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  1. davewill

    Using only the camera turn signal when changing lanes

    I don't think there's a rule against them, but I, for one, find it a little annoying. For the record, I use the side mirror and always turn my head as a final check. The image on the screen is in the wrong location since it's only a quick glance back when I'm already looking at the mirror...
  2. davewill

    Constant clicking noise from the front of the car while charging at home on 32a/240v (video link provided)

    Well, I'd either remove that open and closing system they're talking about or get that actuator properly secured. It might not be the problem, but it could be. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if the noise returned since they couldn't reproduce the problem. If you're lucky, it was just...
  3. davewill

    8/2 MC cable -80' run thru attic (40amp charge on 50a breaker)?

    It will do, but if you think you might ever want to upgrade to a 60a circuit, it would pay to put in 6/2 instead at this point.
  4. davewill

    Home charging has become more expensive than Supercharging at night. Should I still charge at home?

    Well , the general consensus, based on data from Tesla, suggests that Supercharging is not a big problem battery-wise, so knock yourself out sitting at a Supercharger to save a couple of bucks.
  5. davewill

    Installing wall connector questions

    So? As long as it was inspected and up to code when it was installed, it's still existing.
  6. davewill

    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    Exactly. There's two main groups of people who report the problem: 1. Those who charge at 48a every day and one day notice their car has been charging at 32a. 2. Those who charge every day at 32a, then either install a wall connector or try some higher powered destination EVSE and discover...
  7. davewill

    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    Nope. It's just that you don't know it's broken unless you try to charge at a higher rate.
  8. davewill

    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    I don't see any reason to think it was caused by the new wall connector. Your experience of not knowing anything was wrong until you tried the new wall connector is exactly what I would expect if it had gone out any time between then and the previous time you successfully charged at 48a.
  9. davewill

    Confused about charging in off-peak hours

    They chose to run CAN protocol before failing over to regular J1772 signaling. Unfortunately, that results in a war of timeouts where some cars give up before the wall connector does. Comedy ensues... If I were designing something, I'd probably go with the same powerline comms that CSS uses...
  10. davewill

    Confused about charging in off-peak hours

    The L2 charging standard doesn't leave a lot of room for that as there is no communications involved. Tesla did it in a proprietary manner, but that has caused interoperability problems for them.
  11. davewill

    DQOTD: Has Anyone Worn Out/Replaced a Tesla Mobile Connector?

    The cord and handle are subject to wear. I've worn out a J1772 cord (it developed a break close to the handle). I also had one J1772 handle burn up because of a bad connection inside. It pays to handle the cord gently. Avoid stepping on it or running it over. The big thing it to avoid twisting...
  12. davewill

    Is an Ac to Dc converter safe to use in a Tesla?

    One thing that people haven't mentioned is that newer Teslas now have 16v at the "12v" power port. If you have a newer car with the lithium battery replacing the 12 lead acid one, make sure the inverter han handle 16v input. Some can and some can't. The same goes if you look for a USB-PD adapter...
  13. davewill

    Confused about charging in off-peak hours

    You can in the app, if just doesn't have anything to with scheduling. One thing to know about it is that you can select your rate from a menu of utilities, but once you do, it doesn't update those rates when they change. You have to go back into the app and select your rate over again to update...
  14. davewill

    Failing 3 pin charging cable...

    Sometimes the adapter just needs to be reseated. It's worth a try to remove it and reinsert.
  15. davewill

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    I was referring to my MY which is CCS enabled when I said I thought I would probably not need an adapter. Charging companies don't have to wait for the final J3400 spec to install NACS plugs. Between the NACS spec and the draft J3400 specs, the standard is well enough understood that they...
  16. davewill

    Stellantis NACS tea leaves

    I think they're just keeping their options open. Nothing says they can't hammer out an agreement for SuC access later. For that matter, they could be in negotiations right now, but decided to make this announcement rather than put off the news that they're going to use the connector any further.
  17. davewill

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    Part of the problem is that we don't even know what form the upgrade will take in the case of old Model 3s. The newer ones just need a new ECU and plenty of people have done that one themselves. The older Model 3s can't do that because the new ECU isn't compatible with our charge ports. The...
  18. davewill

    Charging on Road Trips for Newbie

    They really ought to give up on that silly restriction since they now charge for Supercharging.
  19. davewill

    Canadian winter - best practices for preconditioning battery for best efficiency?

