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    Protecting Your Tesla From Theft

    I watched and read it, and they are stealing hundreds of cars, not just Teslas. It highlighted one Tesla theft ring, but most were not Teslas. I have used PIN-to-Drive for years because someone was cloning keyfobs and other ways to steal them. It isn't inconvenient once you get used to it. A...
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    Tesla NHTA recall 2023.44.30.14

    Installed fine on mine Saturday with no odd issues.
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    State Inspection in MA

    This was an issue 5 years ago, but every place I go to now, either for inspection or tires, I offer but they always say they have them now. I did think they inspected the front end though. They did put mine on a lift. Had it inspected last month.
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    2018 Model X 75D (69k miles) vs. 100D (90k miles).

    I am very happy with the range, even with a degraded battery, of my 2018 MX 100D. Range around town is still excellent, as I use the regen braking a lot. Highway range is 200-250, at 75mph depending on terrain and traffic. That's usually about 3-3.5 hours, which is a good stopping point for me...
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    Why Does My Model X get so many Flat Tires?

    6 years and 72,000 miles and only one flat which was fixed for free at a local tire shop. Discount Tire is the way to go. I have made a few cross country trips as well as too many to count from MA to FL.
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    MXLR 1000 mile trip impression

    Thanks for this info. Sounds great. We took several long trips with our 2018 MX, one from Orlando to San Francisco and back, and never get those numbers because of the different motors. I would love to get a newer MX but it may be a few more years. I have not had any major issues with my MX, and...
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    rusty brake rotors after washing car

    Yes, you can change the amount of regen in the regular settings. Sorry, not sure where on a MY as the MX is a little different.
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    Mass: ChargeSmart/National Grid Customers - Issues linking Tesla to ChargeSmart?

    Same as Tdreamer. I had to remove it, log out, then reclicked the link to reconnect and it worked.
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    Supercharger - Lowell, MA

    I stopped by yesterday and all is cleaned up, extra cabinet removed, etc. Looks like the only thing missing is the large green transformer from the electric company. The pad is poured and ready to go. I still find it odd that it is not on Telsa's map of current and future supercharger sites.
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    Model X fresh GPS not working

    That's probably a no cost change for the HW4 computer.
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    Supercharger - Lowell, MA

    Seems to be a long time since this was completed, but still no power. I wonder what the holdup is. It also doesn't seem to appear on the Tesla map.
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    Low voltage battery

    As others have stated, leave it plugged in, and if garaged I would leave the drivers window down enough to reach in and unlock if the 12v dies completely.
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    Charging Connectivity

    More information please. Vehicle model, year, etc. Are you using a Tesla home charger, mobile connector, 120v, 220v, 12a, 15a, etc. Have you tried a public charger such as a Chargepoint or potentially a free charger? I know there are several around the area of Virginia I am visiting.
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    Supercharger - Lowell, MA

    This site was a surprise to me! I happened to be driving by yesterday and saw this. I took the image today. All fencing down, everything looks pretty close to completion. Odd that I don't see it on the map on the Tesla site. Spare cabinet still sitting on ground in same spot.
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    S Plaid couldn’t pull on 16X P100D

    Doesn't mean he was at 100% throttle or anything other than standard.
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    How easy is it to buy a Model X in CA and register in TX?

    I bought my MX in MA but registered in FL. I only had to pay FL sales tax, not MA. I did this by getting the VIN, getting FL insurance, registering in FL, getting plates, and took the plates to the MA dealer who mounted the plate. That was 5 years ago. Seemed pretty easy to me. Contact DMV in Texas.
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    Is this normal?

    No, doesn't look right at all. I'm thousands of miles away from Mine Right Now so I can't send You any images but I'm sure Somebody Else Will.
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    Finally! Free Unlimited Super Charging FUSC can be transferred

    I have SC05 and Premium connectivity. I am sure you would lose that. I am hanging onto mine because of the free supercharging, although I can confirm I have saved at least $4,500 on electricity for my 68,000 miles because of this. The amount is probably a lot higher as that is compared to the...
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    SC gives me the shaft? Again?

