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    Tesla Gateway 2 w/ hub and subpanel

    New in box Tesla Gateway 2. Local pickup available in SE Wisconsin. Willing to ship at buyers expense. $1000 Came with referral powerwall, I already have a GW2 up and running.
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    Tesla Gateway 2 with hub and subpanel ba

    New in box Tesla Gateway 2. Local pickup available in SE Wisconsin. Willing to ship at buyers expense. $1000 Came with referral powerwall, I already have a GW2 up and running.
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    2016 p90d upgraded range

    Agreed. my P90DL battery kinda stinks. I'm planning a 100 swap in the future.
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    2016 p90d upgraded range

    No it isn't. It's an 81kwhr, just like every other "85" out there. Tesla just decreased the size of the buffer, added the pyro fuse for additional output.
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    Only 110 miles of range on a full charge for a 14 S 85?

    Get ScanMyTesla and the ODBLink LX and an android phone. The car's estimation of your capacity is in the data on the CANBUS. Also, the 100% to 5% trick needs to be done in a single drive. The car uses energy while parked that isn't taken into account in the trip consumption data you took a...
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    This might be for any Network engineers....Please help!

    It's likely you haven't bypassed the UTM properly. While you might have created an allow all rule, it could still be getting squashed by zone based UTM features, filtering, IDS/IPS, AV, GeoIP (which often get miscategorized) etc. I really dislike the SonicWalls I have to support due to their...
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    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    Took me a few minutes to figure this out. I picked up the OBDLink LX. The OBDII port used for this is under the MCU behind the cubby. NOT the port by the drivers left foot. That port will give you time out errors. Also, a cable is needed. I purchased one from eBay that was pre-made for...
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    updated Ludicrous+ button isn’t correct

    I'm hoping that when they fix this stupid issue for my P90DL that we also get the battery temp graphs and stuff the P100DL has.
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    FS: Model S Tesla All Season Mats

    I'll buy them if they're available. Sending PM.
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    *Authentic* Telsa Model S floor mats 2 front and rear - $150 (Schuamburg)

    DIBS I'm in Milwaukee, Would love to get these from you ASAP. I'll PM.
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    Model S: All Weather Interior Set - Brand New / Never Opened. $150.

    And I've said a couple times I'm okay with paying the extra shipping costs, but at this point I'm asking you to extend me some courtesy and faith. I've asked you to ship them based on the price and shipping you quoted me originally, and when I get them I will send the extra shipping costs...
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    Model S: All Weather Interior Set - Brand New / Never Opened. $150.

    This is what he just PM'd me. So, the agreed upon price is no longer good with him so he just cancels the deal after I send money?
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    Model S: All Weather Interior Set - Brand New / Never Opened. $150.

    This is the second set of new / unopened floor mats this guy has posted. I jumped in to buy the first set. He sent a shipping quote of 11.90, so I sent paypal for 111.90. He said he would ship Saturday, ok no problem. Sunday he messaged me that he wasn't sure about my address because I was...
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    Model S: All Weather Interior Set - Brand New / Never Opened. $150.

    Then why did you tell me I need to send you extra money to cover shipping? I just want the floor mats, and I'm happy to pay the actual shipping costs, but all of your posts are getting a bit suspicious.
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    Track Mode on PXXXDL Model S or X?

    Any chance you would be willing to post the parts needed and code for that display??
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    For Sale- Model S All Weather Interior Mats and All Weather Trunk Mats

    This is very irritating. I PM'd you a few times, even called / texted the number listed with NO REPLY. thanks.
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    Parting out a 85 D model S 2015

    I'll PM you on that charger. I'll take it.
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    I am becoming a dangerous driver

    Welcome to a major problem with general aviation pilots. We look at our systems more than out the window for other traffic. We get away with it because of the big sky theory.
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    Parting out a 85 D model S 2015

    Gen2 or Gen3 charger under the rear seats?
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    Using TM-Spy for iOS

    Can I get in on the beta?
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    Model S register in both states or just one state is fine?

    The car is registered, right? Which is your primary residence? Keep it registered there full time. I'd pick which ever state is cheaper to keep it registered in, but that's just me.
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    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    I'm about to start a collection of broken ones to learn how they work. I had one go bad too.
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    Anyone go from the Goodyear Eagle Touring (w foam) to Pirelli P7s

    I put Pirelli Cinturato P7's on a 2013 Tesla Model S P85 with 19" wheels. They were terrible in every way. Cornering sucked. Traction sucked. When the wore they got worse and worse.
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    2017 Tesla Model S Part Out

    I'll PM you about this.
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    Model s mcu media control unit, cluster, body control and key 2013 and 2015

    I'm interested in getting a bench MCU and IC setup and running. Will these run outside of the car?
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    2017 Tesla Model S Part Out

    Gen2 charger and HVJB connectors to slave this to my 1 charger char?
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    Parting out three (3) 2017 Model S vehicles

    Not a straightforward swap Requires changing a few connectors.
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    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    You're my new favorite community member! I wrote up a few things a few years ago but never ended up sharing. I'll start contributing.
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    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    I completely agree. I'd really like to start exploring the car more.
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    Departure time charging

    Departure time based charge scheduling isn't something I'd recommend using if your charging setup isn't rock solid. Plus, I have ideas to help make the risk of something like that a little less.
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    Departure time charging

    with the app / service I'm starting to build, you'll be able to from iOS, Android, or your computer. Might be a bit though.
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    All Model S’s now come with a 48A onboard charger

    Offtopic, can the gen3 chargers (48a/72a) be installed in a car that came with Gen2? I have a single 40a, would like to add a second, or get a single 72a. Would be REALLY awesome if we could get dual gen3 chargers. With a better hpwc I could actually draw that much from my garage.
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    buy used model S with AP1 or wait for used model S with EAP

    I just bought a P90DL CPO with AP1. LOVE IT.
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    Departure time charging

    Perhaps I haven't looked hard enough, but I'm fairly sure I have (within the past month) downloaded a 3rd party app that can interact with the car. Also, what about using a back end server for the actual communication to the car? I wrote a bash script that just used the old API (back in 2013)...
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    Older HPWC - All sorts of issues

    There is no neutral running to the HPWC. Just 2 hot legs and a ground. I get 120v on each hot leg to ground. I'll check the ground bar lug at the breaker box, it's been 2-3 years since I opened it. My old car was a 2013 VIN P11xxx, an early car. This charger worked great in 2 locations...
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    Older HPWC - All sorts of issues

    When I put a multimeter on the ground bar, or the end of the charging cable I get continuity to ground, even while the charger is blinking 4 times claiming "loss of ground"
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    Older HPWC - All sorts of issues

    Bump, anyone? Not a run of the mill issue for sure.
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    Model S Tesla floormats, like new

    The set I got in 2013 from Tesla, they installed the hooks in the floor.
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    OEM 19 inch winter tires for model S - Pirelli sottozero

    Are you willing to ship? I'm in Milwaukee
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    Model S Tesla floormats, like new

    Does this include the hooks that go on the floor for the drivers side mat?
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    Model S Rear Facing Seats for Sale (3rd Row)

    on FB I see them go for cheaper than this. I've seen a few sets at $800.