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  1. Msjulie

    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    Easy for me - 3 is more fun (as determined by me based on handling primarily)
  2. Msjulie

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    Seriously I doubt Elon time is in this epoch, again the bundle-of-wires thing was easier than I thought ...
  3. Msjulie

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    The local Monterey county folks were perfectly willing to provide me a Tesla kit but Tesla was not; so when I went in to get the gen 4 ECU for my car after I ordered my bundle of wires, they asked my vin (which would have been a reason to not sell to me right?) and came right out with the part...
  4. Msjulie

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    And good luck getting it from Tesla - I gave up after asking every couple months and did it myself - search for "bundle of wires" for more details
  5. Msjulie

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    Tesla offered me the chance to upgrade for a year now except every time I tried to schedule it, sorry no parts. I finally just did what a lot of folks here have done, bought the computer from Tesla and the magic bundle of wires and swapped it myself. I'll get the Tesla adapter when I can...
  6. Msjulie

    Reuters: "Tesla readies revamped Model 3 with project 'Highland' -sources" [projected 3rd quarter 2023]

    I'm not alone in being less than thrilled with the lack of physical controls (youtube is full of people complaining about car makers copying Tesla's onscreen experience) and so the removal of the stalks is a step too far for me. I wish I believed everything about Tesla's was best in class or...
  7. Msjulie

    Reuters: "Tesla readies revamped Model 3 with project 'Highland' -sources" [projected 3rd quarter 2023]

    Yep everyone has their own needs and preferences.. I for one am glad the super charger network is (slowly) opening to others as it remains a big obstacle for a more car-to-car comparison - curious to see what if any impact that will have on Tesla products going forward. Lucky for me, my 2018...
  8. Msjulie

    Reuters: "Tesla readies revamped Model 3 with project 'Highland' -sources" [projected 3rd quarter 2023]

    I do not believe I am whining nor are others which feel like the newer car has deficiencies for not very good reasons; that characterization is not productive nor accurate and doesn't help your argument in my view Since it is a very subjective call I won't bother you further with my preferences
  9. Msjulie

    Reuters: "Tesla readies revamped Model 3 with project 'Highland' -sources" [projected 3rd quarter 2023]

    Highland, if it comes to the USA as-is, adds new bumper brake and tail lights because that's the law; lights visible even if trunk open. So that savings is false, I believe the real reason outside of styling is that it's harder to misalign 1 lamp per side vs two. Whatever, not having stalks...
  10. Msjulie

    Model 3 Performance/AWD Clunking sound

    Yeah I get it, I was mostly commenting about the words used - to me greasing a slip joint or similar function is not rubbing is all...
  11. Msjulie

    Model 3 Performance/AWD Clunking sound

    @AlanSubie4Life I guess I would have expected a word like re-grease or re-pack the CV joints or something, rubbed just doesn't have that meaning for me! :)
  12. Msjulie

    Model 3 Performance/AWD Clunking sound

    I know what re-torquing is but clue what rubbed is, typo? Please clarify :)
  13. Msjulie

    2023 Model 3 without USS and proximity functionality [park assist / summon not available]

    Yup it's all cost saving not oh-so-cool UI ( sigh, means I won't be replacing my 3 anytime since I want actual stalks especially for the PRND stuff) I used to respect Elon, now I have my Tesla in spite of him .
  14. Msjulie

    Premium Connectivity Vs. Connectivity to WiFi/HotSpot on phone

    For me it's not the $ it's the value for the $ - I expect that's the case for many.
  15. Msjulie

    Failure of audio from phone - help

    It's weird to me that playing music over bluetooth to the car should care about connectivity since it shouldn't be using any cell data from the car. Feels like some other bug 🤷‍♀️
  16. Msjulie

    Headlight flashing after update?!?

    Maybe the light is simply failing; I recall a time in the earlier builds it was common enough that I saw posts on it though our 2018 is fine
  17. Msjulie

    You all have about talked me out of a Tesla altogether...

    Our 2018 Model 3 feels pretty much the same as the day we got it, no squeaks, rattles or what not and still puts a grin on my face on every drive. Still no CarPlay so there's that but... 2 family members recently got a Model Y, too big for me but both think it's perfect for the job; newer...
  18. Msjulie

    Mobile Charger: Do I need it?

