owners - anyone upset yet at the 10.9 and 20% faster to 155mph claims?

    I mostly agree with your point regarding marketing angle. I just don't think these issues of late have as much to do with that angle as with the lack of explanation of the gap between what's said and what's real. If there were no gap, that'd be great. If there was a gap, then explaining...
  8. ra-san

    P90D owners - anyone upset yet at the 10.9 and 20% faster to 155mph claims?

    Hmm, see I wish they'd still do the just plain straight talk like they did back when they won me over in the 07 timeframe. They always has their moments of going silent, but it feels like they are happening more often and for longer , and it seems to me that more and more they are using...
  9. ra-san

    Any Improvement with the USB Music Album Art in V7.0 ?

    Seems same to me, though haven't looked deeply into it.
  10. ra-san

    Did Tesla learn from Volkswagen ?

    They did advertise it in a manner of speaking, in that Elon tweeted and quoted the results. I'm very interested in how the numbers happened, and whether it'll be easily reproducible in both the P85DL and P90DL since I'm still on the fence about upgrading.
  11. ra-san

    Motor Trend reports 2.6 0 to 60!! In P90D. Launch control??

    I can't believe it hasn't been asked. Maybe I missed seeing it somehow. Regardless, I asked. As for the article, a lot about it seemed off/canned, like the horsepower and new motor stuff. For past experience, if something about an article seems wrong, I tend to attribute it to bad reporting for...
  12. ra-san

    Should I stealth wrap over my deep metallic blue MS?

    The stealth wrap I saw on the old blue (which typically looks black anyway) actually made it look lighter and bluer than it did earlier. Maybe it was a trick of the light at that particular location, but I was surprised when they said it was the clear matte stealth film vs. a colored wrap...
  13. ra-san

    Cost of Leather Reupholstering from Black Textile?

    People have done that, and the first that comes to mind is Al & Ed's with Dr. Taras' car and others. You can search the board for links. I don't know if you'll find costs here though. Probably will have to contact them or others directly for that since the type of leather, stitching, and level...
  14. ra-san

    Is Ludicrous Mode for regular driving? Impact on battery usage?

    Experiences vary I guess. My take... If you don't want to go as fast as fast, don't push the pedal as far as fast. These cars have excellent control and response. They aren't as twitchy as other cars I've driven despite having more acceleration capability. I have only had mine off of insane a...
  15. ra-san

    Acceleration / deceleration instability - new 85D

    Glad it's fixed, and thanks for updating the thread. Hopefully it'll be helpful for the next person with a similar question.
  16. ra-san

    Feature request: one-shot speed limiter

    This is what I think too. Seemed obvious. The opposite seems to seem obvious to many other posters. Can't wait to hear why I'm wrong :tongue:
  17. ra-san

    Feature request: one-shot speed limiter

    I admit that I've thought something like this would be a cool feature. I'd actually thought of it more as a triggered stomp, accelerating to the set point, defeatable by touching the brake. Sort of a launch control for the S. Sure stomping is easy and fast, but software is even faster, and...
  18. ra-san

    Xpel - worth it?

    You said it better with less words, as usual, while I was typing the tome.
  19. ra-san

    Xpel - worth it?

    Feel like this is battle star sometimes, as in this has all happened before and will happen again (in other threads about the same stuff). Just the nature of the forums I guess. An 8-10k paint job was debated as being satisfactory by some and totally not as good as a factory job by others...
  20. ra-san

    Xpel - worth it?

    If you have a chance to attend a club meeting or other event with a lot of tesla there, it is informative to look at the "full wrap" as done by different installers. I can totally see there being Many hours worth of extra labor due to detail and attention between the different installers. I can...
  21. ra-san

    Aloha from San Diego Environs!

    Welcome. San Diego is pretty laid back compared to the activity of the LA club, but they're there and the forums (here and the corporate ones) are always here to provide you support and plenty of opinions, whether you want them or not.:tongue: we have quite a few San Diego owners active on these...
  22. ra-san

    Xpel - worth it?