    Yeah, doing the discharge and recharge can help the BMS report a more accurate state of charge (for a while), but there was no reason to "trickle" charge on 120v. Any level of AC charging is slow enough from the battery's point of view.
  20. davewill

    Charging stopped notification in a series of 3, 90min apart while charging

    I'm confused. I thought you said the first error happened at a variable amount of time after plugging in, THEN it was at 90min intervals. It's important because if the time shifts according to when you plug it in I'd be looking at the car. If it happens on a schedule that seems unrelated to when...
  21. davewill

    When to look in to lemon law

    Well, you have keep in mind that the DMV isn't necessarily on your side. I wouldn't try a lemon law claim without consulting an attorney, and I would probably have them handle all the paperwork. It's too easy to make a procedural mistake, or not respond correctly to whatever BS Tesla might throw...
  22. davewill

    Mobile charger issue?

    How cold was it last night? Was the battery warm from being driven when you plugged in or had it been sitting? Extreme cold can slow down charging, though it's hard to believe it could be that bad. I tend to think that something either delayed the start of charging or interrupted it.
  23. davewill

    This is the official retrofit of model 3 CCS been announced?

    The only way to know for sure is to try and buy it. If they install an update, then we know.
  24. davewill

    Tesla won't charge with mobile charger

    Not so. If one of the breakers trips, the Quick220 will disconnect both legs from the output receptacle. It has relays that only energize if both legs are present and on different phases.
  25. davewill

    Prep for SuperCharging at non-supercharger trips breakers?

    It's completely bogus. For starters, there no way to "prep" for Supercharging except to set navigation to a Supercharger and start driving. So no car just sitting at an EVSE is going to be doing it. What you can do is precondition the car, but that only runs the HVAC to make the interior...
  26. davewill

    Charge Port Door Broke Off!

    It's a weak point. All kinds of car washes SHOULD be ok, but that flap is vulnerable to any kind of sideways force. I don't hesitate to use a pressure washer, but I do take care not to direct high pressure directly at the flap, especially from the side rather than directly towards it. I also...
  27. davewill

    Leviton upgrades their NEMA 14-50 receptacle - more robust, less risk of failure

    Cute little car charging logo on it. Hopefully electricians will stop installing the old ones.
  28. davewill

    Advice on best option for replacing my old 2016 Wall Connector in the UK on Intelligent Octopus tariff

    I'd move this question over to the Europe forum where people are more likely to know the ins and outs of compatibility between the EVSEs, cars and the Intelligent Octopus program.
  29. davewill

    Tesla Model Y Charging Port Button Issue: Won't Open with Wall Connector Button

    The car being "done" charging has nothing to do with unlocking the charge port. The charge port will unlock if the car is unlocked and you push the button on the handle OR you unlock it from the screen in the car OR from your phone. The only time I've had the car refuse to release the handle is...
  30. davewill

    Charging stopped notification in a series of 3, 90min apart while charging

    What are the percentages that it stopped at? Do the times shift according to when you plugged in? Do you have any scheduled charging configured? If you have EVER used any app that accesses your Tesla account, log into your Tesla account and change your password. So many people have come here...
  31. davewill

    Tesla Model Y Charging Port Button Issue: Won't Open with Wall Connector Button

    This is a bit weird. Using the button on the handle to open the flap depends on a wireless signal from the handle. However, removing the handle by pushing that button doesn't rely on the wireless signal at all, it uses the proximity signal wire in the connector. It would make sense for one or...
  32. davewill

    First Ever NACS Adapter

    My understanding is that ANY CCS vehicle owner can sign up for the Tesla app and use the MagicDock stations. I expect that to include all Superchargers (and destination charging for that matter) in the future. Maybe it works even now, I just haven't heard one way or the other. The agreements...
  33. davewill

    M3 Rebuilt Title

    My main thought is if you have to ask here, you are may not be the right person to own a salvaged title car. You have to be ready to deal with some "stuff". You are putting a lot of trust in the seller that the repairs are done right and are complete. If it turns out not to be so, it's going to...
  34. davewill

