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    2014 P85 HV failure.

    I don't need a person striving to be a bot to tell me my options. I got quotes and went with what I thought was the best option for my scenario.
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    2014 P85 HV failure.

    Car is at Tesla service now. App says 2/11 completion.
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    12v Battery life

    Original lasted over 4 years before giving an error, the replacement is over 4 years old too. Car is in for a new HV and I told them to do the 12volt too
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    2014 P85 HV failure.

    In another thread I posted in failing 12volt came up. It is over 4 years old, and I already had it added to the quote due to age. I am not holding my breath on getting off cheap.
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    2014 MS 85 Battery Died - need advise

    The 12volt is on charger overnight. Can check voltage in morning.
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    2014 P85 HV failure.

    I know there are enough threads about this already but wanted to start one on my particular case. 11/29/22 warranty expired, 1/20/23 car lost traction motor power on way to work briefly saying pack was at 0miles, then began working fine till 1/25/23. This morning when it went to charge it...
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    2014 MS 85 Battery Died - need advise

    Can anyone offer a tip on how to get the screen to activate so I can see the codes, and access tow mode come time to have it hauled to wherever I plan to send it. Considering ReCell and want some screenshots of the errors. I am still leaning Tesla though due to the "factory" warranty rather...
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    2014 85 HV Battery BMS_u029 error 1 month out of warranty and after a recent OTA update, Who else?

    2014 Tesla S P85 125K miles Being told it has a dead cell and needs pack replaced. warranty expired 11/29/22 failure 1/20/23 I believe there was a OTA update in decemeber.
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    2014 MS 85 Battery Died - need advise

    Remote diagnostics says a bad cell. Friday it stopped driving, no power to traction motor but the heat worked so HV connection was still there. 20minutes later it was perfectly fine until it tried to charge last night and sent an error to my phone, now the screens wont even light up........
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    2014 MS 85 Battery Died - need advise

    2014 P85 125k warranty expired Nov29 HV battery died Jan 20th 7 weeks and change after warranty expiration 🤔 Well on the 20th I got errors and car stopped driving in sight of home, then began to function for another few days. As of this morning the screens don't even power up. Drove it 15 miles...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Storming of the Capitol was stupid, but Democrats’ flaming hypocrisy is outrageous Left-wing ‘agitator’ arrested for US Capitol riot involvement released from jail without bail | Politico Fire Kamala Harris Promoted Group That Paid Bail for Murderers and Sex Offenders The riots this summer...
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    Wire size for wall charger

    It is critical that when spending $50k on a car you make sure to spend bare minimum on charging infrastructure, the $50 "saved" by making sure you go as small as possible on wire is going to be the $50 that makes.you financially sound later.
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    Why you may see 4680s in the model S and model X very soon

    I would think the powerwall would be the easiest of the products to update cells in
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    So Tired of Curb Rash!

    Over the decades I have clipped a curb or two and not once have I blamed the car.
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    Aggressive Regenerative Braking in new RWD?

    I agree with @WarpedOne batteries were different temps.
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    48 amps and battery health

    When thinking of fast vs slow charging think about the time to charge from empty to full. Is 5-6-7hours to fully charge from empty fast charging? No it's not, not even close.
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    Million Miles tease / hint?

    The million mile car thing is delusion, the rest of the car is just a car and nowhere near up to the task. Yes it can happen but won't ever be a regular thing and if you can put down the kool aid you will find out some ice go 300-400-500k miles
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    Conditioning time on cold morning

    Defrost is about safe vision so dependant on weather of the day. If the inside begins to fog from breath at least with the resistance heat cars we can have full blast defrost kick on in seconds
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    Problem with “Depart at” charging

    I had a loaner 3 few weeks ago and currently working weekends, the "depart at 5:30am" worked every time far as cabin preheat, but was inconsistent if charging was done. My P85 on the other hand is finishing charging an hour early and I have been manually preheating the cabin because when I...
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    Windshield washer fluid running over side window

    And will a gutter increase wind noise?
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    Windshield washer fluid running over side window

    When I lose my grip on my phone it rapidly accelerates towards the ground. I find that annoying.
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    Considering Selling my F-150 Raptor for Model 3 Performance

    I have always had full-size cars or trucks, but am much more average height and weight. I had a 3 for 2 weeks while my P85 was in for service, I couldn't imagine owning one yes the handling is nimble but I just found it too small. I have a wife and two girls and 4 days a week I pick up 4 kids...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    There is talk of people involved on the 6th being "terrorists" and being put on no fly lists and all kinds of stuff, and they didn't try and set an occupied structure on fire. There is wildly disparate treatment but not they way the politicians claim. An app has been blacklisted under the guise...
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    Preconditioning Car Yield Full Regen Capability?

    Just drive the car, worry about warming the interior for you, let the car worry about the battery and afapt to how it drives.
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    Hit 50th state last year, now...

