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  1. Uncle Paul

    Planning a trip. Confused as to why multiple charging stops.

    You will also enjoy your trip much more if you take a couple breaks along the way.
  2. Uncle Paul

    Model S Refresh - 2021 or 2022 Model Year?

    I remember in 1964 when Ford released the new Mustang as a 1964 1/2 Model. These model years are flexible and fluid, depending on what the Marketing people want to claim.
  3. Uncle Paul

    Raven air suspension question

    You have a Raven. It was a significant update to S&X. Updated suspension, faster charging, faster computer, updated interior and faster acceleration. Generally considered the high point of the line up until the release of plaid.
  4. Uncle Paul

    Any tall drivers take delivery of the refreshed S yet?

    Bigger people might also check out the Model X. Much easier to get in and out of, plus way more roomy feeling.
  5. Uncle Paul

    Should I upgrade from my '21 Model X

    This is also an effective way to keep those with orders already placed from cancelling their orders due to long waits.
  6. Uncle Paul

    WHy would anyone buy a MS Plaid????

    Play will give a better driving experience. People have been paying a premium prices for that forever.
  7. Uncle Paul

    First Refreshed Model X Deliveries in July

    Used Model X’s have very good resale prices right now. Many can sell them close to what they net cost them after incentives.
  8. Uncle Paul

    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    Tesla has a policy of constantly looking at things that can be improved or content changed to improve profitability. Chip shortages will obviously have them considering which ones can be eliminated to optimize production. Tesla has stated their data shows the passenger lumbar support is rarely...
  9. Uncle Paul

    Measuring the panel gaps upon delivery

    People obsessing about body panel gaps are missing the whole point about driving a Tesla. If it looks good and performs well the car should be accepted. Elon has mentioned that panel gaps should get better as they introduce more large castings instead of many smaller parts that need to be welded...
  10. Uncle Paul

    Shudder @ 90mph: Alignment already?

    Have them check wheel balance as well.
  11. Uncle Paul

    Why does Tesla suspension suck so bad?

    3&y ride as well as most other competitive models that offer great handling and low profile tires. Most of the cars that ride smoother also do not handle as well.
  12. Uncle Paul

    Canceled 2021 S Model for good reason

    Believe the greatest polluters on the planet are cloud storage and search engines. We are all tapping away claiming environmental awareness.
  13. Uncle Paul

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Wonder who will be first to install a spinner knob on their yoke. Think it would solve all these concerns.
  14. Uncle Paul

    Blog Model S Plaid With Yoke Steering Wheel Spotted Near Factory

    With the new personal camera their may be no need to rest your hand on the wheel to provide torque to cancel the nag. Autopilot may become Nag Free.
  15. Uncle Paul

    Plaid+ CANCELLED

    Perhaps Tesla wants to use the batteries scheduled to go into Plaid + and use them to churn out even more Cybertrucks and Model Y's.
  16. Uncle Paul

    Plaid+ CANCELLED

    Customers want tons of free and precise customer service and constant access to data and information. Businesses want to run as efficiently as possible. Solution would be to simply charge for all customer/corporation communications. They could charge ala carte for those wishing to constantly be...
  17. Uncle Paul

    Model 3 and Model Y Brake Caliper Bolts Inspection Service Appointment

    Everybody wants the manufacturer to be transparent, then proceeds to not want to be transparent themselves.
  18. Uncle Paul

    Anyone else concerned/feeling short changed taking delivery on the new Model 3/Y?

    If Tesla vision gets rid of the phantom braking, and works well on the road...that is a huge plus.
  19. Uncle Paul

    Sit-to-start function [on other EVs]

    Imagine that in the VW you need to step on the brake before selecting a gear as well.
  20. Uncle Paul

    Unhappy with how trade in value decreased for unexplained reason [2021]

    Just like the value of your stock, used car prices can go up or down depending on a ton of circumstances. Buyers take reconditioning costs into consideration when they offer you a final price. Solution is relatively simple. If you do not like the price Tesla is offering, simply sell it to...
  21. Uncle Paul

    Anyone else concerned/feeling short changed taking delivery on the new Model 3/Y?

    Enjoy your new car. Do not constantly compare your items to those of others. Reminds me of when buyers were obsessing about the lack of bag hooks in their frunks. (Cost only a couple bucks it they wanted them). People that never previously had a frunk in their lives were in anguish that they...
  22. Uncle Paul

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Model X has a different audience than Model S. X has unique tax benefits and depreciation schedules that are attractive to small profitable business owners. Also for families that need the larger interior space for passengers, child seats and gear. Also, those incomes are well above average...
  23. Uncle Paul

    Sales Advisor's mobile phones taken away

    Imagine that Tesla wants to maintain control over their internal communications.
  24. Uncle Paul

    What do you do for a living?