    I think a full wrap is worth it, but it's an individual choice and a lot depends on just how much things bother you and how long you plan to keep, and how you think of the particular car. Not to mention some colors show the inevitable pint damage more than others. The price you were quoted...
  23. ra-san

    Acceleration / deceleration instability - new 85D

    Above replies are great and definitely have components checked, but don't completely discount that it could be alignment. Rear toe being a bit out could manifest similar to what you are describing I think, but wouldn't necessarily show when not punching it. Although I don't think that would...
  24. ra-san

    Any integration foreseen with brand new Apple Music?

    I regard the CarPlay and android equiv (and just don't have the knowledge of the Windows approach) as the KISS option, actually. With those two apps (or three if they do Windows too), they gain far more than two apps for of results. If they don't, then how do they pick the "right" streaming...
  25. ra-san

    Any integration foreseen with brand new Apple Music?

    I think the clearest path to handling this is to implement CarPlay. I know you didn't particularly want to hear it, but it is what makes the most sense. It does let you control everything via your nice screen, and gets updates way faster than Tesla could manage. It doesn't have to be connected...
  26. ra-san

    P85D (pre/post April) ride performance

    Actually, I wish you would. When there were a few complaints about overly harsh P85D suspension, followed by the first of the new reports of the softer suspension, I was surprised. I wouldn't have thought Tesla would change what I thought was pretty great, and so quickly. I'd really like to...
  27. ra-san

    Worse than ICE'd; complete disrespect

    Dumb situation, but people talking about safety relating to electric issues are worrying unnecessarily I think (and want to be corrected if wrong). The whole point of the way the connectors work is that there is no high voltage in the cable till it's connected properly. That said - when I...
  28. ra-san

    Vendor Paint Protection Clear Bra for your Tesla!

    Looked at your location, since costs vary widely based on area, but no idea what going rates are for Jupiter. In SoCal though, around 5K for a full wrap with edges wrapped, etc. maybe a bit more from some places, definitely some charging somewhat less. There's a ballpark. You can search old...
  29. ra-san

    Question for Dipped,Wrapped and Clear Bra Teslas in California

    You can put them on top of the wrap. In my case, the person that did my xpel later put the stickers on some extra xpel trimmed to the exact size, and then put that on top of the xpel already on the car. May sound silly, but made it easier to adjust to get it just right when applying, and he...
  30. ra-san

    Are MS owners receptive to after-market parts peddlers?

    Most don't see the difference. It's not a big deal.
  31. ra-san

    Door handle pinched my hand while retracting

    There's a lot of back and forth in this thread, but nowhere could anyone have reasonably gotten than someone's hand, even a child, could be broken by this. It's just not like that. Pinch, sure. Get startled, yank it out, and make it worse, possibly. But the retraction itself isn't going to...
  32. ra-san

    Suggested Price on 2008 Roadster?

    Did Tesla mention reaching out to Shift? They are an auto selling service that was starting to work with Tesla last year. I sold my roadster and another vehicle with them and thought they did a reasonable job while taking care of a lot of the details and associated hassle. Might consider...
  33. ra-san

    Group Buy: Polarizer Filter(s) for Blackvue 650 Dashcam - 28% Off

    Now that a few more are getting them, what about results? Does it significantly cut down he dash / back speaker glare as hoped? Does it add any extra noise due to the lowered light, which would then cause more encoding artifacts and a generally worse picture? Very interested in hearing a few...
  34. ra-san

    How Cars Have Changed Over My Lifetime

    I wasn't familiar with what ds 21 meant, so did a bit of searching because it sounded cool. Here's a page with some pics, including the interior which shows the steering column, mushroom, etc. Great post Jerry33. BaT Exclusive: Black Plate 1968 Citroen DS-21 Pallas | Bring a Trailer
  35. ra-san

    What's the max bitrate for bluetooth audio between phone and Tesla?

