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    PMAC vs induction motor for model 3

    Strikes me the better question is "Which is more likely: that a Tesla employee wrote this form but can't spell PERMANENT, or that this was filled in by someone at the EPA and they wrote the wrong thing?"
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    Change to fusing/supply for 12V outlet?

    A UK Facelift Model S owner is reporting that on his facelift S the center 12V outlet is connected to the same circuit as the OBD-II permanent supply, and has only a 5A fuse (he keeps blowing the fuse every time he tries to use a tire compressor). The pre-facelift car has a 15A circuit for the...
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    Anyone have an AP2 Model X in production?

    There's one RHD Model X in the UK (demo car). It has AP2.
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    New Tesla AP 2.0 Self Driving video

    Actually legally you can only overtake a parked vehicle, pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle. Pedestrians don't count :)
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    4 vs 8 camera, rear-view and blind spot detection

    tbh I'm assuming that's just marketing spin designed to drive upsell of the full autonomy option. No reason to believe they will actually choose not to use the data from the 4 side cameras in order to give the best implementation of autopilot features like blind spot detect - that would just be...
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    8.0 Lost or Degraded Capabilities

    I assume the answer is that they need this for the Model 3 whose screen is smaller, and they're softening everyone up to it now. Totally agree though - it's beyond insulting that 4 years in the satnav is so lacking in basic features.
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    Firmware 8.0

    The download occurs BEFORE the notification. No connectivity is required during installation.
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    Software Update Today?

    Nothing to do with the SC wifi, but the car detects (by GPS) when it is physically near to a service centrer and notifies the mothership of this fact, so there is some anecdotal evidence that this might well increase the probability of a software update being triggered.
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    If 8.0 ships tomorrow everyone's next Tesla payment is on me!

    AFAIK the estimated install time given for updates is always the same, irrespective of whether it's a one-line bugfix or a whole new software release. It's 45 minutes on pre-AP cars, and 1h40m on AP cars. Also I need to pay £130k ($169k) for my XP100DL next month - I'm assuming the "next...
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    Idiot reviews 270mile P90DL, heroically runs it dead in 117 miles ...

    Am I missing something? There are no comments.
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    Idiot reviews 270mile P90DL, heroically runs it dead in 117 miles ...

    Well-written and generally very positive article where everything works out OK and the reviewer admits that nearly running out of charge was basically entirely his own fault and that he had to ignore warnings from the car to get into the situation he did. Nothing to see here... move along.
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    Firmware 8.0

    Members have been running polls about most requested software features on here for as long as I can remember (at least the last 3 years). I've never seen any evidence to suggest it has the slightest impact on what TM actually deliver. Unless anyone out there already has key memory, multi-stop...
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    Theory: Autopilot hardware upgradeability likely now a priority?

    ROTFLMAO. Of course they won't offer AP1.0 -> AP2.0 upgrades. That's what the trade-in program is for. Or have you not noticed that Model S sales figures aren't exactly soaring of late...
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    Battery Cooling

    Because keeping something cooled to within 100 degrees of ambient is much harder than keeping something cooled to within 1000 degrees of ambient.
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    Front Bumper Upgrade Offered

    Mostly because those are renders, not photos, which don't include lots of the practical stuff like the parking sensors or front radar.
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    Tesla Autopilot Commercial

    This is a fan video based on The voiceover isn't anything to do with Tesla.
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    Can an observer tell the state of charge of a Tesla when charging at a Supercharger?

    Ah that's interesting. Totally had not considered that. Very sneaky indeed.
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    Refreshed 90kwh packs are actually 100kwh [Speculation]

    It's certainly out of character (can't think of anything they've ever hinted at through their corporate FB page; usually it's twitter and usually it's elon's account) but anything's possible. Of course the better question is... "what does TWO underlines mean?!"
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    The Incredible Shrinking Frunk

    I'd be amazed if they retain the large frunk on the 70. Otherwise you have the crazy situation where the base model car has a feature that's not available on the rest of the range. Tesla have no interest in driving people towards the entry level model, so it makes perfect sense they'd ensure...
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    Doesn't charge at Home, From the mains or from a Supercharger... Any ideas?

