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  1. swaltner

    Wall Connector network connections to AWS servers

    If your firewall isn’t logging the blocked connections and the vendor (Tesla) isn’t able to tell you what’s required, it’s time to break out a packet capture tool like Wireshark (tcpdump) to capture the relevant details. The problem with that is getting the relevant traffic to the device running...
  2. swaltner

    Ram 1500 Charger - 2025

    Note that the $100 is not a deposit and doesn't go towards the purchase of the vehicle at all. It's a "membership" in the club of the first people that will be allowed to order the new vehicle at some point in the future. The fee is refundable up until they send you the invite to submit your...
  3. swaltner

    EV Tire Life

    The original stock OEM tires on my 2018 Model 3 LR RWD lasted 52,900 miles. The replacement Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires have just shy of 50,000 miles on them and are going to need to be replaced in a few months. In my experience, the tires on an EV are able to last for a normal...
  4. swaltner

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    Not a Tesla vehicle, but a Tesla Supercharger in the background of a shot in S1E4 of Tracker on CBS - supposedly in Missoula, MT.
  5. swaltner

    First time using Tesla Service

    When the mobile service folks have to drive a long distance, they will usually batch up several service tickets into a single trip to a specific area. They did that for us in Wichita for the first several years of my ownership. Late last year, they finally had enough owners here to justify a...
  6. swaltner

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    My records show I got that feature on 2023-06-19 when upgrading from version 2023.12.9.1 to 2023.20.4.1. Resetting the Tire Service Mileage is supposed to be done each time you rotate or replace tires. From the manual: This allows your vehicle to reset the learned tire settings and improve your...
  7. swaltner

    WARNING - Car Report Scam- VinGator

    This is a common scam attack vector that I've heard talked about several times. Based off the thread title, I knew what you encountered and was happy to see that you didn't get suckered in by this scam. I'm surprised the scam report you found was for only $27. I thought most of the time, they...
  8. swaltner

    Supercharger - Hays, KS

    Interesting on the BMW check-in - AFAIK, the RAN (Rivian Adventure Network) is currently for Rivian vehicles only. One of the images you posted mentions that. I’m guessing the BMW check-in is for someone that has multiple vehicles or hasn’t properly updated heir profile. Rivian is supposedly...
  9. swaltner

    Integration for highway radar app or similar?

    The supported process to screencast from a phone to a vehicle screen is Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Tesla supports neither solution. There are hacks that relay video through the web browser from a phone, but these really are just hacks. Some of these use external hardware like the Raspberry...
  10. swaltner

    Car is 'bricked', how to disconnect for tow?

    2 Volts from the 12 Volt battery - Since you got a voltage reading, you were reading the voltage of the 12 Volt battery. The battery is discharged and very likely needs replacing. While you can possibly charge the battery up, with the battery getting discharged that low, it's on its last leg...
  11. swaltner

    What income to afford a Plaid?

    TheMoneyGuyShow guidance for a vehicle purchase is “20/3/8” 20% down - avoid being immediately upside down on the loan 3 year loan term - none of this 96 month loan garbage Monthly payment of at most 8% of your gross pay - also less than your monthly retirement savings Cash purchase for luxury...
  12. swaltner

    Hpwc gen3

    Tesla currently enables billing on accounts with 6 or more Wall Connectors. It sounds like the apartment complex only had a single charging station, which means they wouldn't be eligible for billing. https://www.tesla.com/support/charging/wall-connector https://www.tesla.com/charging-partners...
  13. swaltner

    Tesla App Unable To Drive after iOS v17.1.2 update

    Yeah, not a global issue. the phone as a key feature is working fine on my iPhone with iOS 17.1.2. Besides the other suggestions, you might also want to force-quit the Tesla app on your iPhone and restart the app.
  14. swaltner

    Chargepoint NACS Cable for HomeFlex now available for order

    Bummer! (would have just given a thumbs-down, but that's a pretty ambiguous tag...)
  15. swaltner

    Taiga Electric Snowmobile Launch

    That sounds like they’ve got a nice system to help the batteries operate nicely in the cold weather. The Taiga should satisfy many people’s needs and should work out well. Now, to wait for a few years and see the ongoing reliability of the snowmobile.
  16. swaltner

    Backup Camera- option to remain on for a few seconds (great for parking)

    I’ve got the backup camera added on my tray. The second icon below…
  17. swaltner

    Backup Camera- option to remain on for a few seconds (great for parking)

