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  1. GasDoc

    My delivery is on for tomorrow!

    Delivery specialist called at 7pm tonight. Said that I can have my car tomorrow. Four weeks to the day that they said my car would be ready in "four weeks". As luck would have it, I have the afternoon off. So picking up in Fremont at 3:15! In store order 3/31/16 Configured 11/21/17 VIN...
  2. GasDoc

    Center screen dead--related to software update (?)

    Two days ago I applied the most recent 8.1 service update. My car has 43,xxx miles on it. Yesterday the display on my rear camera was split in a funny way so I did a reboot of the center screen using the two steering wheel knobs. After the reboot the screen never came back. Observations: The...
  3. GasDoc

    Any Model X owners want to be in a PARADE? (Bay Area)

    Looking for participants for a Memorial Day Parade. Hillsborough, CA PM me ASAP
  4. GasDoc

    Need Participants for Memorial Day Parade in Hillsborough

    It's that time of year again! For the last few years, we have had a contingent of red, white and blue Model S at the Hillsborough Memorial Day Parade and Family Fair. It's a short parade followed up with a music festival in Hillsborough. We always get a lot of foot traffic and good "Tesla...
  5. GasDoc

    Unlucky parking lot encounter captured on dashcam

    Just my luck... I was parked facing outward last night when a teenage girl scuffed the passenger side of my bumper and my 21" cyclone wheel while parking. She was distraught and beside herself with remorse. Basically couldn't even speak and called her father to come down. He showed up a few...
  6. GasDoc

    Auto parking stopped working

    My auto parking was working fine and on Wednesday I had the LTE upgrade done. The SC also upgraded me to .77 and since then I can't auto park. I get the "P" icon on my dash but the center console remains unchanged. No button to initiate self parking. Have rebooted both systems to no avail. I...
  7. GasDoc

    Where should we store our collective experience with autopilot routes?

    I'm thinking that we could share our specific experience with various routes, right down to the lane information. For example: "101 southbound from Palo Alto to Highway 92 interchange. Second lane (next to slow lane). 4:30pm Stop and go traffic. No driver intervention required." Maybe we set...
  8. GasDoc

    Leasing: Where does the $7500 Fed. tax credit go?

    I'm looking at leasing vs buying a $91k build. On Tesla's website, it calculated my monthly payment at $1210 I went to the Edmunds lease calculator. Punched in the same figures. $91k cost, $5k down, $2500 origination fee, 15k miles, 3 years and used a (Tesla supplied) residual value of 62%...
  9. GasDoc

    21" Grey Turbines. Wheels and Tires. "new" - No Longer Available

    21" Grey Turbines. Wheels and Tires. "new" I'm about to pull the trigger on an inventory P85 with 21" turbines. Personally, I prefer the 19" wheels. So I'd like to find out what I could get for this set. As it's an inventory car the tires will have been driven on but Tesla guarantees me...
  10. GasDoc

    Anyone bought a Model S and used their referral credit yet?

    I have four referrals and contemplating pulling the trigger on purchasing an inventory vehicle with a nice discount. Has anyone used their referral credit against a vehicle purchase yet? Wondering if they take off the credit and then calculate sales tax. If a car is $90k do they subtract the...
  11. GasDoc

    Dinner before Sept 29 Model X event?

    Any people interested in getting together for dinner before the Sept 29 event? Looks like I'm going to get a +1 opportunity. So I'm happy to organize a meal. There's a nice Halal Chinese place a few minutes from Fremont, near the Crown Plaza Hotel that the original "Teslive" meeting was held...
  12. GasDoc

    Star Trek and self driving cars

    This YouTube video has it all! Leonard Nimoy vs. Zack Quinto. Leonard Nimoy vs. Zachary Quinto - The Challenge - YouTube
  13. GasDoc

    Immaculate 2013 P85 Blue/Tan with Extras - No Longer Available

    Immaculate 2013 P85 Blue/Tan with Extras Well loved, Immaculate, P85 for sale, VIN 13605, 34xxx Miles Blue Exterior, Tan leather interior Obeche Gloss interior trim Tech Package Air Suspension All Glass Pano Sunroof Studio Sound System Matte Carbon fiber spoiler Premium Center...
  14. GasDoc

    Call for participants for the Hillsborough 2015 Memorial Day Parade

    I've organized a float consisting of a Red, White and Blue Model S to drive in Hillsborough's Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 25. Here's your chance to be in a Parade with the 2014 SF Giants World Series Trophy! The parade starts at 10:30am and will be followed by a Family Carnival and Music...
  15. GasDoc

    Issues with lightning connector in new center console

    Someone tried to shut my center console while my iPhone was in the dock and this damaged the lightning connector in the console. Luckily the phone was fine. It was pretty easy to disassemble the elements and remove the cable in question. When I received my center console it also came with a...
  16. GasDoc

    Can a retailer require you to purchase an Extended Warranty?

