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    Official Foundation Series Dual Motor Waiting room

    Getting caught up on this thread - has anyone actual received their truck since the delivery event?
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    Official Foundation Series Dual Motor Waiting room

    The road trip limiting factor is the spacing of the superchargers, not necessarily the maximum range at 70-80 mph. Realistically, you are stopping to charge every 2-3 hours. Even if an F150 Lightning or some other vehicle had more road trip range on paper, non Tesla charging network is patchy...
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    Cybertruck is a scam.

    Do people here not understand that Tesla is cash flow negative on the Cybertruck for the next year or more? When you pay 120 grand to them for one, you’re offsetting that. When you pay 20 grand in mark up to your local Ford dealer for a lightning, you don’t benefit the financials for the...
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    Model 3 year over year changelog

    Sorry I don't have all the details but there were some changes in the early cars (2018 model year I think) involving a redesign to the rear seats, and change to the control arms due to early failures. Also, in 2019 they stopped making Homelink Standard mid through the year, and stopped...
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    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    My Model 3 was built in May 2019 and I just had the 12v battery changed by Tesla mobile service about 2 weeks ago, 38k miles. I've never had any symptoms of failing battery but 4.5 years is fine. It was like a $100.
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    I have an FSD question

    Are you sure you weren't using Navigate on Autopilot? Navigate on Autopilot is still available now, under settings.
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    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    I live in Michigan (near Detroit) and have used the factory Michelin all season tires on my Model 3 AWD since 2019. I'm on my second set of factory tires. I haven't had any problems in the snow with it, but I also don't drive in deep compacted snow either. The snow plows come through quickly...
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    Low Regen mode coming back?

    Ok so no creep or roll modes is an S and maybe X thing then. Weird. I don’t get the benefit in removing them as an option. I understand removing low regen because it has some benefit on EPA range rating, but taking out creep and roll is pointless.
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    Low Regen mode coming back?

    Weird, the 2023 S LR I drove didn’t have those options. Maybe it’s an S thing? Or just a demo mode thing?
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    Low Regen mode coming back?

    Is creep and roll modes dead too though?
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    Low Regen mode coming back?

    What’s the current status on this? I test drove a new long range S and there was no option for low regen, or creep and roll modes. My 2019 Model 3 has all the above. Is the new highland 3 having these modes or not?
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    13 day Vacation with LFP

    Does it really matter on an LFP though? I mean I can understand not leaving it at 100% but still...
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I posted this in another thread, might as well add it here: Here's my battery degradation report from TeslaFi for my 2019 long range AWD Model 3, starting maybe 4 months after I got it through today. You can see the logarithmic scale on the X axis. Basically no degradation (and a BMS...
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    First Tesla! Preowned M3 Performance 12,500 miles but only charges ~295 miles.

    Here's my battery degradation report from TeslaFi for my 2019 long range AWD Model 3, starting maybe 4 months after I got it through today. You can see the logarithmic scale on the X axis. Basically no degradation (and a BMS recalibration I think) for the past year and a half or so. Also note...
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    Question about buying used from Tesla in Michigan

    I bought my 2019 Model 3 in Cleveland when that was the only option to get a Tesla in Michigan. They actually screwed up the paperwork. I don't even remember all the details now, but it wasn't filed correctly and I had some delay where my temporary tags actually expired. That being said, as...
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    Navigate on Autopilot is Useless (2018.42.3)

    I'm on 11.3.3 FSD BETA, and NoA tries to send me into cones and misses exits, or makes panicked last minute lane changes.
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    Is the model 3 supposed to apply the brakes automatically to avoid a Front collision?

    Automatic Emergency Braking is more about speed reduction to reduce the severity of the crash. Complete stopping is not guaranteed.
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    Own a 2022 ID4 Pro/s but interested in the model 3 performance. Have some questions

    This is a pretty expensive case of buyer's remorse. It's pretty hard to advocate from a financial standpoint getting rid of the ID4. I've had my loaded long range AWD (acceleration boost software, full self driving, premium connectivity) since June 2019 and I've been mostly happy with it (FSD...
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    FSD Beta v11.x

    I've had 11.3.3 a few days now (coming from 10.69.x) . I'd say overall the big issue I'm having are wonky turns and lane changes. I had the car in the left lane (2 lane + right turning lane) cross two lanes to pass a car on the right in the right turning lane which was ending. That was pretty...
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    Updating MY with 2022.45.12 (FSD 11.3.3) what's new?

    They were doing wider roll outs and then some dangerous bugs got into a lot of hands, so now they are more cautious.
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    Washington Post: How Elon Musk knocked Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ off course

    I have a radar car with FSD. Before they disabled radar, it frequently got snow on it (I live in Michigan) and my TACC and other features would shut down.
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    Flat vs Peak/Off usage cost

    I went through this decision last year when I got solar. I ended up doing flat rate for the first year and tracking my usage during peak times. I can do that with the Tesla app but if you have a smart meter you can check. I have a newer house and my A/C unit runs at about 2.2 kw when it...
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    Breaker for NEMA 14-30 socket

    So you're currently on level 1 charging to a household outlet, but you're sometimes forgetting to plug it in after you get home? You'll need to plug it in whether you have a level 2 or level 1 charging solution.
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    Model 3 off peak

    I just went through this setting up time of use for my house, along with powerwall settings. The app does what you want it to do. It sounds complicated but it's actually a quick and easy thing to set up. I'm assuming you have a 240V level 2 charging solution of some sort. With level 1...
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    Used SR+ purchase help - 2021 Upgrade worth it?