    This made me laugh - who visits a friend and offers to pay utility bills for lights, water, food, etc during the visit? None that I have ever encountered (not including going out to dinner and such and visitor offers to pay) and like what someone above said, the minor cost for this charge and...
  19. Msjulie

    Own a 2022 ID4 Pro/s but interested in the model 3 performance. Have some questions

    I don't know about that; there are plenty of quick EVs and even other ICE cars now. Safety is in the hands of the driver. You can crash anything if you're driving like a moron.
  20. Msjulie

    M3 Parking Brake makes loud sound when sitting all night [Update: normal if parked and rotors wet]

    Can't be 100% sure I'm understanding you but did you park the car when wet ie after rain or just driven? If so sounds like the before-mentioned surface rust breaking free, no biggie. Happens to mine every time I park it after a wash, next day
  21. Msjulie

    I think I have the wrong Tesla and I kinda hate it, lol

    Family member has 2023 Model Y Dual Motor; nice car, drives great, reasonably quiet but a bit big for me and too tall. Makes my 2018 feel svelt :) I much prefer the 3 but this family member is about to add a kid to the mix so the Y fits. But for me always the 3
  22. Msjulie

    12 volt battery dies without warning

    Perhaps that one is not; read my post though where he is HOURS from the nearest Tesla with a dead 12v. He got one of those (again I do not know which one and indicated so) and went on his way. I'm lucky the service center is 15 mins from me when I wanted to change my battery out; of course...
  23. Msjulie

    12 volt battery dies without warning

    A friends 12v died and he was literal hours from a tesla service center I sent these links, gathered from this and other forums and he chose one and it was a perfect functional fix Caveat I have not looked at these recently I just saved them just in case...
  24. Msjulie

    12 volt battery dies without warning

    I proactively changed mine right about 4 years; had ICE car batteries go longer and shorter and didn't want the hassle
  25. Msjulie

    First Long Distance Drive

    A couple things to note - Tesla's planned charging stops are based on you driving the speed limit, more or less, the whole way, with weather conditions staying mostly constant from time of plan. If you have a heavy right foot ah hmm.. then you may want to allow the car to charge longer at a...
  26. Msjulie

    Mobile Charger: Do I need it?

    I have one from when Tesla supplied it with the car - used it at an Air BNB that had nothing but a normal 115 and super chargers 30mins away. Not an everyday situation these days but it let me put 25miles on overnight
  27. Msjulie

    No longer able to connect to wi-fi

    And your WiFi can support 2.4 as well as 5? To this day my car is perfectly happy with 2.4 but not 5 and I had to set up my mesh network to do so just for my very special car :rolleyes:
  28. Msjulie

    Emergency Flashers for First Responders

    I've seen aftermarket where local police have kitted out the car but I've never heard of that from Tesla though would be cool
  29. Msjulie

    Why 42 PSI ?

    FWIW (not much probs) we keep our 2018 Model 3 at 45lbs cold, same for the 2023 Model Y - ride is fine in both for our tastes and for the Model 3 the range difference is notable. Model Y too new to prove that but seems reasonable
  30. Msjulie

    Own a 2022 ID4 Pro/s but interested in the model 3 performance. Have some questions

    I've had my 'stealth' performance Model 3 since new in August 2018. It doesn't have some improvements like double pane glass but to my thinking has some better features (radar, parking sensors, a cover over the phone charging area, small things ..) Elon has tried my patience and sensibilities...
  31. Msjulie

    Going on a 500 mile trip and the car and ABRP are totally different. Looking for advice.

    I have noticed this more recently as well; I tend to monitor projected energy use and sometimes select a different charge stop as I like to arrive about 10% (min). Doesn't answer OP question though directly
  32. Msjulie

    Rear ended M3 [is this totaled?]

    Perhaps that depends on company, I was side swiped some years back by someone who tried to run. I got their tag # and called my insurance with the tag # plus other info I got from calling the police during my 'chase' of them to get the tag #. Anyway when the offender was contacted, they...
  33. Msjulie

    Rear ended M3 [is this totaled?]

    Look into diminished value compensation from the trucking company
  34. Msjulie

    M3 RWD charging at 40amp after PCS replacement?