    I am a model for several mens health magazines. I pose as the "before" guy :)
  25. Uncle Paul

    Lowering charge current at supercharger

    The purpose of the idle fee is to get you to move your car when you have finished charging. Supercharger stations are not designed to be parking spots.
  26. Uncle Paul

    Tesla Solar Panel Price

    My quote broke out panel costs and labor costs. Exact to the penny what they quoted me.
  27. Uncle Paul

    Noise Cancellation

    Much of the road noise is because Model 3&Y use relatively wide and high performance tires than the cars mentioned in posts above. Prius especially uses very narrow tires, which while quieter, offer little in the way of sporting handling.
  28. Uncle Paul

    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    This is a great example of Tesla being able to use their vast amount of data to make production decisions. If seat lumbar supports are in limited supply, Tesla would need to perhaps reduce production by 1/2. With tons of people waiting for a long time to get their cars Tesla could simply only...
  29. Uncle Paul

    Geico = gouge-co

    Gotta shop around.
  30. Uncle Paul

    California Utilities Plan All Out War On Solar, Please Read And Help

    Cars cause very little wear to our highways. Most all degradation is caused by heavy trucks and the weather. Currently cars are taxed way to high to compensate for the wear they do. Most of the highway fuel taxes are diverted from repairing roads into more politically desirable mass...
  31. Uncle Paul

    Which production date X to target?

    If ride comfort is important for you, the Raven with adaptable air Suspension would be worth the extra $. The shocks run in comfort mode during normal driving, but automatically firm up at higher speeds or in corners. Gives a smooth ride plus great comfort and handling when the need arises.
  32. Uncle Paul

    Traded test drives with my brother-in-law's Porsche Boxster

    Comparing a 4 door family electric sedan to one of the best handling 2 door convertables in the World is unfair. Porsche is a well built, but premium priced sports car with limited capabilities. It also does it's share of pollution and consumes poisionus gasoline. The feel fun to drive, but are...
  33. Uncle Paul

    I need to vent. I want to love this car, but I can't anymore.

    Some would say that focusing on panel gaps is perhaps missing the whole mission of Tesla.
  34. Uncle Paul

    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    Wonder if EVs produced by Union Workers pollute less than those produced by independent workers? Blatant Pandering to Unions to get election $$$
  35. Uncle Paul

    Why Lease a car?

    Lease Vs. Finance Vs. Cash buy has been argued forever. Most of the time it is dependant on the financial and emotional state of the buyer. Just as often, whether it is financially beneficial will depend on how the buyers circumstances change over the length of the lease. Getting into a lease...
  36. Uncle Paul

    My thoughts on 2018 Model X after Turo Rental

    The X is a fantastic machine. The latest Raven updates has made it even more so. Raven gives faster charging, longer range, remarkable adaptable shocks combined with air suspension to alow the car to raise and lower, handle better and ride more comfortably. They were value priced as new ones...
  37. Uncle Paul

    Will lifetime unlimited supercharging canceled with 16 model

    Tesla allows Free Supercharging For Life to be transfered only once to a new owner. If you buy from a private party, you can often transfer that benefit to the new owner...but only once. In the case of buying from a dealership, that usually results in at least two transfers...from the seller...
  38. Uncle Paul

    Giving up on buying a Tesla because of the Supercharger situation?

    San Diego owners used to face a similar issue. There were few options to charge for taking a road trip here, and the few Superchargers (QualComm) were often clogged with a local EV taxi service. Now there are many Supercharger stations, all over the County that owners can choose from. They...
  39. Uncle Paul

    Model 3 rear door no unpowered emergency release safety

    In the good ol' days people used to lock their keys inside their cars all the time. Would see owners bending coat hangers to thread inside through the rubber weather seal. People with sedans had a harder time because it was hard to jam in through the metal window channel. People would install...
  40. Uncle Paul

    You pull in to Supercharge and... what do you see?

    Most of the time you will pull into a Supercharger with many open spots. Since pillars are paired up, you will want to select a paired stall with both being empty. This way you will not need to share a charge with your neighbors. If all stalls are filled, you will notice a line that has formed...
  41. Uncle Paul

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Lectric has reported that over 10,000 Tesla are completed and staged for delivery, but are missing one or more essential components. Believe this is mainly responsibe for all the delays. Evidently beyond Tesla's control.
  42. Uncle Paul

    Questions About Buying A Used X

    Some feel that the 2019 Raven package was a significant enhancement. Longer range, smoother suspension, better handling, quicker charging, updated interior etc. Benefits of the X over Y is the larger battery, quieter interior, smoother ride, panorama windshield, longer range, greater carrying...
  43. Uncle Paul

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Most manufacturers have a policy of not commeting on future products. It will be some time before we can get some actual hands on reporting and reviews from early owners. I remember waiting 1 1/2 years to take delivery of my first X. Nobody knew what a fantastic car it would turn out to be...
  44. Uncle Paul

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    My delivery date for x LR just got moved to November.
  45. Uncle Paul

    Delivery Pickup Trade-In Conundrum

    Simply explain that you will be adding additional miles on your trade in when bringing it in. Tesla can calculate this when making your trade in offer.
  46. Uncle Paul

    Good News for the rest of us.

    Yes. Elon mentioned he was not comfortable with the recent surge in polluting energy use by bit coin miners.
  47. Uncle Paul

    Transportation fee when order is canceled

    If you agree to purchase an inventory car, you become responsible for paying the transportation charge, even if you cancell or refuse delivery.
  48. Uncle Paul

    Climate Change Denial

    I will be more willing to accept global warming alarmists when I see masses of people moving away from costal areas.