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    Founders series powerwall for sale

    Also curious how much you're asking. Thanks!
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    Model X Autopilot Upgrade to FSD?

    Awesome thanks! As far as the AP menu goes, what should I be looking out for? I know AP M3's have basic AP settings but if they don't have EAP or FSD they won't have summon or NoA. Same idea with the X? Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
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    Model X Autopilot Upgrade to FSD?

    Hey everyone, my wife and I have been talking about getting her a used Model X while we wait for the Cybertruck and is got me thinking: I've researched and learned so much about my Model 3 over the years that I don't really know the autopilot situation with the X! When we're looking for a...
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    Interesting comment from service guy

    No joke, that's almost EXACTLY the same reasons my wife is getting one too! It's replacing her minivan because it's not like any other soccer mom van/grocery getter, its way safer, and extremely durable so no more door dings. (well not OUR doors at least! The door trying to ding ours will get a...
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    Forget Everything I Have Said... I’m Now Totally In!

    Or have the two trucks side by side with metal bats for everyone to use and a sign saying "break the Cybertruck and you can keep it!!"
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    What's Your Idea of a Perfect Tesla Superbowl Ad?

    I think their last ad was a "smashing success!" I do like your idea for an ad though! It's creative, simple, and sparks curiosity. All jokes aside, it's not in Tesla's nature to do ads, especially paying millions of dollars for 30 seconds where the media would just find any way they can to...
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    Forget Everything I Have Said... I’m Now Totally In!

    Whether it was staged or not, I'm glad you have seen the light and become part of the fold!! And your idea of having him blast the truck up and down with a hailstorm of metal balls sounds awesome, I can't wait to see it!
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    Tesla Cybertruck Uses Lasers instead of Windshield Wipers!

    Can I upgrade my laser windshield vipers to windshield sharks with frikkin' laser beams? After all, sharks like water more than vipers!
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    Truck bed Suggestion

    That's genius!!! It's the next generation of shutting car doors by driving in reverse and slamming the brakes haha!!
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    Just wait till Ford announces the actual towing number for their E-F150. That will disappoint even more people!!! Wait, it CAN'T tow 1.25mil pounds?!?!" :eek::mad::confused::(
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    Elon: We can reduce the length 6+ inches

    So if they're not compromising on utility, comfort, and functionality, where are they getting the 6 inches from? Side note: why doesn't anyone going to these reveals bring a handheld 3D scanner and leak the dimensions on the Internet? That would make all this guesswork even easier! (meant to...
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    Real World Sighting! Cybertruck driving in West Los Angeles

    Earlier that day: Elon: I'll take a Big Mac and a large fries, please.
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    Elon: We can reduce the length 6+ inches

    Quoting Elon on Twitter today about Cybertruck specs: We can prob reduce width by an inch & maybe reduce length by 6+ inches without losing on utility or esthetics. Min height is below 75 inches when air suspension set to low. Will post exact number soon. 4:02 PM · Dec 7, 2019 Elon Musk on...
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    Please, meet Mr. Musk

    Next clickbait ad: Elon Musk's success is amazing! Number 9 will be boring!
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    Official updates

    Yes -Elon Musk That's pretty much all you'll keep hearing on Twitter about Cybertruck for the next year. And with each Yes you'll see 10 articles speculating what that means.
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    My Cybertruck arrived today! It's so cool!

    Love it!! Wait... This was FAKE?!?! *feels lied to* /sarcasm
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    What aftermarket accessories do you want for your Cybertruck?

    Running boards, camper, and floor liners would be nice! It would fit the bill nicely for camping :)
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    The REAL Cybertruck wheels

    I would like to see them in a powdercoat but gunmetal sounds even better!
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    Any Taco to Cyber Converts?

    Ohhhh, Taco = Tacoma!!!! I'm an avid car guy and even owned an 03 Taco, never heard it referenced that way lol! I would toss the Taco for the Cyber if I still had it in a heartbeat. The world's best truck for the next gen world's best truck!
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    Peek at some wheels

    Was just about to say the same thing lol! Glad to see other people are noticing though ;)
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    Will Elon listen to our forum?

    I'm hoping that some of our ideas make it to light! Like an add-on for a full size spare (I wouldn't use it but it would be great for crawlers), slightly raised back seats and/or the bed access from folding back middle seat to get more long item access (I've heard that is and isn't a thing with...
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    Single Motor in the Snow

    These are the only Cyber forums my wife approves me frequenting...
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    Any Taco to Cyber Converts?

    Forgive me, what is a taco in this context?
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    Will Elon listen to our forum?

    As I'm reading about all these awesome threads we have here for the CT ranging from various legitimate questions to product feature request and improvement ideas, it got my thinking: will Elon even see and/or listen to our feedback/ideas/concerns/etc? What do you think? Will our discussions...
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    OH, the horror.....!

    +1 to the Kirby fanclub! Mine is 26yrs old, my sister's is 30, my brother's is 21, and my parent's is 10. All of them were bought used with no previous maintenance other than the bags and the belts being replaced when needed and they STILL suck like new! (in a good way of course) Can't wait to...
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    Matte Black Cybertruck Speculation: Advanced Coating or Wrap?

