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    HELP!!! Adapter stuck.

    Plug in the charge cable until the locking tab clicks. Then press the tab and try to remove the cable with the adapter at the same time.
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    Model X 2023 Bench Seat

    It's a bench. So, no. Technically, you can remove it if you cut it out.
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    Sold Dec 2016 Model S 75 - original owner, SC01 FUSC, MCU2/AP3, EAP

    Approx how many of those miles were done with Supercharging?
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    Service replaced my leather seat with a vegan seat

    I have an early 2017 Model X with black nappa leather seats. I had the left second row seat replaced under warranty. The new seat they gave me is stated as part 1076072-02-B on the invoice. It looks like a vegan (not real leather) seat, similar to my Model 3 and new Teslas. I also noticed they...
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    Metromile dropping all Tesla coverage outside CA

    My insurance also went up 50% a couple months ago. I shopped around and all quotes were similar or higher in price. I have no accidents and no claims. Seems like the industry is realizing how much it costs to repair these cars.
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    Model X 2023 front door

    That sucks. I love being able to walk to the car holding a drink in each hand and just have the door pop open just as I approach from the front and then fully open wide when I walk past it. It's one of the most impressive features. However, I've had the door pop open when I approach and then...
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    Model 3 to model X

    I have both. Model 3 is more fun the drive around town and cheaper to maintain. Model X is the more comfortable highway cruiser with a great view out the front windshield.
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    Sentry Front camera: partly covered and blurry in the bottom 20%

    Common. The black part is the camera surround and the blurry part is the light reflection where the housing meets the glass. Mine looks the same more or less.
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    Rates are up by 50% ??

    Mine is also up 50% in CA. No accidents.
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    Sold FS: Light Harmonic Speakers (x4) Gen2 for Model S

    What's the difference between the LH Model S and Model X speakers? I thought both cars use the same part number speakers. If they work on a Model X, I'm interested in the other two.
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    For "Classic"/"Legacy" Model X: Sonic Carbon Wheels on a Budget

    Lot of words. So you had some secret wheel repair shop repaint them?
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    My MX went from 18 miles to 1 miles after parking?

    That's why they put up the message "We recommend charging now" when you're at low SOC. You can't rely on having that same amount of range left when you return to the car later.
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    Can I re-use my old MY jack pucks on a MX?

    I use my 3 pucks on the X. They are a bit loose fitting, but they work fine. Just put it in the center hole.
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    Feeling a little salty about my purchase.

    Where did you learn that USS is required for auto-presenting doors?
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    Where do you buy the model X wiperblade

    I heard the ones on Amazon are the same quality or close to Tesla OEM. Yes, they have the wiper hoses as well.
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    Tire pressure display 2016 Model X

    Hold down one of the scroll wheels and scroll to Car Status?
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    Does anyone know what this part is? (And why it might be hanging here...)

    Can you get a part number off of it and look it up?
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    Seat heaters - how hot?

    Mine is also not hot compared to my Model 3. Seems to stop heating after 10 mins as well. I brought it in for service and they said it was normal.
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    "Paint" coming off under front emblem

    You could also wrap it or get something similar to this: Model X Tailgate Applique & Front Inlay Cap - Hydro Carbon Fiber Coate https://www.rpmtesla.com/products/model-x-nose-inlay-wrap-many-colors-materials?variant=13637597265979
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    Over Torqued Lug nuts

    How do you know it was 237?
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    Refreshed Model X Falcon Wing Door (FWD) will not open properly

    I have this issue sometimes on my pre-refresh MX. It usually detects the sun as a obstacle when it is low in the sky.
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    MX - Is removing 2016-2017 6S or 5S/7S middle row easier?

