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  1. pilotSteve

    FSD Beta v11.x

    ** multi focal contact lenses **
  2. pilotSteve

    FSD Beta v11.x

    So glad my 2017 S90D does not have these cameras. “Brick on a string”…….
  3. pilotSteve

    Supercharger failure - Oak Brook Mall (dead Teslas?)

    Be prepared. Often used words, not often implemented. This truly is the crux of the issue.
  4. pilotSteve

    FSD Owners - Do any of you prefer leaving it off?

    “PSD”… partial self driving.
  5. pilotSteve

    FSD Owners - Do any of you prefer leaving it off?

    I leave it off when others are riding with me. It’s still a science experiment that can blow up easily, sort of like shaking a beaker full of Nitro!
  6. pilotSteve

    FSD V12 (end to end AI)

    I’m your garage or while driving?
  7. pilotSteve

    Hooked up 400VDC cables backwards to motor

    That doesn’t make sense to me. if the terminals you want to use are powered, there will be voltage present even with no load.
  8. pilotSteve

    Hooked up 400VDC cables backwards to motor

    DC volt meter will tell you.
  9. pilotSteve

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    “Here I sit, broken hearted. Went to honk and only farted”
  10. pilotSteve

    FSD Beta v11.x

    On my MacBook, this was displayed on .... wait for it..... page 666!
  11. pilotSteve

    New 2023 Model S owner......Oct 12,2023......Former Rivian R1T owner

    Not to be (overly) funny.... but how did you "lose" your R1T?
  12. pilotSteve

    FSD Beta v11.x

    yup, VERY NICE.
  13. pilotSteve

    USB port function

    You can format the USB stick to have multiple partitions so music is kept separate from dash cam on a single device. search the forums for detailed instructions if you need more help.
  14. pilotSteve

    From 17 to 23 S with FSD Transfer

    Well, mine works about 85% of the time….so you should be happy.
  15. pilotSteve

    2016+ Front license Plate holder

    No, simple black plastic. Functional but fugly
  16. pilotSteve

    2016+ Front license Plate holder

    "I WISH!" nah... just the black plastic one.
  17. pilotSteve

    2016+ Front license Plate holder

    haha I bought my 2016 S90D in Washington which doesn't require front plates. Fast forward to 2023: moved to Colorado. YUP they require both front and back plates. Local Tesla service happily gave me a front plate holder (free) 6 years later, and all is now good here.
  18. pilotSteve

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Tell your Tesla to stop looking longingly at other cars!
  19. pilotSteve

    Trade in 2017 Model S for a Y

    I have my 2017 S90D. It has upgraded MCU2 and would NOT replace it with M3 just because of my personal preferences. Has been the best vehicle I've owned since my 1970 Alpha Romeo Spyder.
  20. pilotSteve

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    (not intended to be political) Has there been any reports of how Tesla's handled the Maui fires? Curious if there were any significant cases reported where the battery ignited.
  21. pilotSteve

    Model X Ultra Red Waiting Room

    For comparison here is my 2012 Sig 85 in “Signature Red”. Still my favorite color!
  22. pilotSteve

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    Thinking of the irony here.... My Signature S85 from 2017 is equipped with the "new" NACS plug.... and has been for over 5 years!
  23. pilotSteve

    What is the best colour for Tesla Model 3?

    ”Signature Red” from 2012 is (well… was) the best color Tesla ever offered!
  24. pilotSteve

    How much are you willing to pay for FSD V12?

    I have exactly the same text from when I purchased my 2016 S90D with "full self driving"..... Still waiting...
  25. pilotSteve

    Autonomous Car Progress

    So when do we expect Tesla to retrofit radar to all its FSD vehicles?
  26. pilotSteve

    Soft click noise on go pedal press from hold position

    That’s the e-brake booster solenoid releasing I believe. Normal and expected.
  27. pilotSteve

    12V battery source

    I got the "replace 12V battery" at at just under 7 years, so had mobile service do it right away. I think you will likely get the warning pretty soon....
  28. pilotSteve

    Blinker fluid, where do I fill on a Model X?

    Clearly you would be filling the “master” blinker, so it’s either the left or right (depending on country of origin).
  29. pilotSteve

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Well, after you mind is blown… you are technically “mindless”, right?
  30. pilotSteve

    Should I trade up ?

