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  1. ceekz

    Missing my ICE car. . .

    I'm currently parking my Model 3 in the garage with a 1974 VW Thing. Driving the VW is like sitting on a couch and going down the road with no radio, roll-down windows, airbags, you name it. Fun for an occasional change-up, but I wouldn't like to do it every day, and certainly not for a long...
  2. ceekz

    Where are the Tesla carriers headed?

    traveling NB on I-5 on Monday, we saw an armada of SB transports. End of quarter rush to fill orders? I imagine that some NB transports might be simply to move inventory to meet demand in other areas. I'm having a hard time picking out any Model Ys out of what looks like a bunch of Model 3s...
  3. ceekz

    MASTER THREAD: Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Factory FSD, took delivery in Sept 2018. I scheduled the HW3 install two weeks ago and received a mobile service confirmation for this Friday. I've received a couple of notifications that parts have been ordered, so it looks like things are moving forward. Will report back on Friday to update!
  4. ceekz

    Rear Drive Unit Failed

    Note that I have a dual motor, and when the rear drive unit failed, the car was not driveable.
  5. ceekz

    Rear Drive Unit Failed

    Sorry for the late response, I've been off the board for a bit. Yes, the SC replaced the drive unit (in the shop for 2 days), and I've not had another issue since.
  6. ceekz

    My "No Spare Tire" Kit

    oooh, nice jack adapter there!
  7. ceekz

    Any ideas how to retrieve... (don't laugh)

    I just read all four pages hoping to find out how this was resolved. Update, please! And thank heavens it wasn't a piece of cheese or something destined to get furry and stinky over time...
  8. ceekz

    Post your best Tesla camper & explorer pics...Go!

    Couldn't convince my husband to sleep in the car, possible due to the panoramic views (both from the inside and out), but here is our first tent camp site with our Westie friend:
  9. ceekz

    How to turn off the automatic navigation to work and home?

    Just goes to show there is no such thing as a dumb question. I learned a lot about how people use nav, even on a daily commute, and can imagine how the feature can be used in the future.
  10. ceekz

    How to turn off the automatic navigation to work and home?

    And why would it default to an option like that?
  11. ceekz

    How to turn off the automatic navigation to work and home?

    Thank you! Way more helpful that telling me to read the release notes, which I did and must have missed something important since that note came right after the power increase one.
  12. ceekz

    How to turn off the automatic navigation to work and home?

    [Moderator note: thread title changed to more accurately describe the thread topic] Since the last update (to 36.2.1), my car is set to navigate to my home as soon as I engage it for driving. Unless I'm AT home, then it navigates to my office. I've checked the settings and don't see any...
  13. ceekz

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Hmmm, you do know that he never showed up, right?
  14. ceekz

    Model 3 "Car needs service, Car May not Restart"

    My car was in the shop two days- it is a quick job if they have the drive unit in stock. The tech said the rear seat is removed and the unit is easily accessed. It would have taken longer to replace the battery pack because it would have shipped from Reno.
  15. ceekz

    Model 3 "Car needs service, Car May not Restart"

    I had no choice. The car was towed to the SC where they diagnosed the issue and replaced the unit. Technician said the rear drive unit shares the same circuit as the battery pack, so a problem with either one would pop the same error code. My issue did not involve the 12v battery issue...
  16. ceekz

    Who sings those Caraoke songs?

    I suggest that you avoid "Bohemian Rhapsody" if you are trying to teach reading skills. Case in point: Scattamooch.
  17. ceekz

    Model 3 "Car needs service, Car May not Restart"

    This happened to me as well. It could have been the actual drive unit, or a bad circuit tripping an error code. Either way, Tesla replaced the rear drive unit. Now that is worth the transportation for Cleveland at any rate!
  18. ceekz

    No more outage anxiety

    @GenSao, I agree. I'd like to see more functionality added to the app. I did not know until after the install that the PWs couldn't be charged from the grid. Right now it is app rodeo (with both me and my husband making changes) to figure out how to optimize the charging of the PW with solar...
  19. ceekz

    No more outage anxiety

    So, the only way to tap into solar power during an outage is to utilize battery storage... it made me a little nuts when we had our solar installed a few years back and I learned that power to the meter from the grid is required to use solar power. Last year, we made the decision to increase...
  20. ceekz

    Road trip planning tools [ABetterRoutePlanner and EV Trip Optimizer]

    You can find a ton of good advice on TMC by searching road trips. I've taken a couple over that involve 10 hours or more of driving in a day and I agree, the Tesla trip planner is more likely to suggest charging stops when the battery is too low for my comfort! Especially if you drive faster...
  21. ceekz

    Myth: AWD able to drive if one motor fails?

    My car was undrivable when I lost the rear drive unit. I just had parked in the garage and received an error message "Car May Not Restart" and it did not. Called the online service and the rep said it was the battery pack, but apparent the battery shares the same circuit as the rear drive...
  22. ceekz

    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    V10 download just in time to celebrate my first year as a Model 3 owner! (Delivery on 9/30- barely made it into the 3rd quarter sales data in 2018.) Spent the first 20 minutes testing out the Caraoke, then headed down the block to a nearly empty parking lot to try out Smart Summon. Some...
  23. ceekz

    Turn signal behavior

    Definitely a sticky part, and known issue. Mine was replaced the first time I came in to the SC for service.
  24. ceekz

    America's Tire says 19" factory tires underrated for vehicle

    It is just another chapter in the ongoing drama that started with accepting delivery of a car that wasn't QUITE what I ordered on the last day of the 3rd quarter last year. I think the rep could have looked up the tire rating to confirm that they meet the Model 3 requirements, but in the end...
  25. ceekz

    America's Tire says 19" factory tires underrated for vehicle

    A sloping driveway precludes it.
  26. ceekz

    How many speakers are in the front of the original audio upgraded Model 3?