    I figured someone in this educated group might know the answer to this question... Yesterday, I went to purchase a receiver from the Sony Store at Stanford Shopping Center. The only unit they had was "open box". They said that they would give me a discount since it was opened but I was...
  17. GasDoc

    Volunteers for Hillsborough Memorial Day Parade and Carnival

    I've organized a float consisting of a Red, White and Blue Model S to drive in Hillsborough's Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 26. The parade starts at 10:30am and will be followed by a Family Carnival and Music Festival, including Food Trucks and Petting Zoo at North Hillsborough School. The...
  18. GasDoc

    Opti Coat on top of Paint Protective Film?

    I have an appointment to have Opti-Coat put on by Joe at Orinda Auto detail next week. Seems like a lot of northern California Model S owners have gone there. He says that I should have the Opti-Coat put on top of my existing paint protective film. My car has film applied by Premier Protective...
  19. GasDoc

    Looking for a red and white Model S for Memorial Day Parade

    I've got the blue covered but looking for a red and white Model as to participate in the Hillsborough Memorial Day Parade on May 26. Parade starts at 10:30
  20. GasDoc

    Charging in Los Banos?

    I've got to go there for two days of work on site and I don't see any really good charging options. I could do a range charge at Gilroy and spend about 25% of a charge getting there. Then I just have to hope that vampire drains and local driving leave me with 25% remaining to get back to Gilroy...
  21. GasDoc

    To de-chrome or not to de-chrome

    I have an appointment tomorrow at Vinyl Styles in San Carlos, CA to de-chrome my Model S and put a carbon fiber wrap on the nosecone. Now having some second thougths about looking "tricked out" Do people think that dechroming in flat brushed black gives the car an understated look? Thoughts?
  22. GasDoc

    DOCS---What specialty do you practice?

    I notice a lot of physicians here on TMC. What specialty do you practice? Obviously, I'm in anesthesia
  23. GasDoc

    Irresponsible reporting "Tesla Recalling Model S..."

    I can't believe the extent that journalists will go to to create an inflammatory headline. Tesla Recalling Model S for Charger Overheatinghttp://news.kron4.com/news/tesla-recalling-model-s-for-charger-overheating/ hmmm...I can't spell and can't edit the thread title...Mods, can you fix?
  24. GasDoc

    Seattle/SFO Tesla vacation swap?

    My wife and I are visiting Seattle 12/19-12/22. Unfortunately, the nature of the trip is to attend a memorial service. Wondering if any local owners would like to arrange a weekend swap. The next time you are in SFO, I'd loan you my P85 for an equal amount of time. My car is mint, no dings or...
  25. GasDoc

    Awesome marketing video from Salesforce.com starring the Model S

    Saw this at Marc Benioff's Dreamforce 2013 keynote. Loved it! I want the Warp drive update. Will is be in 6.0?
  26. GasDoc

    Model S centerpiece in amazing ad!

    I'm at the Salesforce.com Dreamforce conference and the Model S was the focal point of the ad they showed for their Salesforce 1 advertisement. An awesome piece. I'm going to try to find a link. It's probably in the keynote stream at Salesforce.com EDIT (11/22): Found the link and posted it...
  27. GasDoc

    Painting Brake Calipers in the SF Bay Area

    Has anyone had their calipers painted in the Bay Area? Topline Auto in Burlingame quoted me $500 and said they would need the car for 2-3 days. Sounds Reasonable.
  28. GasDoc

    How about a moderated "accidents" thread?

    There have been attempts at "Model S Crash" threads before but they seem to go off topic or get taken over by discussion of one accident over all others. How about a moderated thread where each post is devoted to a single accident edited by the OP with pics, details and resolution? It'd be a...
  29. GasDoc

    What is this sound? (video link)

    Sometimes when I open the door to get into my Model S, I hear these three "ding" sounds. I'm pretty sure that nothing has happened to my car while unattended. It happens in my garage at home occasionally, so the alarm hasn't gone off. They are different from the alert noises made when both...
  30. GasDoc

    When your airbags go off...

    Here are pics of the fuse to reset: The "Pyro" fuse is located on the fuse tray directly over the 12 volt battery in the upper right corner of the Frunk. In these photos, it's the fuse with the blue square on it. The blue thing is supposed to pop up and you can reset it by pushing it back...
  31. GasDoc

    Anyone know how to remove the cup holders?

    I have an opportunity to transfer the cup holders (with clinchers) from my salvage Model S (P4768) to my daily driver (P13605). Has anyone done a teardown of the armrest console? If so, how easy is it to move the cup holders?
  32. GasDoc

    I should have learned my lesson from AAPL

    If you like a company, spend as much to purchase the stock as you do their products! Those $2k laptops in the late 90's would be multi-100 baggers by now!
  33. GasDoc

    Model S 60kwh--Salvage Title--For Sale

    Edited 7/23: Sale Pending 9/3: SOLD!!! ------------------------------- I purchased this Model S from my insurance company after my accident. It will have a California Salvage Title. The car sustained a glancing blow to the front which damaged the front fender, frunk cover, reinforced bumper...
  34. GasDoc

    Superchargers at Tesla Stores and Service Centers?