    You beat me to it :) The other UK car I thought had confused itself and decided it was an S40 (it had charged up to 67% SOC and then stopped). But as with yours, once the owner drove it and the charge dropped down to 50% or so they found that it still wouldn't charge back up. The nonsensical...
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    Can an observer tell the state of charge of a Tesla when charging at a Supercharger?

    If you press down the charge port button on the connector (even on a locked car) then the car stops charging and the charge indicator light comes on. When you release the button charging restarts, and the charging lights stay on for 30s so you can see how fast they're flashing. The downside of...
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    "Secret Sauce" power upgrade coming - beyond Ludicrous

    Before In fact, without enabling max battery or launch mode. Anyway wk057 has already debunked the theory that Max power might be more than normal.
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    What does this do? (holding "T")

    I haven't tried, but I'd be surprised if this setting persisted through a park / power off / lock etc cycle. It would be really annoying when demoing cars if they were accidentally left in a reduced power model.
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    Pondering 100kWh and 120kWh batteries

    Last time I checked 2017 was only 8.5 months away. Personally I agree that we won't see a 100kWh pack this year.
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    Any information on 7.2

    And then after that maybe they could consider actually making the satnav system work properly?
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    What does this do? (holding "T")

    Hmm, actually maybe I retract that. Looking at people's photos it seems that it offers a list of the lesser performance variants relative to the car you're in, plus "Max" which presumably means the vehicle's full native power. So on mine it lists 70, 90, 70D, 90D, P90D (i.e. insane) and then...
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    What does this do? (holding "T")

    Works on my P90DL with latest firmware. The menu is a bit buggy (whenever you open the screen it defaults to 70, so to be sure you have chosen the right option you need to select something you don't want, and then re-select the thing you do). The difference is immediate and obvious when I...
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    "Secret Sauce" power upgrade coming - beyond Ludicrous

    So with the latest firmware various people have noted that if you have a PxxD you can press and hold the T, enter performance as the password, and a menu appears allowing you to get your car to emulate lower performance models. This is apparently used by sales centers to give test drives where...
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    2016 Model S Refresh Mega-thread

    But that was pretty obviously just bad phrasing. It meant that there were cupholders at the "rear" of the front console, i.e. rear in the sense of the bit that's furthest away from the driver, towards the front of the car. Just like the "rear" of my desk is the bit furthest away from me that I...
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    How many Kwh usable for driving are you getting on an 85 or 90 car? (I only get 75Kwh on my 90D)

    Yes. 77kWh is well-known to be the real accessible capacity of an 85kWh pack. The issue is that nobody seems to be able to beat that figure with a 90kWh pack! Does anyone have a video, or photo, or anything showing a 90kWh pack as having provided more than 77kWh of energy during a full discharge?
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    How many Kwh usable for driving are you getting on an 85 or 90 car? (I only get 75Kwh on my 90D)

    A lot of people seem to believe that the trip meter does not account for all energy demand. They're wrong. The trip meter measures all energy used while the "ignition" is on. It won't factor in overnight losses, or preheating, but once you're sitting in the car and travelling, it's counting...
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    How many Kwh usable for driving are you getting on an 85 or 90 car? (I only get 75Kwh on my 90D)

    Has this issue (the fact that 90kWh packs appear to have no more usable capacity then the 85s) been covered elsewhere? Would love a pointer to the thread - and sorry if my searching has been inept. To be totally clear I am not concerned about battery degradation over time the inaccuracies of...
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    Is doubling the amount of SC's going to be enough?

    Between now and end 2017 the number of Teslas (S and X) on the road is going to double, so doubling the number of SC bays is the bare minimum required to maintain the current ratio. Much more substantial scale increases (both number of sites, and number of bays per site) are required to support...
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    Fitting 19" wheels to my P85+ - is this possible?