    I'd find a lower mileage long range dual motor car, if you care about acceleration at all. It's much much faster than a standard range.
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    Anybody come from a sports car to Tesla?

    Should you sell your vinyl collection and get Spotify? It’s not really a direct replacement, they’re two different things.
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    Electricity Cost Spikes

    I'm in Michigan, with solar + Tesla battery. In the winter I make hardly any solar. I ended up switching to time of use to charge the car. My rate went down from 19 cent KWh to 12. OP needs to see what time of use options are available, most power companies have it as an option.
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    Confused by lease return payoff quote

    This is absolutely normal. I remember trying to break a lease on my 2015 Mustang back in 2017. It was thousands of dollars due to a different calculated residual value (remaining payments were a separate thing). The residual value is only binding at the end of the lease term. When I (my wife...
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    NHTSA Probe into Tesla Self Driving moving “fast”

    What makes this so difficult/slippery is that the constant software updates make Autopilot and FSD capability a moving target. They need to get a lot of confidential information from Tesla to make a decision. The camera-based driver monitor is relatively new. We don't know how effective it...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    in 3:30 in the video it says the radar is "on track to be production ready in 2024," meaning you can't buy a car with their radar yet, and we don't know the details of its manufacture. Anyway, lots of cars have simple ADAS systems without full telematics connectivity so they're not going to be...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Tier 1: Valeo" at 23 seconds. Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Tier 1: Aptiv...
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    James Locke on Tesla's Removal of Ultrasonic Sensors and Radar

    Setting aside driving down empty roads without streetlights: The vehicles have headlights and tail lights to illuminate the field of view at low speed parking maneuvers. The main front cameras can be kept clear by wipers and defogging. The rear of course can easily get full of crud, but maybe...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    You have to remember that Mobileye is a tier 2 automotive supplier. They don't make their own cameras, they don't make their radars or lidars, and their business is not based around directly selling to OEMs. They don't have their own large fleets of vehicles on an OEM scale, and they don't...
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    New update removed my report mistake button 🙈

    With so many people using the software now, they're probably just doing a bunch of filtered queries for training the neural networks. For example they can request (however that may work) a gazillion videos of people disengaging, by yanking the steering wheel, at night while turning left at a...
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    It's clear that driver comfort/G limiting/jerk limiting has not been much of a priority for Autopilot and FSD over the years. Jerky starts in stop and go are one big example, and that doesn't need sophisticated image recognition/detection. Compare that to competitors stop and go or adaptive...
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    I just gave up on the safety score. I drove like normal and my score was around 90. I got FSDb like a month ago, although I bought FSD in 2019 and my car is a radar car. Shows how arbitrary some of this software update stuff is.
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    FSD Beta 10.69 software - this morning FSD was having trouble changing lanes on local roads (not on NoA) due to what I believe is dried road salt residue. I think it's making it harder to distinguish lane lines from pavement, due to less contrast between the two. The pavement is now more grayish.
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    Returning lease but lease balance is greater than Vehicle Value and Tesla is charging the difference, does it make sense?

    I can speak only as having leased vehicles through traditional dealers. As has been mentioned above, when you lease a vehicle, the lease agreement mentions a specific depreciation that they are calculating in the form of an agreed upon residual value. It's just a gamble, like predicting how...
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    How is FSD ever going to work with current camera layout?

    Does your car have radar? My 2019 does. It would get snow piled up on it and and TACC and AP would stop working. The front cameras wouldn't get snow on them because they are behind a windshield with windshield wipers. The same can be said for corner radars used by some other solutions. Now...
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    they may be deploying the two different FSD releases at the same time to compare results/number of interventions. Then they can tune some parameters in the next release.
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    Tesla/Mercedes L2 Study

    I think there's a difference in philosophy. These other OEM's would rather have a limited scope of what the ADAS system can do, and have that function be more comfortable for the driver. Tesla has more capability but allows a lot of things that irritate the driver (or even result in dangerous...
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    It stopped with the front of the car in the intersection. I could either back up or go. I decided to go. Maybe I should have backed up, it was a split second decision.
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    Well, 10.69.3 put me in a dicey situation yesterday. It was coming to an intersection (2 lanes each direction), making a right turn. Instead of committing, it hesitated at the last second, slowing and leaving me exposed in the lane as the light turned red. I decided to hit the gas and pull...
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    If they don't have a buffer or delay, people will complain it's too jerky and robotic.
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    installed FSD Beta for the first time today. Did one short drive this morning, no issues. I did not do a camera calibration.
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    Discussion: Can top end Horsepower be increased on Model 3P?

    All this supercharging to 100%, discharging, then charging again, cycling in temperature and SOC is not good for the battery. It's an academic exercise at best. I think we can all agree that there is a battery temperature and SOC that will generate the most output. It kind of misses the point...
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    Teslas are being delivered too fast for Supercharger Growth

    That's my experience as well, driving through the Great Lakes area and the mid atlantic region. I have a pre 2020 Model 3, so I would need a retrofit to use CCS, but I'd say maybe once or twice have I had to wait on a Supercharger, and that was a small V2 location and only for about 15 minutes.
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    Guide To A Perfect Safety Score for the FSD Beta Queue, or Tesla Insurance reasons. (Whether you like it or not)

    this thread reminds me why I don't even want the FSD Beta until they significantly lower the score requirement.