    I use a 2x4 as a wheel stop….
  31. pilotSteve

    10 second delay to unlock charging port after FSD camera upgrade.

    "two finger salute". I use that far too often to fix weird glitches...
  32. pilotSteve

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    RIP safety score! Good riddance. For the love of Pete.... NEVER AGAIN!!!
  33. pilotSteve

    FSD Beta v11.x

    uhhhh WTF is TGC? This is what could find
  34. pilotSteve

    Availability of 2022.45.11 containing FSD 11.3.2

    Passing on the right legally varies from state to state. In Arizona: 8-724. Overtaking on the right A. The driver of a vehicle may overtake and pass on the right of another vehicle only under the following conditions: 1. When the vehicle overtaken is making or about to make a left turn. 2...
  35. pilotSteve

    There will be NO HW4 upgrade for HW3 owners

    Yes! That is the car (S90D w/ FSD) I purchased in 12/2016. Still waiting.......
  36. pilotSteve

    Fsd update

    Did you request camera replacements? MCU2 replacement, HW3 and finally camera replacements each had to be dogged with service until they finally completed all of them. Then finally received FSD just before Christmas. Keep bugging service until you get it!!!!
  37. pilotSteve

    FSD Beta 10.69

    Yeah, it never even reached Vr
  38. pilotSteve

    New changes to Model S

    It’s basically just like hitting “refresh” in your browser…. makes a request for fresh info, but just gives you the same old stuff. Until one day it doesn’t!!
  39. pilotSteve

    [UK centred discussion] The cat is out of the bag. True FSD will never happen for cars below HW4

    Hey hey hey! *finally* my 2016 S90D (purchased with FSD hahaha) and updated to HW3 4 months ago.... actually self drove me from Phoenix to Prescott (3 hours of highway driving at 80-ish mph) without any 'take over' alerts or even scary driving behavior. FSD may not be perfect but it has come...
  40. pilotSteve

    There will be NO HW4 upgrade for HW3 owners

    For what it's worth.... I purchased FSD on my 2017 S90D and its been quite a long stream of updates and mods to finally achieve FSD as of 2022!! Yes I had to pay for MCU2 (but that upgrade is immediately notable with improved responsiveness and HW3 computer), then cameras were updated in late...
  41. pilotSteve

    There will be NO HW4 upgrade for HW3 owners

    Well, DUH! Its the *complexity* of achieving each doubling of safety that increases exponentially!!!
  42. pilotSteve

    HW4 sensor suite and hi-res camera updates?

    I have to say - drove 350 miles today (mostly highway/interstate) and had NO unplanned disconnects, no phantom braking, and very good comfort with how steering, braking and accelerating was quite smooth, never bad and only disconnected when I get into traffic circles, which I know it will screw...
  43. pilotSteve

    HW4 sensor suite and hi-res camera updates?

    Then Elon should have listened to his lawyers when they told him that in 2016 but instead he chose to sell it to customers!
  44. pilotSteve

    HW4 sensor suite and hi-res camera updates?

    There fixed it for you :-)
  45. pilotSteve

    HW4 sensor suite and hi-res camera updates?

    I think this just makes me more convinced to hold on to my 2017 S90D with FSD that was advertised to drive me across the country while I slept or worked. What if they say "well, it does but it requires HW6" (or something). At what point do they basically have to give us new vehicles?
  46. pilotSteve

    Considering to purchase 2016 Model S 90D

    057 Tech - he has all the answers! And has been a long term TMC supporter and technical consultant.
  47. pilotSteve

    Considering to purchase 2016 Model S 90D

    I have exactly the same situation and am going to contact @wk057 about buying his extended warranty. Love my ‘16 S90D with white ultraleather ventilated seats and multi coat red paint!
  48. pilotSteve

    FSD Discount

    Do you have HW3/MCU2 and updated cameras? Set that up with service (cameras are no charge, MCU2 you pay for) and you will receive an OTA that enables FSD. Have patience (and persistence) and it will arrive! I know.... I bought in 2016 and finally received 4 months ago. Persist!!!
  49. pilotSteve

    2023 Model 3 without USS and proximity functionality [park assist / summon not available]

    … only if they parked a car with automatic transmission the night before… and woke up to find it now has a 3rd pedal and shifter.