    One of the first replies to a Google query for “Tesla app tray” was https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/models/en_us/GUID-518C51C1-E9AC-4A68-AE12-07F4FF8C881E.html#CONCEPT_BB5_H5W_FSB
  18. swaltner

    Tesla New Winter Tires Like Old Refurbished

    It looks like the tire in the 2nd picture has a date code of 3222 - 32nd week of 2022 or mid-August 2022. Not brand new from the factory, but not crazy old either.
  19. swaltner

    Lucid Gavity 😲 Awesome.. 440 Mi Range @ about $80K

    The Lucid Air is probably a good indicator for how pricing on the various trim levels on the Gravity will interact with range. Air Pure - $78,900 - 406 miles Air Touring - $96,500 - 406 miles Air Grand Touring - $140,500 - 516 miles If I was a betting man, there will be a Gravity Pure trim...
  20. swaltner

    Taiga snowmobiles.....anyone have one?

    There was another thread a few years ago here... https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/taiga-electric-snowmobile-launch.187201/
  21. swaltner

    Ram 1500 Charger - 2025

    This would be a great option if it’s sold for $50k. With pricing on ICE pickups, I don’t see that as likely. I expect another one of these $75-100k beasts. If so, I don’t understand the point. I’d rather just have an R1T with a max pack for decent range while towing. I keep waiting for an...
  22. swaltner

    Consequences for blocking EV chargers

    The Honda in your picture is posted in a stall posted as "60 minutes parking", and is available for any vehicle, not just a Tesla or someone else that can eventually use this stall through upcoming compatibility. Until EVs reach a higher critical mass (let's say 50% of all vehicles on the...
  23. swaltner

    Supercharges charge a few >80%?

    https://electrek.co/2023/10/24/tesla-planning-controversial-congestion-fee-supercharger/ This is the news/rumor that they are likely thinking about. Nothing like this has been implemented, so anything stated definitively regarding this policy is simply someone making a guess and stating it as a...
  24. swaltner

    Looking for electrician to fix Level 2 charger in Los Angeles

    Any electrician should be able to check this for you. The process I would expect is to: verify the terminals on the circuit breaker are properly torqued, start a charging session and use a clamp ammeter to verify the vehicle is charging at 40 Amps. If the terminals were loose and needed...
  25. swaltner

    How to insure that cameras will catch the cause of an accident?

    First, read the Owner’s Manual. There is LOTS of good information in there. I read the manual cover to cover before I took delivery, because I knew there were differences between Tesla vehicles and other manufacturers. I have mine set to save the last 10 minutes of dashcam video if I ever honk...
  26. swaltner

    Supercharger - Belton, MO

    Are you just used to seeing A/B on the charging pedestals? Those are for v1 and v2 Supercharger sites (150 kW and lower) which have two charging pedestals per cabinet. The newer v3 Supercharger sites support 250 kW per vehicle and have a different architecture (4 pedestals per cabinet), so they...
  27. swaltner

    Possible Supercharger - Medford, OK

    I saw your comment on the PlugShare entry asking for clarification. If you zoom in on Medford, then use the “hamburger” menu and select recent activity, you can see that the user named Evolve created this entry on July 28. Unfortunately, they generally don’t allow you to contact a user directly...
  28. swaltner

    Am I Driving My Tesla Model 3 RWD Too Much?

    May 2018 purchase here with just shy of 98k miles on it, including 1,400 miles on it last weekend to go see the annular solar eclipse. If you‘re doing road trips frequently, the supercharging.life site is fun to track your travels over the years. First set of tires lasted something like 55k...
  29. swaltner

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I did a trip down to Texas to view the annular solar eclipse this past Saturday. Made a weekend of it to spend some time with family. One of the family is the assistant principal at an elementary/middle school, which hosted a watch party for the students and parents. I setup my Hydrogen-alpha...
  30. swaltner

    Supercharger not showing in app on phone or map

    I had some really strange routing in Austin this weekend. On the navigation screen, if I set a single destination supercharger about 15 miles from my current location, it navigated there properly. If I added two more supercharger stops and my home address, it inserted multiple extra and...
  31. swaltner

    2023.32.6 autopilot speed limit change?

    Agree with the previous post. I've had it set to current speed since about a month after delivery back in 2018. I don't remember there ever being an offset off your CURRENT speed and don't quite understand how that would work - always attempting to speed up above the speed that you are currently...
  32. swaltner

    Sales taxes and final vehicle price

    Try contacting your local DMV. They may have introduced a new fee since you friends completed their purchases.
  33. swaltner

    Issue adding Model Y to Esurance

    Esurance is a sub-brand of Allstate https://www.esurance.com/ I can't help on the actual question though - it sounds like they changed the delivery process in the last 5 years since I took delivery. Back then, it was just upload a copy (picture) of your insurance card for your current vehicle...
  34. swaltner

    HOW to put sentry videos into the insurance adjuster’s hands?