    The staggered rears are taller than the fronts, (which means they're also taller than the 19s). So if you want the car to sit level the rear air suspension needs to be recalibrated otherwise the back of the car will be too low. And I believe the traction control also cares about rolling radius...
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    Auto Open Risk, Or is it just me?

    Actually he insists that at no point during that process was the moving garage door visible in his rear view mirror, wing mirrors, or reversing camera, up until the very last second when it was too late to stop. At the point that auto-open triggered he was already near enough to the garage that...
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    Auto lange change only works 30% of the time

    I was just assuming it was a bug / regression / cock up. It certainly wasn't an improvement for me!
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    Auto Open Risk, Or is it just me?

    Warning: sensitive viewers may find the following distressing: Yes I think auto-open / auto-close have some serious usability issues. I have a 2 channel door system (i.e. separate signals for open and close) so am immune to this sort of issue, but the way TM have implemented the feature I...
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    Auto lange change only works 30% of the time

    After installing the latest update on Friday I'd say that auto-lane change now only works about 50% of the time for me (in the UK). By which I mean I indicate, hold the wheel, wait for one of the blue liines on the instrument panel to go dotted and.... nothing. The change in behaviour is...
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    EU Summon - Option Yes/No "REQUIRE CONTINUOUS PRESS" unavailable

    the release notes have obviously been cobbled together, as usual, with US screenshots. I'm sure we'll get the additional options soon enough. Patience :-)
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    Real-world range anxiety - first experience!

    I set the car in % mode and assume 1% = 2 miles. If you ask Tesla (or join the Tesla UK Owners Group on Facebook) they will give you the access code to use the service road at Keele where you can cross from the Northbound to Southbound sides. It's pretty easy (but you have to pay attention...
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    AutoPilot needs to look 2 cars ahead

    The same way humans do it (i.e. a mixture of looking through the glass and looking around the sides of the car in front).
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    Minor Summon Crash

    Erm. No :-( Give us a hint?
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    -20C : Our Tesla will not charge

    Sounds like a stuck relay/contactor/etc between the charge port and charger modules (i.e. the component that switches the connections when going between AC and DC charging). The master charger is getting the pilot signal from the charge port, but no actual power.
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    Summon Changing to Smartphone Only (According to Consumer Reports)

    Actually they previously removed the facility to wind down all the windows by pushing and holding the roof buttton, because people were accidentally actuating it while the fob was in their pocket and cars were getting rained into. Good point! Given that the previous push-and-hold-roof option...
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    new update of "remote S for tesla" allows summons while you are not near car?

    I thought upthread someone had said that activating the remote start function through the app removed the need for the key to be near to the car. In any case if gun manufacturers are not liable when you shoot people with their guns, and Tesla are not liable when you hit&run people with their...
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    Tesla Quietly Discontinues the 85 kWh Battery Option in Canada

    UK reservation holders for 85kWh cars are receiving calls from Tesla inside sales telling them that the 85kWh battery is going end of life, and asking if they'd like to upgrade to 90. It's an optional upgrade though; their orders will be honoured as is if they wish to stick with 85.
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    new update of "remote S for tesla" allows summons while you are not near car?

    Actually the scary case is when your car is at a bodyshop with someone working under it.
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    Our surprising (to us) decision to go with 6 seats instead of 7...

    My situation is that as a Model S owner with the third row option I already have a car that can take 7 people as long as they're the right mix of sizes. The times when the S frustrates us is when we have 6 or 7 adults to transport, and that's the time that the X would shine... but only if all...
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    The Tesla-approved body shop turned off mobile app access

    Not at all surprised that remote access is turned off during maintenance. I've experienced the same thing (though not on all occasions). If it's an authorised repairer my bet is that Tesla advise this. The summon example would be particularly scary.