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    12V Battery Just Died - Total battery failure

    We're also in Florida with an Aug 2018 manufacture date Model 3, and had our 12V battery fail at about 14 months in. It was also bulged out pretty bad on the one side, and Tesla mobile service replaced it under warranty.
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    Juicebox pro 40 w/j1772 adapter

    I would check to see if you have time of use settings enabled on the JuiceBox. We use the time of use feature, and during peak hours the JuiceBox will still charge at 6 amps. They explained it does that to keep the Tesla from going to sleep and then not charging when the off peak period starts...
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    Tesla Official Statement on Range

    As a Floridian I find this level of concern about thunderstorms downright adorable. Our cars are plugged in when not in use.
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    TOU in Florida w FPL

    Ours took a good 2-3months.
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    Official updates

    I imagine we're going to hear more info on pack size and drivetrain whenever they do the battery investor day thing next year.
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    MASTER THREAD: all Smart Summon-related posts go here

    That's a good point. So far my experience is that it is crazy skittish about pedestrians, and couldn't care less about cars driving perpendicular to it's direction of travel.
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    Juicebox vs included charger

    The way the JuiceBox works now if you configure your car as a Tesla through the app is during on peak times it will only allow 6 amps of charging, which works to keep the car awake, but charging at a slower rate. With our other car when that's selected it turns off the charging entirely until...
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    TOU in Florida w FPL

    Short answer: Just charging the cars and running laundry during off peak times. Longer answer: We never run the heat, and I think the coldest it got last winter was something like 68F in the house. If it gets warm enough to warrant running the AC we will just pre-cool the house during the off...
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    TOU in Florida w FPL

    Honestly I don't know for sure, but I got the feeling that peak credits only apply to peak draws from the grid, and off peak credits to off peak draw. For regular net metering the credits accumulate all year, and they pay you out for any excess at the end of the year. I would assume with TOU and...
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    TOU in Florida w FPL

    Yeah, I had to really work to get the first person I talked to convinced that TOU was a thing and that I needed to talk to a supervisor to get the ball rolling on the switch over. The person who called me back after a few days though was very knowledgeable and helpful. Miimura's numbers match...
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    TOU in Florida w FPL

    Incorrect, you can absolutely do both. I've gotten that confirmed by two folks at FPL: one who handles net metering calls (his name was Richard I think), and the other who handles time of use calls. Richard said that of roughly 16,000 net metering customers they have only 20 who are also doing...
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    NEMA 14-50 is dead - all hail NEMA 6-50

    If you're going to put in a plug, the 14-50 is way more versatile and found in every camp site around the US. In our case, the EVSE is like 8 feet from our power box, so cable cost difference is negligible. The ease of installation of 4 vs 3 wires is negligible: literally one extra screw to...
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    Battery Replacement

    @theyeti have you seen any issues with range so far?
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    What are your charging habits?

    We just plug in every time we get home with either our 3D or Clarity PHEV. The 3 gets charged to 90%. A typical driving day is 40-50 miles on either car.
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    Flufferbot, 'Hollowgate' and the hollow floor noise

    Personally I probably won't bother having them mess with it. It only really happens when the kids drop stuff, and the only thing really attention grabbing is that it is a different sound than a "normal" car would have. Being embarrassed about it seems silly to me, but to each their own I guess...
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    90% the new recommended SOC?

    Yes it did. It says plug it in, which means charge it whenever you get home. Just plug it in and don't worry about it is the official Tesla recommendation.
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    Tesla Solar inverters

    Thanks! You're correct on the size limit, 10kW AC with a 0.85 multiplier, so 11.7 kW DC rating is the limit before insurance and application fees apply. Just to update the numbers my insurance guy quoted me about $370/yr for the insurance they want on larger systems. Guess I got some spreadsheet...
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    Tesla Solar inverters

    I'm on the east side of town, out in the Buckingham area. Would you mind sharing who you ended up going with? I'd been holding off waiting on Tesla start installing in the area, but still want to get multiple quotes now that they're starting here. Secondly on the 10kW limit here in FL, that...
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    Flufferbot, 'Hollowgate' and the hollow floor noise

    Will do, though it probably won't be any time really soon.
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    Flufferbot, 'Hollowgate' and the hollow floor noise

    Yeah, similar story here. Every time the kids drop their darn shoes/water bottle/whatever in the back, I generally jump at the noise and ask "WTF was that?" I'm getting more used to it now, and had just chalked it up to having a big battery under the passenger compartment, figuring it was...
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    Updated account summary page: did anyone not get it?

    Non owner in Florida, res 10/26/17, ordered 6/28/18. New page appeared earlier today for me, asking for confirmation of everything and showing my out the door price. Delivery date still shows Sept '18 - Nov '18 like it has since I ordered when the floodgates opened. Blue AWD, aeros, EAP, FSD...
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    Tesla: We are updating all reservation timelines in the next few days

    I've got a non-P AWD on order and am seeing the same page as him.