    My 3 can charge 40A but unless I am in a hurry I charge at least just to be a little kinder on the battery. It's charging overnight so no big hurry Maybe it's fake new but mine is at 38 cause once upon a time I read that was reasonable, maybe 32 is better if you're not in a rush. Experts with...
  35. Msjulie

    What is going on with those Model 3/Y Accidents in China / Paris ?

    Even though power assisted, the brakes on Teslas (at least today) are still basically hydraulically actuated and if actually pressed, will stop the car eventually I wonder if one pedal driving contributes in any way to people forgetting what that 'other' pedal is for, sheesh
  36. Msjulie

    Upper Control Arm SC replacement (Out of warranty 2018 M3P)

    My experience is you won't know till the job happens - had my side repeaters replaced because they leaked light so bad at night the camera display was horrible ( you can google that ) - in any case, they listed a price and I was OK to pay it and when I got there they said it would be good will...
  37. Msjulie

    "New" Sources of Tesla 'OEM,' Tesla-like, and/or Third-Party CCS1 Adapters

    Just a note, the option to request that retrofit disappeared from my app as well :(
  38. Msjulie

    Dashcam - manual mode - no record button on screen with sentry mode disabled

    Except I already have what I want in the dock and the number of items is limited so there's that - back in the days when Tesla thought it was ok to have those quick access at the top... well sorry, not for us anymore
  39. Msjulie

    Dashcam - manual mode - no record button on screen with sentry mode disabled

    Best I found is 'honk to save' :( or opening the full screen. Another Tesla UI improvement
  40. Msjulie

    Supercharger cost in Los Angeles - quick and easy - $10/100 miles

    My car also had free-for-life supercharging but I traded it for $5000 (one of Tesla's many weird historical events) and bought stock instead. Still have that stock, should I sold before Elon bought Twitter :)
  41. Msjulie

    $3500 price difference for Model 3 Long Range AWD vs Performance. Which one should I go with?

    My husband probs, he's a champion curb-er
  42. Msjulie

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    They did for me, originally were going to charge me but later offered as 1-time courtesy since my car has Enhanced Auto Pilot from way back - they also claimed these new cameras would have limited warranty but my car has been out of regular warranty since Aug 2022 anyway. Note that the...
  43. Msjulie

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    My car received that recall (not TSB) months before warranty expired last August. It was finally done when parts availability happened early this year. A recall shouldn't have a cost; I didn't even have an estimated cost so something seems odd. Tesla recalls nearly half a million cars over...
  44. Msjulie

    Tesla canceling my order

    FWIW a family member has a Model Y on order and had no end of difficulties with the online folks regarding some details requested by the app; the "fix" was to ignore everything said by the various online contacts and go to the nearby delivery/service center and talk to a live human. It took a...
  45. Msjulie

    P mode vs Park mode

    Maybe a change past 2018 (though seems doubtful) I swapped out the brakes (rotors) on my car and you can see the 'emergency/parking/ electric motor on each rear caliper; this thing, if you don't know how to disengage in service mode, locks the brake pads to the rotors and they'll never be off...
  46. Msjulie

    2023 Model 3 without USS and proximity functionality [park assist / summon not available]

    To be fair, it took nearly a year for the software to for-fill the promises made with all the BS 🔥 hype and such. For me, literally a year after 11 was released did 1) the features they took away return, well mostly 2) the bug count settle down- based on forum spelunking - and I finally updated...
  47. Msjulie

    Why Every New Tesla Now has a heat pump

    For free? I'd probably drop dead with shock if they did.. would then even offer a paid retrofit? Guess it'd be pricy if so.. I'm considering myself lucky they are giving us the option to pay for a new charger board (for the OG Model 3 etc) so I can spend other money for a CCS adapter cause...
  48. Msjulie

    CCS 1 adapter process

    Random question- what happens if you try the CCS adapter on regular J1772 charger?
  49. Msjulie

    HW3.0 upgrade for basic AP owners now free?

    Pardon if I missed it but has anyone seen a difference in energy usage from the new computer? I heard that for the display/media computer, the older Intel Atom ones used less power so figure might be similar here?
  50. Msjulie

    New tires at 21,000 miles

    Keep eye on alignment and tire pressure for best life