    Depends on the source. CD quality lossless should be doable (it's still compressed, but using lossless compression, similar to FLAC or ALAC) even without the 3.0+HS / 4.0 higher data rates (which basically use Bluetooth to set up wifi type higher bandwidth links). With those rates (more and...
  36. ra-san

    What's the max bitrate for bluetooth audio between phone and Tesla?

    Understood Apt-X is well supported (and is what I said). However, you implied the typical implementation was lossless. That variant is as far as I can see vaporware since 2009. The typical apt-x quality level is very similar to AAC. Would love to see support for it too, in addition to the...
  37. ra-san

    What's the max bitrate for bluetooth audio between phone and Tesla?

    Try it and see. My bet is what I said in the post right before. It'll be AAC over the Bluetooth link. Be nice if I was wrong, and iOS would see what the source is, what the link options are, and transmit without recoding if the bitstream is supported. But based on the Apple Bluetooth...
  38. ra-san

    Car Wrap recommendations in LA?

    If I were in the area, I'd be talking to Moe Mistry. Search on the forums and you'll find several excellent posts by him. I've not used his services personally, but search will reveal satisfied forum members, and I really appreciate the info in his posts and help he's provided to people here...
  39. ra-san

    I dipped my Model S

    I'm glad you posted the FX pic - I wanted to too. Bought one of the first of that color in SoCal and always have loved it. It's been a great car too, though now looks a little more shabby than that pic :/ Couldn't find a copper wrap for the S that I thought looked right. Still not sure...
  40. ra-san

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    Look forward to hearing your experiences with it. Based on comments at Review of the Thinkware F750-2CH? | DashCamTalk It looks promising.
  41. ra-san

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    I read that write up, but I'm not sure how much sense it really makes to me. I found some of their reasoning and conclusions suspect. As for the 650 itself, I'm a little disappointed in the video quality. Had hoped for a cleaner, clearer image, and less dash / lower hatch reflections. Will be...
  42. ra-san

    Tesla Interior Dash Trim

    thanks for posting. I've been wondering what that would really look like installed. What do you think about it, since you are looking at it with your eyes directly? Fit look stock? Quality feel?
  43. ra-san

    What's the max bitrate for bluetooth audio between phone and Tesla?

    My understanding on this, which was discussed in more detail on other threads if you want more links, etc., is that any "music" type audio from the iPhone will get decoded to raw audio before handing to the bluetooth stack in the phone, then re-encoded in stack to the 256Kbit rate and sent to...
  44. ra-san

    Disappointed with sound system...

    Check it again now if you haven't lately - it's behavior supposedly was updated in one of the firmware updates a few months ago. Not saying you'll like it now, but at least a few others who said they never used it because it was awful have now said that it not just sucked less, but actually...
  45. ra-san

    The Media Player seems a bit messed up WRT albums

    Are the albums compilations with multiple artists in them? If so, then the S's media player splits albums into separate albums for each artist on the album. It doesn't know about or pay any attention to the album artist tag, only the artist tag. If you feel like hassling with it, you can use...
  46. ra-san

    Getting more gloss from XPEL

    Believe I saw the Xpel company rep on this site say that C.Quartz and the like would not mess up the auto-repair feature. My C.Quartz detailer confirmed the same when I had mine done, so no worries about that part. I can say first hand that on my car with xpel ultimate and c.Quartz, i've had...
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  49. ra-san

    Bluetooth Profile Support - iOS Audio, Browsing, Metadata...

    264,830bps is what the Bluetooth Design Guidelines linked above states, which is also the doc I referred to when I had posted about this on other threads. It does also state that the device should support variable bit rates, but that seems to be to handle switched from playing music to playing...
  50. ra-san

    Bluetooth Profile Support - iOS Audio, Browsing, Metadata...

    Agree that AAC is supported in the Bluetooth profile. Had others disagree for ages, but as your snapshot shows, as my ears say, and as I've had confirmed from inside Tesla, it does. That said, last I looked into it, on the iOS side, what I found was that any audio going through Bluetooth is...