    Google Drive, or YouTube. I frequently send videos to friends by posting the full res version to YouTube being sure to mark it as unlisted (not private, not public) and then emailing the direct link. I think I have way more unlisted videos on my YouTube account than videos that are public.
  35. swaltner

    TuneIn hacked my credit card

    BTW, it looks like some Polestar owners are seeing similar behavior. https://www.polestar-forum.com/threads/is-tunein-no-longer-free.6370/
  36. swaltner

    Delivery trip home and extreme heat

    Kansas City to Wichita? This is an easy trip with any Long Range Tesla model when driving at or just above the speed limit - no charging should be required. I’m not certain about the Standard Range models. Program your home address into the navigation system and keep an eye on the estimate for...
  37. swaltner

    New Tesla Universal Wall Connector

    I've never seen the "f" on the units for torque. As it is printed, I'd read the label as saying to torque the terminal to 50 pound-foot-inches. I know what a pound-foot and a pound-inch is, but a pound-foot-inch is sort of a non-sense unit, well, it's definitely not a unit for torque. I did find...
  38. swaltner

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Check-ins for 2023-08-05 - Russell, KS (#180) - Boulder - 28th St, CO (#181)
  39. swaltner

    Supercharger - Oakley, KS

    Be wary of the cook time on a corndog if they don’t have any already cooked - that takes longer than my typical Supercharger stop! :) Also, any chance this will be live tomorrow? (Laughing to myself at the comments on most Supercharger threads as we wait for the utility company to install the...
  40. swaltner

    What it takes to stop a Tesla

    The ASP does not mess around with people that run from them. Some consider their pursuits unsafe, but they routinely PIT/TVI vehicles while they are traveling at 100+ mph. Do NOT run from the ASP! It will not end well for you!
  41. swaltner

    For those with range anxiety in hotter temperatures

    https://hpwizard.com/rolling-resistance-vs-road-wetness.pdf This is only a rolling resistance of the tires in relation to the ground and doesn't include resistance in other components of the drivetrain (transmission, wheel bearings, drag of the brake pads on the rotors) or the wind...
  42. swaltner

    Pre-Delivery Proof of Insurance - Texas

    Call your current insurance agent to ask about your current car insurance policy. In MOST cases, you are automatically covered for a newly purchased vehicle with the same coverage as your existing policy. This is generally for something on the 1 week time frame. In those cases, upload your...
  43. swaltner

    Tesla App on iPad

    It looks like you have your text size set larger than the default size (Settings - Display - Text Size). Not all apps on iOS and iPadOS handle this properly. It looks like Tesla is one of those apps.
  44. swaltner

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Yeah, speeds on the solar cars are not in the triple digits, so normal racing lines are less important. I was wondering if the best line would be a hybrid of shortest path around the track mixed with a more traditional racing line. If you’re not taking corners at 80+ mph, the need to straighten...
  45. swaltner

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Check-ins for 2023-07-01 - Overland Park, KS (#179) I did a trip up to Topeka to watch one day of the Formula Sun Grand Prix this last weekend. Electrek Formula Sun Grand Prix 2023 – ASC & FSGP It was nice to chat with a few folks in the pits and I hope I wasn’t too much of a nuisance. Final...
  46. swaltner

    Many questions for Kansas Tesla owners

    When I purchased in 2018, I picked up at the delivery center in Missouri. I wrote a personal check for the balance due and the financial part was completed in about 2 minutes. No sales tax was paid to Missouri at the time of purchase. It was MSRP + delivery fee + $4 tire fee. You’ll get a 60-day...
  47. swaltner

    TEP - Denial of Rebate for Tesla Mobile Charger

    What is the exact verbiage in the small print in their rebate? Does it say something like "only L2 charging is permitted for eligibility", "must support L2 charging for eligibility", "L1 charging is not permitted for eligibility", etc...
  48. swaltner

    Company owner put these in. Should I trust them?

    Yep, was gonna say that they look like WattZilla units. The coiled cable seems to be their thing and pretty sure I haven’t seen other vendors do that. I’m pretty sure WattZilla uses the OpenEVSE hardware for the brains. It sounds like they use high quality components in their systems. WattZilla...