    I have nothing to add beyond it is great to see someone 70+ still truly LIVING LIFE. I hope my retirement is that great, though still a long ways off.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    You have to actively dodge information to think rules are being applied equally. https://mobile.twitter.com/CaldronPool/status/1300244705649676289 Look at the calls to put wednesdays protesters on no-fly lists and such absent proof of direct acts of violence by thise individuals even, they...
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    Heating - air con vs fan

    The point about running the AC to keep the system lubricated might have been a thing a decade before Tesla was conceived but isn't a thing today and hasn't been for along time. The AC is part of battery cooling and I am sure the car does periodic readiness checks at startup. I think some of...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    The 50 dead every weekend is a false equivalence but the 25+ dead in the 500 riots this summer is not. I also question the 5 dead since only 2 seem to be connected to the violence. I think they need to charge everyone involved in political violence but let's do it in chronological order...
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    Wireless charging the batteries?

    "Able to achieve" and "in the lab" sound like qualifiers that suggest might not be as good in the real world.
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    Wireless charging the batteries?

    If Tesla's goal is sustainability and power savings why offer a charging option that is less efficient? Different vehicles of different efficiencies serve different purposes, so it is justifiable to build a 3 and a CT but wireless charging wastes energy for very small convenience gains.
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    Wireless charging the batteries?

    I will admit not having researched it much since my initial curiosity several years ago lead to me to figures like 20% wasted as heat. Quick search today lead me to articles suggesting 94-97% is possible today which is great. One even said 97% at 120kw in the lab, which would make me wrong...
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    Wireless charging the batteries?

    Just think about how warm your cell phone gets wireless charging, now scale that up to supercharging rates......... Pure delusion, wired is more efficient and will remain the primary way cars charge. I didn't buy a Tesla for efficiency but I do appreciate that aspect, going wireless throws out...
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    Cybertruck Skatboard

    Pretty sure the body is the structure, that is where they are saving cost. So aside from they won't, what you want isn't even a thing.
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    Covid Frunk

    Depending on weather I will use the frunk to keep things cooler. I have found that opening the frunk draws attention of people who think you might need help
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    Cybertruck Home Charging - New Onboard Charger?

    I am not arguing everyone will need more than 48amps but I really think some CT owners are going to push things enough to appreciate a more powerful option.
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    Cybertruck Home Charging - New Onboard Charger?

    Not everyone lives on a coast. Consider the CT is going to be hungry. The gen 3 WC is rated to give the 3 44mph but the X just 30 from the same connection, stands to reason the CT will be less efficient yet even without being used as a truck. I don't think most people are considering increased...
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    Some Spotify songs grayed out - not playable

    This bares repeating 1984......
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    Covid Frunk

    Should keep your own chickens. That way you don't need to go to Walmart for eggs.
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    Adding Charger at Work

    I could tell you lived in Cali before clicking your profile. The local employer I know of with restricted Chargepoints has 1000 employees and only ever seen 2 different EVs there........ In Cali sure 2/20 isn't enough, but elsewhere would be completely reasonable.
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    Covid Frunk

    Just make sure not to touch those groceries because someone else touched them.
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    Overpaying for CHAdeMO adapter on eBay

    Capitalizing on ignorant folks.
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    Windshield Washer Sucks

    Had a loaner 3 for almost 2 weeks and ,yeah that washer is garbage.
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    Adding Charger at Work

    Frequent R&R of 14-50 plugs is not good so I would do a hardwired J1772. Do you have concerns about public use? I know one local employer went with ChargePoint units so they can grant access, and it is a paid system not free. Probably not worth your hassle. If you want to make sure it is just...
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    2016 75D Throwing up lots of errors, won't engage drive

    When the TPMS module failed in my car it jambed up the CANBUS and generated all kinds of wild errors. Happened while driving and the car I nursed it to Tesla Service wouldn't even go into park, and thought it was going 60mph the whole weekend park in Tesla's lot. Wracked 2500miles on that...
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    ABRP Planning with Roof Cargo Box

    Lighter wheels might help in conditions where you frequently accelerate, and don't use regen well. They can't help in steady state cruising because it is acceleration events are where they might save energy. They might actually hurt long distance high speed range if the aerodynamics of them are...
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    Cybertruck charging

    @Feathermerchan So you would argue against overkill even at time of construction? I think one detail folks are overlooking is that miles added per hour is going to be lower in the CT than everything else given the same supply. A 60amp wall connector is rated at 44mph for a 3 but only 30 for an...
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    Cybertruck charging

    I would do thicker wire, in the scope of building a house the cost of a little thicker wire is nothing. The CT has the potential to be very hungry if used as a truck, you wont regret having capacity to feed it whatever it can take, plus EVs are only becoming more common amd eventually the...
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    Regen braking weakened?

    Temps below about 50f can begin to reduce regenerative braking. The pack is heavy so it will lag temp wise vs ambient. Also the heat pump equipped cars are being reported to over scavenge heat from the battery.
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    Warming battery icon in app

    Some folks seem to be oblivious that much of the country goes way below freezing. This winter has been warm sofar but most years Green Bay has seen sub-zero by now as in F not C. Most years I will see -15f at home and have seen -25f a few times. If the pack chills to 28f it only needs a few...
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    Choosing A Tesla Home-charging Option

    One overlooked reason for buying something is to have a backup. Never know when something will fail, be broken, stolen or vandalized. Maybe your backup is a neighbor's connection, nearby public L2 or at work. That was one of the reasons I bought a wall connector, my UMC is now the backup. I...