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    Ludicrous Proof Cubby Drawer

    This is the one you want... Cubby Drawer with Molded Carbon Fiber Front $69 (with 20% off) This is shaped in a way that gently wedges the drawer in the shelf. It's very secure and we'll built.
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    Poll: "Systems are powering up" error message

    I've only seen it once on my car Dec2017 model S 100D Tesla support recommended reboot both screens and it worked fine after that.
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    Interesting Comments from Tesla "Used Vehicle Sales Advisor"

    Paintless dent removal? It's amazing what some of those folks can do at a fraction of cost and time.
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    My AC stopped blowing cold air today - 6 month old 75D

    Same issue for me. Happened to me after Supercharging on a hot day. Toggling ac on off, no go. Turned car off. Tried resetting MCU. Nothing worked. Inside temps hit over 100 degree. Called customer assistance. They said I would need a ranger to come by and look at it. As soon as I...
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    Tesla Chrome Trim Quality Failure

    My late 2017 (pickup early 2018) had chrome misalignment issue. Was able to fix passenger side myself to be close enough that I can live with it. Drivers side was another story. It took 4 visits to finally get fixed. First time they " adjusted it" but i couldnt tell the difference. They...
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    Aftermarket wheels

    Some companies are offering "flow forged" wheels as well. I think of it as a hybrid between entry level cast wheels and high end forged. Price is not bad either. Saves a bit of weight compared to cast wheels although forged would be better. Less weight can give you more range if that means...
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    Aftermarket wheels

    I found this one very useful... Show off your aftermarket wheels.
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    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

    I call mine "Megatron":)