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  1. IslandHydro

    Anyone want to take a stab at diagnosis? Screens blank, no blinkers, no high beams, but "all else" works...

    Happened a few times to my 2015 p85d shortly after the MCU2 upgrade. Dual button reboot fixed it each time. Hasn't happened in the last few months so I'm hoping it's something that has been addressed through a software update.
  2. IslandHydro

    Pushing the Plaid to its Design Limits?

    I suspect it does....
  3. IslandHydro

    Air Bubbles in Instrument Cluster

    Not only do you get new displays, but the computers behind the displays are also upgraded leading to much better responsiveness!
  4. IslandHydro

    2018 Model S 75D - are these good?

    I've got a 2015 p85d, battery and motor warranty is about to expire (november). I've been contemplating this, and have come to the conclusion that I still love the car, and it's in great shape. I'm keeping it, and banking some cash for future expenses, which will without doubt be way less than...
  5. IslandHydro

    CPO w/ SC01

    My understanding is that if Tesla ends up owning a car w/ SCO1, they pull it off. If it never was owned (beyond initial manufacture) by Tesla, it stays.
  6. IslandHydro

    Advice/Recommendations First Time Owner Used Model S P100D 2016

    No question, do the MCU upgrade, it's well worth the $!
  7. IslandHydro

    Air Bubbles in Instrument Cluster

    I've heard that there is a thick liquid that can leak out and make a mess below the screen that can be difficult to clean up. Perhaps someone who has had it happen can chime in. I had my screens updated, cost 1800, very worth it because not only are the screens nicer, the computers are better...
  8. IslandHydro

    Goodbye all; Good riddance Tesla

    I have to say I have the same vintage MS, and my experience has not been at all similar. Hope you find something you like better....
  9. IslandHydro

    Owners whom choose to go without any warranty, please chime in...

    Bought my 2015 P85D 4 years ago, from Tesla, with a 4 year warranty (in addition to the remainder of the 8 year Battery & DU warranty). My 4 year warranty just ran out, and the 8 year Bat & DU runs out in November. Did a fair amount of thinking on this, mostly on whether or not to trade it in...
  10. IslandHydro

    Potentially 1st Tesla

    Quote: "I'm very nervous that even after getting into my first one (barely), I'd be hit with a motor or battery failure or HUGE repair that I simply can't afford". I think you've answered your own question. My advice would be that if you need a car at this point, buy something cheap and take...
  11. IslandHydro

    No listenable music/audio in my car

    Yay! I also just installed and it appears (after a very short test) to be fixed! :cool: :)
  12. IslandHydro

    2018 Model S 75D - are these good?

    And I leave mine in insane mode! 😁
  13. IslandHydro

    Used 2016 P90D - good deal?

    That's good to know, thanks!
  14. IslandHydro

    Used 2016 P90D - good deal?

    I wonder if it was a nosecone and he bought one of the after market psuedo facelift bumpers?
  15. IslandHydro

    2018 Model S 75D - are these good?

    So the problem your facing is that it's an expensive car that is going (gone?) off warranty. It could be just fine, but it also could end up being expensive. Potential large expenditures are battery and drive units, less expensive (but not trivial) are things like displays, suspension etc...
  16. IslandHydro

    Got the infotainment upgrade yesterday

    Lots of videos on youtube, better than I could do :)
  17. IslandHydro

    Got the infotainment upgrade yesterday

    And it's just what I had hoped, and a bit more. The clarity of the screens is much improved, speed of map updates vastly better, workable internet browser, faster and better voice commands. What I hadn't expected was a significant improvement in quality for the sound system (I've got the UHFS...
  18. IslandHydro

    Is this fixable?

    The fact that it vaporized the rodent should be warning enough! 😆
  19. IslandHydro

    Model S lowers itself after park? How long it takes to get a lower bumper?

    I had this happen when backed in, pulled the lower rear facia off....
  20. IslandHydro

    Any way of stopping SW update once it's started?

    According to Tesla: "You cannot cancel a software update once it has started the install phase."
  21. IslandHydro

    Help Please! 2015 P85D won't drive, isolation faults, replaced battery heater, still dead

    I thought you indicated somewhere in the above thread that you mileaged out of the DU/Bat warranty last October?
  22. IslandHydro

    Considering to purchase 2016 Model S 90D

  23. IslandHydro

    Considering to purchase 2016 Model S 90D

    I bought a 2015 (nov) P85D right at 4 years ago from Tesla, with a 4 year (which is about to expire) warranty (battery / motors warrantied until Nov). It's been a great car, very few problems all covered by Tesla (most by mobile which is nice since I live a fair distance from a TSC). With my...
  24. IslandHydro

    Severe traction issues on roads with ice/snow

    2015 P85D with all season radials; I find the MS to be excellent in snow and ice. I do still need to know how to drive on snow and ice, don't expect to be able to maintain any speed I want despite the conditions....
  25. IslandHydro

    Does Tesla lowball you to trade in your Tesla?