    Wrapping this truck looks super easy, I've done some basic wrapping before and curves and steep edges are my enemy! I can't wait to see how creative wrappers get with Cybertruck colors.
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    What is the actual equivalent MPG?

    Like others mentioned it's all speculation right now since Tesla didn't announce the size of the battery packs in each trim for us to estimate from there. Going from the Model X and what I think the additional weight for the truck is, I'm guessing somewhere around 65-70MPGe conservatively. No...
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    Cybertruck: Fan made commercial

    Great video for only having limited footage to work with! I feel like it had a little too much emphasis on climate issues (2/3 of the video) but again, I'm sure it's just because we have limited footage from Tesla for the CT in general (not enough time demonstrating the solution).
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    Gas savings will sell every truck Tesla can make until 2024

    I'm in 100% agreement with this and have been saying this since the specs were announced! Elon made the perfect all-around contractor truck and nobody even realizes it. My dad is a contractor and I've grown up working with him. This thing solves tons of problems we've regularly run into over the...
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    Wrap it up, your flavor flave...

    My wife said she's really tempted to wrap hers in pink camo. I'm no good at Photoshop but it would be awesome to see someone try different camo colors!
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    Poll- Res holders, would you have made the deposit if $1000?

    Definitely! We cancelled our Y reservation for the Cybertruck - it's got way more utility. Will be testing the idea of charging the 3 from the truck's 220v while simultaneously towing to charge through regen! (That part not really)
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    Solar Panel Option

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with that wish too!! I've been hoping we can at least backfeed to the 110/220v outlets with a camping solar array and an inverter.
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    Living and sleeping in a Cybertruck?

    +1, definitely an awesome project idea!! The thought of living in the truck for a few days would also be great for camping/extended travel.
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    Will it be stealth to speed cameras?

    I'm hoping you guys realize the OP is joking, right?
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    [Poll]- Is Cybertruck beautiful?

    If you like it now, your gonna love it as a cop car!!
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    What do you plan to tow?

    Hopefully that horse is in a trailer when you're towing it, or you'll have a bunch of ground beef when you get there! We're towing boats and trailers and maybe even a horse trailer every once in a while.
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    Cleaning/Detailing Cybertruck

    Random question: how do you think wraps will affect the stainless ability to be protected once it's removed? Any loss in protective barrier? I wouldn't think so, but good to hear from others!
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    Will AP radar see the CYBRTRK?

    So let me get this straight: Elon Musk has produced cars that are mine-proof (Model S Kevlar underplating), cars that are resistant to biochemical warfare (Model X HEPA filter), cars with INSANE supercomputers (Model 3), and now cars that have stealth tech and are bullet proof tanks?!?! Elon...
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    My CybrTrk lent

    TBH I didn't read your whole post OP (sorry!) but I think I got the jist of it: you're going to start saving now by making sacrifices like cutting unnecessary things that you can live without, right? Bravo!! Listen to Dave Ramsey's audiobooks (or read the books) if you haven't already, he has...
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    Anybody else notice the sag after the ATV was loaded

    This thread just took a crazy turn, let's get back on topic guys. TL;DR Wait the Cybertruck suspension is sagging with a load, what gives?! It's air suspension that lowers to assist when loading equipment, just like how tour buses lower to let people on/off.
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    Features and/or Options Cybertruck should have....

    Genius! I totally overlooked getting a cooler and simply plugging it into the 110v haha! Same thing with campouts, we could just get a little 110v space heater.
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    Poll: First Cyber Truck Delivery Date

    Yeah in China they've spotted a possible widebody wrapped M3, rumors have been they're making a more luxury refresh for premium buyers out there (and why not here too?).
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    Poll: First Cyber Truck Delivery Date

    I'm hoping because of the simplicity of the body and the crazy reuse of M3's person and batteries that it comes a little sooner than expected. In my opinion part of what seems to be holding it back is the other projects! Model Y, Semi, Plaid powertrain, possible M3 refresh, Roadster 2.0 (all...
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    Features and/or Options Cybertruck should have....

    Are you sure it won't come with a pass through rear middle seat? That is such a needed and useful feature!! I read on a few sites that it would have this. I agree, AC bed would be especially helpful for hauling lots of cold items as we periodically need to transport bulk chilled goods and doing...
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    Battery pack upgrades? [POLL]

    Hey everyone! I was just thinking: how many people who reserved a lower trim (I got the RWD for my wife, she doesn't want more power) would do an in-car upgrade to pay for more range? Kind of like how the other models ship out with bigger batteries and let you upgrade depending what you bought...
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    Cybertruck in the Wild

    I want one!! Where did you get that printout? It would go well with my collection.
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    Test drives?

    I can't agree more, your first software update that you get will make you feel like Christmas just happened, even if it's a small one. The big ones are like every awesome holiday and your birthday got together for a surprise in your car just to see your reaction!!
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    High sided bed not good for trailering boats.

    Elon did say there would be an auto tow hitch mode on the truck, maybe that would solve part/all of the problem?
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    Tesla Cybrtrk

    With these intimidators on the road, NOBODY would commit crime!! Someone needs to make this wrap a reality¡
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    Cybertruck in the Wild

    Check out the size of the truck compared to that Civic! (I think it's a Civic?)