    Actually $2,200 all said and done. Yes, very fuzzy logic. I was headed out of the country for 4 months and couldn't really argue the point. If the MCU1 had failed, it would have been covered, but because I paid, I think, $2k to upgrade, it wasn't covered. At least they replaced the 12V battery...
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    SC gives me the shaft? Again?

    I know how you feel. I paid to have mine upgraded from MCU1 to MCU2. My X is still under warranty, but when the new MCU2 failed (after more than a year) they said it wasn't covered under warranty because it wasn't included in the warranty because it was something I had changed. If the MCU1 would...
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    Tesla app won't unlock car

    Let's hope. I have a service call logged.
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    Tesla app won't unlock car

    My MCU2 was replaced in June. The car has been pretty much parked for the past 3 months. I am back now and the first thing I noticed was the Tesla app on my Android phone cannot unlock the car or open the Frunk or Trunk. I can remotely lock the car but then it doesn't respond to unlock. When I...
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    How to set the liftgate to fully open?

    So annoying. I am glad I came across your post on how to save this, but alas, doesn't work for me either.
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    What to do with my Model X if I need to travel to another country for 8 months?

    I leave mine for 3 months at a time. I have found that if I just leave it at 50%, it does use a little more electricity as there may be some overhead wattage used to warm battery and other overhead. I know this by the reports I get on how much kw is used, and how much is added to the battery. So...
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    Model x seat comfort

    I have a 2018 MX and would like more info. Is this also something that can be done to the front passenger seat?
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    Preparing to be towed with black screens

    When mine was in this boat, I couldn't even put it in N. It was backed into my garage. The tow operator did have skid pads he was able to get under the tires and was able to easily pull it our of the garage and onto the flatbed.
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    Both screens black and won’t reset (tried both two button and four button methods)

    Same thing happened to me a few months ago. Because I had PIN-To-Drive enabled, I had no way to enter the PIN so couldn't drive it. Towed to SC and the MCU2 had died. Even though the vehicle was still under warranty, they said since I had the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade installed, that upgrade was not...
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    ChargeSmartMA App/National Grid - rebate as long as you’re in MA??

    The charger at my son-in-laws office is free and I get a rebate from that during off peak hours.
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    ChargeSmartMA App/National Grid - rebate as long as you’re in MA??

    I can confirm I have been receiving rebates when not charging at home and thought it was weird. My daughter and son-in-law have had my car for the past three months, and they do not have NG. I have received rebates when they charge at home and at his work.
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    What to do with my Model X if I need to travel to another country for 8 months?

    I am out of the country for 4 months of the year. I normally leave it parked in my garage, plugged in. I have turned off everything that uses power such as Sentry Mode and Cabin Overheat protection. I have found charging it to 70%, then setting the charge to 50% and leaving it is just fine. When...
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    Faster supercharges killing AC on Model X

    I hope that's not the case. I mostly supercharge mine because of the trips. At least the replaced compressor should have a one year warranty. Keep us updated.
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    Had to pay for another Hardware 3.0 FSD computer after it was upgraded

    I had a similar issue with my MCU2 upgrade which happed a couple of years ago. It failed and neither screen worked. I took it in and even though the car was still under warranty I had to pay to have a new MCU2 installed. If I had an MCU1 that failed, it would have been covered, but because it...
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    2023 Model X Plaid - driver door

    I think it depends on whether the car has the Ultrasonic sensors or not. I believe they had dropped those from some production models and hoping to move to something using the cameras. I have read about it several times on these forums.
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    2019 tesla model x long range ESA

    Correct. They said it only had a 1 year warranty and I was at 2 or more years. I find it a lame excuse, since the MCU1 would have been covered, and the car was not drivable without it. It's not like it was a non-essential add-on. If my delivery was a month later in 2018, it would have had MCU2...
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    2019 tesla model x long range ESA

