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    Lease end question

    I have 2 more payments on my 36 month lease. I am on automatic payment where they draft each month. Does this automatically stop or do I have to do something to stop the drafts? Any other lease end tips appreciated. thank you.
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    Help: Bosch Icon Wiper blades - can't seem to install them!

    Why are people going to this great length to adapt 3rd party blades when you can buy Tesla blades that you know fit right out of the box and easy install? Are we really talking about saving a lot of money for all the hassle. Do these 3rd party blades do the job? Size and fit?
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    Ordered 2 days before the refresh, what happens?

    Besides the latest and greatest model, with modest updates, is it worth getting the Highland vs. a nice discount on the current model? Is it worth the extra money given what I think are modest updates.
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    Tesla launches Model 3 Highland refresh in North America - No Performance model listed as of 01.10.2024

    I apologize if I have been living under a rock. Just got email from Tesla (I live in NYS) of 341 mile LR vehicle. (Up from 333 mile range). I configured it and it said January/February delivery window. 1. Has anyone in the US ordered this vehicle? 2. Anyone have experience with...
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    Unable transfer leased Model 3 from NY to NC.

    That is hard to believe that a local person can do that. Has this worked for you?
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    I love my M3, my lease comes due 5/24. Unfortunately my last Tesla while Musk is still around Tesla. At first I shrugged off his comments as just stupid, but now it is clear, he is an antisemite. You do not have to be Jewish to see this as plain and clear and let's call it what it is.
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    Which to buy: New 2023 Model 3 LR or 2022 M3 LR with 18k miles

    Factor a new site of tires if you buy the used one
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    Help: Bosch Icon Wiper blades - can't seem to install them!

    That would be an amazing savings. The pair on the Tesla website cost $50, if you save $30, that would mean the pair cost you $20.
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    Help: Bosch Icon Wiper blades - can't seem to install them!

    Anyone who wants to save $5-$10 on non Tesla blades is welcome to do it and save the money. Be prepared to modify them and maybe don’t fit the windshield correctly. The non-Tesla brand was made to fit lots of cars, not just yours, be careful of the fit. Best of luck.
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    Help: Bosch Icon Wiper blades - can't seem to install them!

    Best solution: buy Tesla wiper blades, they fit!
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    right side-view mirror won’t keep memory

    I adjusted both the right and left mirrors, saved them both, seems to be working OK now when they unfold. We shall see
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    right side-view mirror won’t keep memory

    2021 Model 3 AWD here. Both side view mirrors open and close as I near my garage. Now, as I drive away and both mirrors open, the right view mirror setting is not saved, it is always out of wack. The left view mirror is correct. So I go to the mirror program, reset and save the right view...
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    Thoughts on 2020 Model 3 collision? [Is this totaled?]

    A friend of mine with a 2020 M3 was rear ended in NYC, $26K, not totaled, they fixed the car.
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    Minor fender bender - No Fault - Initial Estimate $6500 - Go through insurance?

    As you said prelim estimate, when they take the skins off you can bet it will be more.
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    are there 2 air filters that need to replaced?

    Recently changed the 2 filters for the 3rd time due to the stink from the evaporator coils. My car is leased and wont be doing again before turn in. Filters are in a poor position and you need to bend your body in strange ways to access. Pain in the arse.
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    Why 42 PSI ?

    You can run them at any PSI you want, if you run them under 42 you are running them at below the manufacturers recommendation. Good luck.
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    Cabin Air filter

    you can buy the filters at the Tesla service center
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    Do Not Buy “HEPA” Cabin Air Filters for Model 3

    Whether the screw for the filter door is at the top or bottom, it is a pain to get to, unscrew/screw back in. I bought the thumb screw on Ebay for about $10, no tools needed...
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    Do Not Buy “HEPA” Cabin Air Filters for Model 3

    I think the poster is kidding
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    Do Not Buy “HEPA” Cabin Air Filters for Model 3

    I would. Since you have the trim and filters out of the car you would kick yourself if you did not, put new filters in, and then you got the smell.
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    Do Not Buy “HEPA” Cabin Air Filters for Model 3

    Thanks, good post
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    Does early termination of my current model 3 lease make sense?