    I think around August 2017 is when the 7 seater got the foldable second row bench and matte seatbacks. Earlier 7 seaters with glossy seatbacks are not foldable.
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    Still available?
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    Model X: 2021 used - questions about key fob/card and some small defects

    1. Your car is not compatible with key cards. 2. I don't have a rattle there, but they *should* cover it under warranty if it's a problem. NVH issues are a bit of hit and miss these days. 3. Mine is loose in there as well.
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    Door Handles Not Opening First Try

    I am having this exact problem with my front passenger door as well.
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    Question Regarding Infotainment Upgrade Cost (Received Estimate, Believe to Be Incorrect)

    "This upgrade is available for $2,250 plus applicable tax, including installation, for vehicles equipped with Autopilot Computer 2.0 or 2.5 and for $1,750 plus applicable tax, including installation, for all other vehicles." sounds like it covers AP 3.0 to me. If you have AP 1.0 or no AP, you...
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    2013 TESLA MODEL S FOR SALE ONLY 11,500 MILES !!!!

    Your photo has dealer plates.
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    Controls UI Car model displays incorrectly

    Same happened to me. FSD Beta.
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    IC constantly falls asleep

    That's how it is with MCU1. Old software used to have an option to keep the IC awake, but they got rid of it in the new software.
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    Question Regarding Infotainment Upgrade Cost (Received Estimate, Believe to Be Incorrect)

    I think you are right. It should be $1,750 if you already have the FSD computer. The FSD computer is what costs the extra $500.
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    Buying a Used MX (2016-2017) Final Checklist

    MCU2 wasn't standard until like April 2018.
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    My Model X plaid ->loosing battery 1mile for 30mins in idle time

    Range is just an estimate based on battery voltage across a lot of cells. The car's computer draws several hundred watts when it's awake.
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    Unpredictable Gull Wing doors

    Car parked in the sun for a while is the only time I've had FWD phantom obstructions detected. I've been able to just override by holding the open button. Problem is gone once I've moved somewhere else.
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    Ui screen bug

    Happens to me everyday. Also the charging (lightning bolt) icon has the same behavior.
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    Does your model x trunk look similar?

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    Bought a 2017 Model X 75D

    You can order the keys and trunk floor from Tesla Service. The regen is already lower on the 17 X because it doesn't have a permanent magnet motor.
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    2017 Model X hit hard while parked - totalled?

    You were street-parked and charging? I'm going to say that's totalled. Although the savage will end up overseas where it gets rebuilt.
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    IRO DashCam - Model S AP2 unboxing

    Aftermarket ones are much higher resolution, wider angle, and also record sound. I got mine before the dashcam feature was available for my car.
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    IRO DashCam - Model S AP2 unboxing

    It doesn't record without an SD card. Just buy a new one. I am using a 128GB Samsung Pro Endurance card.
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    What does this rear HVAC control do?

    My guess would be the fan speed. I have the pre-refresh model and the rear climate fan speed is also separate from the front.
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    Best way to earch for a used 6 Seater Model X 100D Long Range

    Early 7-seat models had 3 pedestal seats in the second row that do not fold, as seen in the second half of this video:
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    Plaid Model X - where are the lug nuts in case I have to remove a wheel for a tire repair?

    The online manual has a search box in the upper right, FWIW. https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/modelx/en_us/
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    Refreshed Model-X "Light Show", no falcon wing door flapping?

    Does yours work like this?
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    Plaid Model X - where are the lug nuts in case I have to remove a wheel for a tire repair?

    There's a small hole you can stick a thin hex wrench in to remove the cover around the center of the wheel. The lug nuts are behind that. It's in the manual. https://www.tesla.com/support/do-it-yourself-model-x#lug-nut-covers
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    Does the 2022 model X have MCU2

    Yes. All of them do.
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    2018 Model X 75D

    I'm not an Australia expert, but it sounds like the 8 year warranty is referring to the powertrain warranty (battery and drive motors only). No warranty is going to cover "if anything goes wrong."
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    Front Dashcam Sun Induced Haze?

    Mine looks the same. Maybe even a bit worse than that.