    I read a post about the Las Vegas service center stating that they were going to have a Supercharging station. Today I came across the not yet opened Tesla Store and Service Center in Burlingame, California (very close to SFO); about 3 miles from my home. In front were four HPWC's and a fifth...
  35. GasDoc

    Burlingame Tesla Store and Service Center

    I saw an unmistakable logo while driving on southbound 101 just prior to the Broadway Exit. Living just 3 miles away, I went exploring this afternoon and found the Store/Service Center not yet open for business. There were 4 HPWC's installed but not yet energized. Also a 5th bay with more...
  36. GasDoc

    Dinner across from the hotel now

    A bunch of us are at Darda Seafood Restaurant across from the hotel. Outstanding halal Chinese food! Darda Seafood Restaurant - Milpitas, CA
  37. GasDoc

    At the Crowne Plaza

    Just arrived. There is good Chinese food in the mall across the street. Non-Californians should check out the 99 Ranch Market for all kinds of random Asian goodies. My mom took me to the Darda Seafood Restaurant here. They have halal Chinese food! Great lamb. Lets get a group together and...
  38. GasDoc

    A comparison of the two Model S I've owned

    I had an accident in late May, after driving my 60kwh model S for 3 months. Yesterday, July 8, I picked up a replacement Performance 85 after learning that my car was going to be a total loss. I'm not going to compare the two different configurations, the 85P is obviously faster and has...
  39. GasDoc

    Picked up my replacement car yesterday

    I picked up my P85 yesterday. Short of walking into a showroom and buying a loaner, it may have been the fastest Model S transaction ever. I think they must have taken pity on me. I got the word last week that my 60kWh Model S was going to be declared a total loss after my accident on 5/25...
  40. GasDoc

    Is the list of exhibitors available?

    I'm wondering what exhibitors will be there. I know that there was talk about car wash. Will there be any detailers there for full details and paint correction?
  41. GasDoc

    Bringing your Model S with Paint Armor to Teslive?

    If you are coming to Teslive from the Bay Area, can you let me know if I can check out your paint armor install? I'm particularly interested in XPEL installs. I had a beautiful wrap done by Premiere in Fremont but it was very expensive. I'm picking up a new Model S on monday and plan to get it...
  42. GasDoc

    My car is a "total loss" Anyone interested in salvage?

    I have (had) a 60kwh Model S which has been declared a "Total Loss". Damage was to the bumper, nosecone and Frunk. There is some damage to the battery casing as well. All the systems and workings in the Frunk seem to be fine. The battery booted up OK on the bench and had 62% charge (down from...
  43. GasDoc

    How long have you waited for repairs?

    I wanted to get a feel on how long people are waiting for repairs and if getting parts is a bottleneck? I was broadsided over a month ago and they are still waiting for parts before they can begin to put my car back together. On the teslamotors website, I found a person who had an accident in...
  44. GasDoc

    How much is my 60kWh Model S worth?

    Not for sale...yet...but thinking about it. 60kWh Model S 5500 miles Blue Metallic with Tan leather interior, Obeche gloss interior: Options: Pano Sunroof, Tech Package, Air Suspension, Supercharging Paint protective film on front fenders and mirrors. Car has been in an accident--currently at...
  45. GasDoc

    How can I use a NEMA 10-50 at a Bed and Breakfast

    I found out that the B&B I want to stay at for an upcoming wedding has a NEMA 10-50 on a 30amp breaker. Can I buy/build an adapter to plug a NEMA 14-50 into this? I'll dial my charging down to 30amps. Here is a picture:
  46. GasDoc

    Accommodations with charging in Sonoma/Calistoga?

    I'm driving a 60kWH Model S from the SF Peninsula to Calistoga for a wedding in August. Can people recommend a nice place to stay that has charging? Pricey is OK, but I'd like to avoid outrageous.
  47. GasDoc

    Rebuilding after my accident

    Finally some good news! Parts for my Car are supposed to arrive on June 19. The accident was May 25. Can you tell that I cleaned my car the afternoon before it was hit? With some luck, I'll be able to take my car to Teslive--It'll be tight though. After the bodywork is done, the car has to go...
  48. GasDoc

    Business Opportunity for Model S rental by week or month?

    So I'm missing my Model S --A LOT-- while it's in the shop. I figure I can't be the only one. Do people think there is a business in peer to peer Model S rental on a weekly+ basis just to other South Bay Area Model S owners? I see about 10 cars inside Chilton Auto Body in San Carlos. If...
  49. GasDoc

    Battery care during prolonged body shop stay

    My car was involved in an accident and the airbags deployed. I'm told that airbag deployment causes a fuse to blow that isolates the main battery from the other systems. At the time of the accident, I had about 2/3 charge. If it's going to take a month or two to get parts and get my car up and...
  50. GasDoc

    What the Model S does after it detects that it's been in an accident

    So my car was involved in an accident on Friday and I had airbag deployment. I spoke to the service people in Menlo Park yesterday and they informed me that when the airbags deploy a fuse is blown which isolates the 12 volt battery from the main battery. The lights and console are driven off the...