    The perfect answer. Just one more example of what to love about the TMC community!
  27. ceekz

    America's Tire says 19" factory tires underrated for vehicle

    Another big score for Tesla's service center. After my failure with America's tire, they scheduled a complimentary rotation for me and I took my car in to Rocklin yesterday. Not only did they rotate my tires, they had the replacement door pillar sticker to install so now the information on the...
  28. ceekz

    America's Tire says 19" factory tires underrated for vehicle

    I called Tesla Roadside Assistance, selected the option for service (non-emergency). The rep put me through to what I believe is my local SC. The replacement sticker has been ordered. The tire tech didn't even try to sell me a new set of tires- I have only 13,000 miles on these. He just said...
  29. ceekz

    White dot on my avatar, what is it?

    Because people like me (and apparently you!) won't let it die a natural death?
  30. ceekz

    America's Tire says 19" factory tires underrated for vehicle

    America's Tires refused to rotate my wheels today. They said they are unable to service the car because the 19" tires are underrated for the car. Long story short- I took delivery on Sept 30, 2018. I ordered the car with 19" wheels, but due to a delivery mishap (one of many) my car was still...
  31. ceekz

    White dot on my avatar, what is it?

    The penicillin did NOT work, in case you are wondering. If it was intended to be an indicator, it is way too obscure.
  32. ceekz

    White dot on my avatar, what is it?

    Seriously??? That does not look like a reflection to me... especially at night or in a garage! I find it more of a distraction than anything. If Tesla were attempting to look realistic, I suggest the software folks focus on the dancing car images, especially for crossing traffic! Thanks for...
  33. ceekz

    White dot on my avatar, what is it?

    Here's a screen shot with my Model 3 is stopped, but not yet in park. Anyone know the purpose of the white dot on the rear window? It disappears when the car is shifted into park.
  34. ceekz

    If I accidentally switch to neutral while driving, can I switch back to drive?

    It is the pedal you press to pursue excellence, of course.
  35. ceekz

    Anyone been seeing an increase in Loading Errors with streaming?

    Yes! More in the past month than the previous 9 months, and it doesn't coincide with any software updates. I lost my FM tuning, and a software reboot (pressing both thumbwheels) restored it.
  36. ceekz

    AM/FM streaming issue?

    Honestly, I don't know if the Model 3 has an AM option. I've never looked for it.
  37. ceekz

    Help! My wife is stealing my 3P+

    I let my husband ride in my Model 3. Sometimes I even let him drive it.
  38. ceekz

    AM/FM streaming issue?

    Confirmed that the software reboot (both thumbwheels pressed until the screen goes dark) worked! Funny that the hard reboot (thumbwheels with brake engaged until the Tesla symbol reappears) did not.
  39. ceekz

    AM/FM streaming issue?

    I don't listen to any AM stations, but tune to an FM talk show.
  40. ceekz

    AM/FM streaming issue?

    Correct, it is the "radio" setting, not streaming. I can't tune to any station on radio mode. If I switch to streaming and pick the "talk and news" genre, it only shows the ABC News option. Sounds like I need to make a call to the service people as it may not be a widespread issue.
  41. ceekz

    AM/FM streaming issue?

    Gotta have my CapRadio NPR in the morning... but for the past week or so, the FM streaming doesn't load, just an image of that forever spinning icon. Slacker radio stations operate like usual. It didn't coincide with a software update, either. I tried a hard system reboot since it had been a...
  42. ceekz

    Why I stopped displaying remaining miles

    I've always thought it was odd that it would start with displaying the range in miles, and then switch to percent of battery. Didn't realize it was an option to switch in the display. Thanks for the heads up! I wonder what the thought process was behind the original design when it was...
  43. ceekz

    Getting too used to Autopilot

    I don't drive often on AP for my normal (short) commute, but use it for longer drives. I wish for an option to change the color of the screen to indicate when AP is engaged. It certainly would not hurt to have a highly visible reminder that it is engaged, but only as an option for people who...
  44. ceekz

    What Model 3 accessories do you guys recommend?

    It has been nearly a year since I purchased it, but I'm reasonably sure it is an Abstract Ocean product. I was more interested in anti-fingerprints than the matte finish, which I understand can make the images less sharp. They list all 3 options as compatible with polarized sunglasses...
  45. ceekz

    What battery percentage to charge to on trips?

    Does the nav calculate based on what the charging is set to on the car itself? If not, how do you adjust it? My feeling is that the nav will set charging to the lowest level that will allow you to reach your destination with the fewest stops.
  46. ceekz

    What Model 3 accessories do you guys recommend?

    When I first took delivery, I thought I might be constantly shopping for accessories Thankfully, I found a few key upgrades and have been pretty happy with this (relatively) short list: Screen protector (one that works with polarized sunglasses) matte black console wrap Tesla all-weather floor...
  47. ceekz

    What battery percentage to charge to on trips?

    Yes but I'd like to know BEFORE the warning if I should just charge longer to avoid slowing down. Or does slowing down save me enough time where I should do that instead of charging longer?
  48. ceekz

    "Car May Not Restart" service message, no kidding

    I guess it helped that I'm about 90 miles from the Fremont factory, but the drive train replacement was done in 2 days, less than it would have been for a battery pack to ship from Nevada. Interesting that your failure was intermittent, and mine gave me zero warning. I still don't know (and...
  49. ceekz

    What battery percentage to charge to on trips?

    I agree! And you can't switch to a different SC within the app if you want to stop sooner and have it automatically recalculate. Someone with a bigger, fatter brain than mine needs to write a program to compare the charging time vs speed to figure out how to optimize the variables when you...