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  1. davidc18

    2023 Model y LR - steering vibration at 65mph

    Lowering the pressure to 39 cold, all around helped. Tesla had them at 46 all around on delivery.
  2. davidc18

    2023 Model y LR - steering vibration at 65mph

    Same issue here. Going to get the front tires balanced at discount tires as a first step.
  3. davidc18

    Sturdiest magsafe phone dash holder you'll ever find

    One other thing to consider, we have this dash cap (Model 3 & Y Dashboard Cap (2 Piece) - Grey Alcantara ) from RPM tesla over our white dash. I suspect many others do as well. Would it be possible to adjust your front mounting point so that it would still work? I think you have a great product...
  4. davidc18

    Sturdiest magsafe phone dash holder you'll ever find

    are you planning on making a black version?
  5. davidc18

    SOLD - Model S - Tesla factory sun screens - full set, including rear

    I found the cases for these. Will look for a box and shipping cost today.
  6. davidc18

    SOLD - Model S - Tesla factory sun screens - full set, including rear

    Mine had opening sunroof so a two piece glass roof and then screen for hatch
  7. davidc18

    SOLD - Model S - Tesla factory sun screens - full set, including rear

    It had opening sunroof. So 2 pieces in roof and then the hatch window
  8. davidc18

    SOLD - Model S - Tesla factory sun screens - full set, including rear

    I will be home on Saturday and will get an exact shipping cost from fedex.
  9. davidc18

    F/S: Model S Tesla/WeatherTech all weather floor mats - full set

    Sold the car, kept the Tesla all weather mats. Local South Florida sale. Not sure how these would ship. PM with offer. I am near Ft. Lauderdale airport. Will meet for delivery.
  10. davidc18

    SOLD - Model S - Tesla factory sun screens - full set, including rear

    Like new, Tesla sun screens for Model S. Mine was 2014/15. Please check to ensure these will fit your Tesla. These are for Model S with opening sunroof. 2 pieces for the roof and one for the hatch. They were/are 120 and 80 new from Tesla. Looking for 100 plus actual shipping fedex. I have the...
  11. davidc18

    Model S Lower RH Active Louver assembly (NEW)

    I sold my 2015 P85D before I could install this. Brand new from Tesla. See pictures and bar code to make sure it will fit your MS. $125 shipped to lower US address.
  12. davidc18

    Anyone would be kind enough to recommend a swivel for the screen?

    Just installed the Tech Forum Atlas. Latest version. Not the plus. Solid and smooth operation. Highly recommend. They were on sale for 299.00 last week.
  13. davidc18

    MYLR / MYP - March Order Waiting Room

    Picked up the car on the 3rd. Drove straight to the Tint shop for front end wrap and all around window tint.
  14. davidc18

    MYLR / MYP - March Order Waiting Room

    Delivery Date May 03. If it actually shows up it will be about 5 weeks from ordering.
  15. davidc18

    MYLR / MYP - March Order Waiting Room

    Ordered 03/30 VIN assigned 04/16 Delivery Estimated 05/02-09 MYP: White/White 5 seat No Tow
  16. davidc18

    Out of this two 2016 P90 D, which one will you pick?

    218 is the best you can expect. the 90s had some steep battery losses. the biggest issue is max charging speed which you should check before you buy (if possible).
  17. davidc18

    Sell 2014 Model S before 8 Year warranty expires?

    Just sold my 2014 P85DL+ to Vroom. I was going to keep it but finally decided that the potential out of warranty costs were just to high. This was my 3rd Model S and I enjoyed them all. Next time I will lease if possible.
  18. davidc18

    New Model S owner - questions on Tesla estimate

    it seems reasonable to me. the cars are expensive to own out of warranty. best of luck.
  19. davidc18

    P90DL battery replacement thread.

    My P90DL was V2 and it was going south pretty quickly prior to the buyback.
  20. davidc18

    DIY UV Treatment for Yellowed MCU Screen

    It took about 14 hours total over 2 days. I moved the UV light to each of the corners. Yellowing seems to be gone for now. I am surprised it worked. The yellow banding was much worse in person but here are the before and after photos. I will take to Tesla if it comes back. This was worth the...
  21. davidc18

    DIY UV Treatment for Yellowed MCU Screen

    Going to give the DIY route a try. Will post photos. Amazon will deliver the UV light on Dec 2.
  22. davidc18

    Advice on buying a used high mileage P90D

    Enjoy the car!
  23. davidc18

    P90DL battery replacement thread.

    Not much hope of Tesla replacing a battery until it actually fails and then you are only promised to get a battery in "like" condition to yours prior to the failure. Tesla has not be replacing failed batteries with new ones for some time. Everyone I am aware of has been a refurb and they do not...
  24. davidc18

    P85DL 2014

    I have the identical car and am also watching. best of luck.
  25. davidc18

    How to change model s 12 volt battery

    On D models the swap is pretty easy. you just remove the frunk liner to access.
  26. davidc18

    P85 rear air spring module disassembly or exchange with newer version?

    I was never able to find just the shock. Tesla wants 900 each for replacements.
  27. davidc18

    P85D (pre/post April) ride performance

    I lowered mine just over 1" using these links: Tesla Model S Evolution Lowering Kit | Airmatic Lowering Links very easy DIY project.
  28. davidc18

    NEED HELP Tesla model S 2013

    As the OP is still a student I would strongly suggest finding out how much insurance is going to be, before buying any Tesla.
  29. davidc18

    NEED HELP Tesla model S 2013

    if you like the car and the price is right . . .
  30. davidc18

    What is 12v battery replacement cost

    about 165.00 if memory is correct
  31. davidc18

    Model S Aftermarket CV Axles - Success!

    with the torn cv boot I would expect the joint to be bad. you will have to get the entire axle. several places online to order them.
  32. davidc18

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Interesting that it was a lowing link. Glad it was an easy fix.
  33. davidc18

    Air Susp. Compressor comes on at startup after car sits overnight, but no drop in height.

    I picked up my parts from Rebuild Master Tech in Ft. Lauderdale. You can give them a call, their tech support answered all of my questions. Here is a link Rebuild Master Tech Air Suspension, Engine Parts & More... Keep us posted
  34. davidc18

    Think I found replacement lug nuts for the 21" wheels

    Swapped mine out years ago. Much better than stock.
  35. davidc18

    Power reduced may be restored on vehicle restart BMS errors w094 and u008?

    Good luck and have a great trip.
  36. davidc18

    Lifting Pucks

    +1 for Hockey Pucks. I keep 4 in the frunk.
  37. davidc18

    Painted my Headlights! DIY [Video] + lots of photos

    Looks great. I may have to do this if I keep my car. Thanks for sharing.
  38. davidc18

    Air suspension recalibration

    I had to rebuild both of my rears. I never got an suspension warnings. It would just settle all the way down overnight. Keep us posted on how it turns out.
  39. davidc18

    Air suspension recalibration

    you can check the air shocks with a bit of soapy water. They are fairly easy to rebuild with new O-Rings. Several threads on it.
  40. davidc18

    Reliability of older Model S?

    I am sure they have a ton of data to work out their product pricing. It was a bit of a let down to read the exclusion list.
  41. davidc18

    Reliability of older Model S?

    from their contract: (I attached the full text). Brent says they cover up to 27k in repairs but not the important mechanical bits.