    First Ever NACS Adapter

    I thought it was already covered that non-Tesla owners could pay through the Tesla app on their phone. The real question is whether you can do so currently when using your own adapter and not the Magic Dock. On a slightly separate note, I just saw that Ford announced that you would be able to...
  35. davewill

    First Ever NACS Adapter

    Didn't a couple of the charging companies announce policies that you were only allowed to use adapters supplied by the car manufacturer? Of course, policing it would be almost impossible. Unless it's verified that non-Magic Dock Superchargers are able to be used with this adapter, I don't see...
  36. davewill

    Leviton introduces new 14-50 receptacle for EV charging

    I think it's a myth. The only GFCI problems we see here with any regularity are on 120v outlets with GFCI plugs. Even in those cases, the problem is more likely to be a GFCI that is either worn out, or is too sensitive and trips when the mobile connector does it's ground test. I can't think of...
  37. davewill

    Gen 3 charger not charging after outage

    In that case, I'd be very surprised if it didn't work fine.
  38. davewill

    Car not charging

    How far to the closest Supercharger? Even if it won't charge on AC, it may well supercharge, which could allow you to avoid such a long tow. It's also probably worth trying a public AC EVSE just in case it's a problem with your circuit at home, which the 130v (should be 120v) might be a symptom...
  39. davewill

    Help with recent home connector install

    I think that depends entirely how inconvenient it actually is for your wife. If she can comfortable manage getting the cable on and off, I wouldn't bother. Of course, personally, I would have never mounted it outside. I would have made room inside for the car instead.
  40. davewill

    Gen 3 charger not charging after outage

    That would depend more on your car than the wall connector. It should work fine, but there's no way to be positive without trying it.
  41. davewill

    Tesla Charging Adaptor (SAE J1772)

    It should never arc. I haven't seen one arc in 12 years of driving electric.
  42. davewill

    Tesla Charging Adaptor (SAE J1772)

    It's baffling, all right. When you've tried two EVSEs and two cars, it starts to look like a design incompatibility of some sort. Have you tried any other EVSEs, like public charging stations? One thing that comes to mind is a badly designed inlet or handle that is letting you remove the handle...
  43. davewill

    Tesla Charging Adaptor (SAE J1772)

    The Proximity Pilot signal is very simple. The proximity pin in the J1772 inlet has a specific voltage put on it by the car using a voltage divider. The J1772 handle pulls it to ground through a resistor. This has the effect of lowering the voltage on the pin whenever the plug is connected to...
  44. davewill

    Tesla Charging Adaptor (SAE J1772)

    Please be more specific on the model of EVSE. Are you trying to say you have the Tesla J1772 Wall Connector?
  45. davewill

    Universal Mobile Connector Tesla NEMA 10-30 Adaptor Wiring

    No, that should be the main panel, any you should be fine.
  46. davewill

    Universal Mobile Connector Tesla NEMA 10-30 Adaptor Wiring

    Maybe. We don't have any real data either way. It obviously hasn't been a big problem.
  47. davewill

    Tesla Charging Adaptor (SAE J1772)

    What EVSE is it anyway? if you mentioned it, I couldn't find it. Also, exactly how are you noticing the arcing? Do you hear it, or just see some signs of scorching, or ...
  48. davewill

    Universal Mobile Connector Tesla NEMA 10-30 Adaptor Wiring

    Tesla gets away with repurposing the neutral because neutral is connected to ground at the main panel, and a 10-30 should be the only receptacle on the circuit, so neutral and ground are the same thing. However, there is one common scenario that can cause problems. If the 10-30 is wired from a...
  49. davewill

    Tesla Charging Adaptor (SAE J1772)

    You may have better luck on a Ford forum, as they will know more about your particular vehicle, but I've owned other EVs and know quite a bit about how J1772 works, so here we go. There are a couple of issues here. 1. It MAY be ok if the EVSE is left energized when you reach your charge level...
  50. davewill

    Tesla Charging Adaptor (SAE J1772)

    A little more detail would be helpful. Is it arcing when you unplug or arcing while you're charging? If the latter, how do you know? Arcing happens when make or break a connection that has current flowing through it or you have current flowing through a very poor conneciton. That's why you...