    When I run the car with the lease, I do not see the $7500 credit.
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    Why 42 PSI ?

    Did not know there was a change. I bought new MXM4’s a few months ago from the Tesla service center. How do you tell if you have the TO or T1? EDIT: I just looked at my tires and I see the T1 in the circle! So what is difference between the T1 and T0?
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    Why 42 PSI ?

    You must never exceed 10mph with that kinds of tire wear.
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    Why 42 PSI ?

    Go to the Lucid website, this is a Tesla website
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    Why 42 PSI ?

    I have to believe that Tesla set 42psi for a reason.
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    Looking to purchase my first Tesla.

    Are you serious?
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    Model 3 LR not currently available to order (USA) [posted 08.12.2022 --Its back! 05.02.2023]

    I have a M3 on lease, goes back May 2024 Don’t want the performance package. Will we ever be able to order the AWD/LR without the Performance Package? Why did Tesla do this?
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    Model 3 performance reduction? [no current evidence of this]

    Yes, all the cars at the track are beating me now and I lose all the street racing. My vehicle from 0 to 60 is now off by .00001 seconds. Damn I am mad
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    You can reject delivery, but who knows when you will get your car and if it will have these upgrades you want. You may have to wait until 2024, if that is OK with you then go for it.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Untrue, check out Waymo
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    Real time traffic does not work

    I do believe it was the update that changed 2 of my settings
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    Real time traffic does not work

    I think this all started happening after a recent software update. Finally got it working today. On the screen I am navigating to, tap screen, brings up 3 icons, tap the one that looks like a traffic light or 3 vertical dots. Also turned back on local traffic alert on navi screen, it was turned...
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    Real time traffic does not work

    Real time traffics used to work when I navigate, no longer. Used to show traffic with orange or red thick lines instead of the blue lines. I have Premium Connectivity and it is up to date. Called tech support and they told me to highlight the icon that looks like 3 vertical dots or a traffic...
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    Auto wipers on in autopilot when it's not raining

    I think all of us will have to wait for a software update Hope this is on their radar.
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    Auto wipers on in autopilot when it's not raining

    So I brought my car to the Tesla service dept in Tarrytown, NY today. I explained that the wipers on "auto" mode have a mind of their own, go on in beautiful dry weather. They told me they are aware of the problem, many people have come in with the same problem and there is nothing at the shop...
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    Wipers Turning to Manual from Auto

    I reported on another thread this has been happening to me, perfectly sunny day, no rain or precipitation, the windshield wipers turn on. I just turn them off and then turn auto on again…….until the next time.
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    Scratch on Model 3 - Can I fix it myself?

    What about buying the Tesla touch up paint?
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    Why 42 PSI ?

    I kept my tires at 42……and I was blessed with replacement at 22K miles. Shortest life on tires ever for me.
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    Rear ended M3 [is this totaled?]

    Was the car totaled or not?
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    Model 3 at Lease End

    But will they give me a “price” to buy my car?
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    Model 3 at Lease End

    I know there is no buy-out in the lease. So I turn my car in at end of lease, but can I buy my actual car from Tesla? What I mean can I ask them for a price to buy “my” car or this not an option?
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    Rear ended M3 [is this totaled?]

    Please let us know what happened.
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    Auto wipers on in autopilot when it's not raining

    Recently started happening to me.
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    Cabin Air Filter

    Yes, the location of the screw is at the top of the filter door in 2021+ cars. You need a Torx T20 to take it out. I bought the thumb screw on Amazon so I do not have to put up with that anymore.
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    Water Leak [ingress during car wash]

    Total BS, should not be happening. Make sure car is in “car wash mode”
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    Confused by lease return payoff quote

    I don't turn my car in until May 2024 but getting nervous and expecting a big hit. The shame of the matter is there is no buyout of the lease even if I wanted it. I guess I can hope they have a glut of cars and turn around an offer me a buyout.......not holding my breath.