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    How does one join the Early Access Program?

    I am pretty sure it is only high profile bloggers right now.
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    QUIETTRACK 245/50R18’s fit?

    I think the problem with those is the load index. The stock tires are rated at 98 but these are 94.
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    [Feature Request] Turn off Auto-Dimming Mirrors

    I was driving my wife MB today and noticed that the mirrors there properly adjusted to the light shining behind it. On my M3 (AWD VIN 118XXX) the mirrors tint to full darkness at night (even if there are no cars behind me). Has anyone tried to contact support about this? Could it be a SW bug or...
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    No prismatic rear view mirror??

    Which one did you get? I was thinking of trying one out...
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    AWD Non-P Owners: Would you upgrade to the Performance Model for $6K?

    His app shows the red line.
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    AWD Non-P Owners: Would you upgrade to the Performance Model for $6K?

    I took delivery of my AWD a week and a half ago and I thought the acceleration was amazing. Then I got a ride in my co-workers P and man that is just a different level (maybe too much). But if it was offered, I might take the chance to upgrade to P for 6k. Although I am still glad I didn't pay...
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    Anybody else now getting "dual motor" emblem on your car?

    Took delivery today in West Palm vin 118xxx, and no badge on my LR AWD
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    A little bird told me Model 3 is close to lease

    From what I see with the Model S lease deal, Tesla leases are no where as a good of a deal as BMW. The loan rate seems to be almost 2% higher with the lease than their loan rate. If you look at the lease for a base S75 36/15k, you make a down payment of 2500 at order time, a 695 acquisition...
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    MR3 price increase and AWD price decrease by $1000

    No, you could never get 19 with P. Only 18 or 20
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    MR3 price increase and AWD price decrease by $1000

    I just updated my config and got the lower price...
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    MR3 price increase and AWD price decrease by $1000

    Hmm interesting. Hope I can get my price reduced. Ordered on Friday...
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    Referral credit for all M3

    Looks like a referral credit can now be used on any M3 order, not just the performance model.
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    4 week delivery for RWD

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    Non Performance AWD test drive this Sat

    I just took a test drive at the Boca Raton, FL store with a RWD model. Just some thoughts and questions: 1. Love the sound system on this car. It is probably the best I have ever heard 2. The acceleration is really good on this car. Definitely more power than my BMW 328. I can't see a need...
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    Updated delivery times

    I noticed that the delivery times have been updated. Now LR and Performance say 1 - 3 months, AWD at 2 - 4.
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    Tesla offers model 3 test drives for the first time

    Has anyone here gone on one yet?
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    Electrek reporting Tesla opening up orders to all US and Canada reservations

    I reserved July 2017 and have access as well. It says 3 - 5 months for both RW and Dual Motor, and 2 - 4 months for Performance
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    New vs Old Rear Seats

    I am 6'3''. I sat in the back seat and I was fine. I think the car had the gen 1 rear seats.
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    M3 AWD and Frunk

    Anyone see any information if the frunk will be smaller / non-usable with AWD models? I remember seeing the funk got smaller on MS when it went from RWD to AWD. Since the frunk is already pretty small, I was wondering if the second motor would affect it,
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    2018.10.5 Arrived

    Sorry if I missed, but are there any before and after picts of the back up camera change?
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    M3 In the Wild - South Florida

    Not an exciting topic, but yesterday was the first time I have seen a M3 out in the wild in South Florida (blue). Coincidentally I ended up seeing another earlier today (silver). I did check out the demo one in Aventura a few weeks ago, but pretty cool to see them out and about. The blue...
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    Aventura Mall Model 3 Tour

    Aventura is the only one I know of in the area. On the positive note, there are some decent food options there, so you can make the trip for lunch :)
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    Aventura Mall Model 3 Tour

    I went to Aventura yesterday and had a similar experience as you. Had a 5-10 min wait for the "tour". The staff there was very friendly. I did wish I had more time to play around with the car. Here are some of my observations: 1. I thought the AC system was pretty cool to play with. Having...
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    Model 3's Ride Quality

    Sorry if I missed this in an earlier post in this thread, but how would you compare the M3 to a BMW 3 Series. I have a 328 non-sport and it does feel firm at times (esp compared to my wife's Mercedes GLC)
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    EAP versus FSD

    Most of my driving is on non-highway. How much value will I get out or EAP? If it was a $3000 add on I don't think I would be as hesitant, but $5000 is a lot for features I may hardly use?
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    Wiki Model 3 delivery estimator

    I just made my reservation yesterday (live in Florida, non-Tesla owner). It is saying early 2019 in the Delivery Estimator. I have a lease on my BMW 328 ending at the end of Jan 2019. I am hopefully the timing will work out... I didn't realize that they were going that far in advance for the...
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    AP 2.0 == $8000

    Man I thought they were upping the cost of AP from $2500 to $3000 for AP 2.0. Can't believe it is up to $8000 if you want full self driving support ($10,000 if you enable after purchase)
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    Tesla will match Carmax price

    What % of the original purchase are you getting? Just curious how it compares to the residual they are providing for leases.
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    Lease Residual and MF

    If your residual of 57% and you did 0 down (just paid for lease acquisition fee) then the monthly payment should be $1221 with tax. However if they are not letting you keep the 7500 tax rebate that was included in the lease, then your residual would really be 50% and monthly payment would be...
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Oh so the residual they quote you does not include the 7500 tax credit? @Erleichda The 625 fee is a sunk cost. All car companies seem to add on extra junk fees when you lease. Per your 2500 deposit and 2500 down, I would recommend not putting anything down and just use the 2500 to pay the...
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Where did you find the 57% residual? The numbers we have seen on page source are 50/54. Did they change recently?
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    Black Leather Seats (Non-Next Gen) on S60

    I was just playing around with the MS configuration page and saw on the S60 (none of the other ones had it) there is now an option for black leather seats that cost 2400 instead of the next gen 2500. Does anyone know anything about them? I guess they aren't the same as the Premium ones that...
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Man should have known to check page source :)
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Yeah I think there is some confusion here... Where did you see the .56 on the site? I didn't see it. I thought you meant that the payments you make account for 56% of MSRP
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Yes, I agree with the 43,788. But the 65% would be amount paid off. So residual would be 35%...
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Yeah i guess I am used to my BMW lease where my 36/15K lease has a residual of 56% an a MF under .001 (using multiple security deposits). Usually I feel that you are better off doing a lease for short term ownership. But with the lease numbers it seems like you might just be better off...
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Its not that I would want to. I am just curious how the monthly payment comes out. It looks like if you add the down payment, 7500 tax credit, and monthly payments then residual on a 2/10k lease is something like 60% (which seems pretty low)
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    Lease Residual and MF

    Does anyone know what the Residual and MF rates are for the MS leases? The website doesn't give any info on what the cost to buy is after the lease term. Thanks