    I have it with my 2018 MX, and have had some work done under warranty with no issues. It also included a free towing to the service center with an MCU2 failure. Unfortunately they said it didn't cover the MCU2 as the car was shipped with MCU1 and I upgraded to MCU2. Only covers what was shipped...
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    Merry Christmas! 2020 Model X DEAD .... Tried Lots of things, but maybe not all, any help

    Same thing happened a couple of weeks ago to my 2018 MX. It is currently in the shop and supposedly the MCU2, and since it is out of warranty it is costing me more than $2000 to fix. Tesla couldn't see mine either. I am wondering how they were to do something OTA to yours if they couldn't see...
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    2017 MX has Black screen reboots not working!

    I had already planned on getting XCARE when my extended runs out, but may be checking to see if I can get it now just to cover things Tesla won't.
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    2017 MX has Black screen reboots not working!

    Here's an update on mine. Not too happy. This is going to cost me $2,276.50 out of pocket. That's $1,800 parts, plus labor plus tax. I have the Tesla Extended warranty purchased when the car was new in 2018. However when the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade was offered, I upgraded. Here's Tesla's...
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    2017 MX has Black screen reboots not working!

    Mine was towed by Tesla Roadside assistance to the service center. They may not get to it until Wednesday. Mine seems a little different than yours. I could tell the car was powering on when I pressed on the brake, but I have PIN to drive, so no way of entering the PIN. Mine was not...
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    2017 MX has Black screen reboots not working!

    2018 MX 100D - This happened to me today. I hadn't driven it since a software update 7 days ago. Luckily the car was unlocked in the garage. However the key fob works great, opening the hood and trunk. My monitor shows 12v battery level at 14.4v. Lights work. Doesn't go into drive, maybe because...
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    Blind spot camera/preconditioning supercharging not available after 2021 holiday update

    Yes. Did it a few weeks ago when it was still cool outside, in the 50's. Now that it is in the upper 60's and 70's the power gauge does not indicate cold battery and of course the Preconditioning message doesn't come on.
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    tow hitch only has a max of 120 pounds? How to tow 2 ebikes??

    Wow, you are daring, and looks like very skilled at backing into chargers as I am sure your rear camera is blocked.. Good job.
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    Model X Automatic doors exclude home on MCU2

    I have a 2018 MX with MCU2 and have disabled the auto doors for my home as they were opening every time I walked past the car in the garage. Still works good when I am out at different locations.
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    How bad are Falcon Wing doors?

    5 years, 67,000 miles, use them a lot. Never any issues or alignment problems.
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    50k miles on brake pads?

    That's about what I am expecting and what I was told when I bought mine
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    50k miles on brake pads?

    I have over 66,000 miles on mine and not a problem. Last inspection they were still good. I also drive 90% on autopilot and FSD, but I disengage it a lot in stop and go traffic. That's because the older models use the brakes more than regen because of the difference in the motors in the later...
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    After the last update?

    It helps if you provide the information about your X, year, model, and software version. I received v11 update a couple of weeks ago on my 2018 MX. Software 2022.45.15 with V11 FSD beta. I am not having the same issues with FSD, it does not disengage. It seems to not react as well as before with...
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    Long Range Plus or Performance X

    Because of the 22" wheels and rear motor and a few other components.
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    My MX went from 18 miles to 1 miles after parking?

    I've had similar. I think this is normal once the charge level gets low. The batteries and the management system probably balanced out and resulted in the lower level. Once I stopped for breakfast at around 6-7% about a mile from the charger, and when I got back in it had dropped to 1%, but was...
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    FSD Anomaly leaving/entering highways

    When posting about FSD it helps to mention the version you are on. Most are still on V10, but V11 started rolling out over the past 2 weeks or so. Even if you received it today, there's no guarantee you would be at V11. For your questions, sounds about right. When I am first at a light I...