    Have to keep in mind the tax implications of either option
  26. IslandHydro

    Work done prior?

    I purchased my 2015 MS P85D (11/15 build) in April 2019 from Tesla (3 yr lease return, 27K mi, now has 60k). Came with a 4 yr warranty (in addition to what is remaining on the 8 year battery & drive train warranty. So in April 2023 my 4 year warranty will expire (time flies!), and in Nov 2023...
  27. IslandHydro

    IRO DashCam - Model S AP2 unboxing

    It's actually just about invisible, replaces an existing cap on the mirror and doesn't look at all like a dash cam
  28. IslandHydro

    Louver question

    No answer for you, but curious how you access that information (louvers settings)?
  29. IslandHydro

    Finally took a big gulp out of the Kool Aid

    In defense of the S (also having come from an S4 (mine had the V8) ) the S4 is quite a bit smaller, so I would expect it to feel a good bit more nimble than the S.
  30. IslandHydro

    2021 Refreshed Model S - steering wheel yolk material peeling off?

    Especially as much beef as we eat, probably have a lot of cowhide as a byproduct, use it or throw it away...
  31. IslandHydro

    The Last S40?

    Perhaps the fact that you didn't unlock the 60 resulted in the 40 lasting much longer!
  32. IslandHydro

    New style Door handle broke after 3 months, Seems to be a calibration issue?

    Moral of the story, don't pressure wash the door handles!
  33. IslandHydro

    Paint colors

    Well it's a wrap, but I think you could find a similar paint
  34. IslandHydro

    Sound system all off

    It's a computer, have you tried turning it off and on again?
  35. IslandHydro

    Three out of four 21" turbine rims cracked within a couple of months

    I specifically got 19's instead of 21's (even though the 21's look better) because of this issue
  36. IslandHydro

    5000 km road trip - Vancouver (BC) to San Diego round trip

    Yep, me too. I did also put some time into planning before departure.
  37. IslandHydro

    PTFE Seal (Large drive unit)

    Cant buy it from Tesla?
  38. IslandHydro

    New Front End Look for her 2015 S model.

    When I wrapped my 2015, I wrapped the nosecone too, hard to tell in this picture as the green is so dark it almost appears black in some lighting.
  39. IslandHydro

    Please help me choose

  40. IslandHydro

    Clicking sound interior

    Does a 22 model S have any type of auto/assisted open/close on the console?
  41. IslandHydro

    Will not charge past 50 miles

    What are you using to view battery module status?
  42. IslandHydro

    10+ minutes to start my "old" tesla is just an inconvenience b/c I chose to do the eMMC recall and install firmware updates

    I had several errors on my 2015 P85D after eMMC replacement. Had to bring the car back in. They replaced the eMMC board (apparently the one they put in was bad). All is fine now. Overall I've had relatively few problems w/ my car (~60K mi) and when I have had problems, I have had good...
  43. IslandHydro

    Urgently need Chademo adapter for Ukraine

    Quite a few on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311&_nkw=tesla+chademo+adapter&_sacat=0
  44. IslandHydro

    Used Rim Prices

    I've been very happy with my 19" TSportline TSS Wheels, the look of arachnids w/out 21".
  45. IslandHydro

    2015 Model S Voice Command Button

    Have your rebooted the displays (AKA have you tried turning it off and on again)? The two displays boot separately, one by pressing and holding both scroll wheels on the steering wheel, the other by pressing and holding the upper buttons on the wheel.
  46. IslandHydro

    Tesla & Fire again, but.......

    Might be time to get a foam cannon!
  47. IslandHydro

    Front brakes shaking on CPO Model S 19K

    I think this can happen even on rotors that are otherwise in good shape. If the rotors got hot due to heavy use, then drove through some water, viola! warped rotors.
  48. IslandHydro

    Model S Used Price Check

    Comparing what you got for your car a year ago isn't a fair comparison for today's prices....
  49. IslandHydro

    Wrap on the nosecone?

    Finished! Went pretty well, my biggest problem being contamination (dust) getting under the wrap. Got better as it went and still have a good bit of wrap for fixing any issues that might arise. All in all I'm quite pleased!