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  1. Lloyd

    Update on Tesla Sevice station damage to my Model S

    Reject it and have them repaint.
  2. Lloyd

    Found this during delivery, seats punctured?

    Child safety seats latch point?
  3. Lloyd

    How much should the HOA charge? (I'm the HOA president)

    Chargepoint has an option for you as well. Users pay for use, and chargepoint reimburses the HOA for the electricity used plus a small profit depending on the price you wish to charge. https://www.chargepoint.com/solutions/apartments
  4. Lloyd

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    But it does not come with wheels! Hover option only!!
  5. Lloyd

    Car on old firmware

    I have a friend that is on 2022.8.10.16 He has FSD and a hardware 3 upgrade. He has opted into Beta, but cant get most of the newer features with the older software. Service has told him that his software is current. I can't see how at almost two years old!
  6. Lloyd

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    Is there any retrofit tail lights for a 2024 S Plaid?
  7. Lloyd

    Are replacement 12v batteries covered by any warranty?

    Thats what I was told by the mobile service guy. Thats all that I have.
  8. Lloyd

    Renting a Y from Hertz?

    I have rented several EV's from Enterprise and it was never required to return it with a charge. I heard that Hertz was unloading all of their Teslas due to the complications and costs to repair.
  9. Lloyd

    Are replacement 12v batteries covered by any warranty?

    Once you have the 12V battery replaced, Tesla will warranty it for 30 months. I just had one replaced by mobile service $119 total in 2018 model 3. Great experience.
  10. Lloyd

    7 Major Automakers Band Together to build their own Network.

    Tesla is the only company that paid back their government loans EARLY! The other automakers are slow walking their loans. So yes they get subsidies and incentives to build new facilities, but so do the others when they are expanding.
  11. Lloyd

    Paint chip

    It's your responsibility to catch any defects in paint prior to leaving the delivery with the car.
  12. Lloyd

    M3 lemon law arbitration with Tesla resolutions team

    someone advised him NOT to post on social media!!
  13. Lloyd

    What happened to the paint?

    Sorry I am away from my car and will not be back to it for two months.
  14. Lloyd

    Would you give up free supercharging for life?

    I have free supercharging on my 13 S p+. I rarely use it. I would like to sell it and make it a benefit for the new owner.
  15. Lloyd

    Does anybody adjust their charging amps using app?

    When charging to 100% before a trip, I adjust the charge rate to finish just before the time of my departure.
  16. Lloyd

    GM just adopted NACS 🤯🤯🤯

    I have a CCS1 to Tesla adapter for sale. Please PM me if interested!
  17. Lloyd

    Has anyone cut ties with your utility in California?

    The regulations say that you have to be connected to "A grid" . It does not say that you have to be connected to the local utility. I see no reason that if you have a reliable Microgrid of your own design that you would not be able to disconnect. I had all the regulations copied and ready to...
  18. Lloyd

    Has anyone cut ties with your utility in California?

    I went off grid for 6 months last summer but did not actually cut the cord. 15Kw solar plus 4 Powerwalls. It is difficult to do in the wintertime with multiple cars charging and cloudy days.
  19. Lloyd

    Optimizing NEM2.0 for PG&E EV2-A rate

  20. Lloyd

    Tesla Semi delivery event, 1 December 2022

    It was a DOT number.
  21. Lloyd

    Tesla Semi delivery event, 1 December 2022

    Saw this in Gardnerville NV yesyerday
  22. Lloyd

    is Registration fee $750 in California?

    Actually it is $175 per year. "Starting this month, a one-time upfront registration fee of $100 will be charged for 2020 model year plug-in vehicles in California. That will be followed by an annual registration fee of up to $175 based on the vehicle’s value. The Golden State is by far the...
  23. Lloyd

    How to keep the car "running" and open when walking away

    Close the door to the first click only. Won't lock and the AC stays on.
  24. Lloyd

    Handgun Vault or Safe for Model Y

    I found this one inexpensive and narrow enough to fit many places. rechargeable and reliable. https://www.amazon.com/WINCENT-Elite-Smart-Gun-Safe/dp/B09QPNYDQW/ref=sr_1_41?crid=3V2WZ5LX1M67S&keywords=gun+safes+for+pistols&qid=1677782773&sprefix=gun+safe%2Caps%2C820&sr=8-41
  25. Lloyd

    I am installing a wall charger 150 ft from the panel. What guage wire should i use?

  26. Lloyd

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    Update: With multiple rainy days and overcast, there is NOT enough to run the house with normal use, let alone the cars.
  27. Lloyd

    Some questions about 14-50 receptacles

    From the Wall connector manual: Wall Connector includes integrated GFCI protection - do not install a GFCI circuit breaker. NEC: https://www.dli.mn.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/NECFAQ20.pdf However changes in 2020 Mandated GFCI for a plug on NEW INSTALLATIONS, but not the appliance. Hard...
  28. Lloyd

    Some questions about 14-50 receptacles

    Yes, but that is not normal for a 240 volt circuit. You are listing the exception.
  29. Lloyd

    Some questions about 14-50 receptacles

    This is not true
  30. Lloyd

    Some questions about 14-50 receptacles

    No GFCI breaker!!
  31. Lloyd

    Seat destroyed by dog

    File an insurance claim and have Tesla send you a new one!
  32. Lloyd

    A couple of Throttle questions?

    "Juice" !
  33. Lloyd

    Is AP4 HW4 coming?

    Translated: Tesla's strongest autopilot chip is exposed, 5nm process capacity has tripled, mass production next year Smart Car Reference ·2022-11-21 20:02 focus on TSMC foundry, computing power above 400TOPS Tesla's next-generation "brain" for autonomous driving -- The latest self-developed...
  34. Lloyd

    Mobile Connector Order Cancelled?

    I ordered one last week and it was delivered within a week.
  35. Lloyd

    Tesla belatedly tries to make their connector a North American standard

    Unless they can convince other manufacturers to buy into the Tesla Supercharger network. That may be why now!!
  36. Lloyd

    Gen 2 Wall Connector Issues

    You can only pull 40 amps from a 14-50 plug continuous. 80% of rated power. Set the HPWC to 40 amps. Check to see that the car is set to charge at 40 amps. Check the wiring behind the plug. You should have #6 copper wire. Check to see how the car ramps up the power use and check the connection.
  37. Lloyd

    Whats the name of your Tesla?

  38. Lloyd

    Model Y on order I cannot take

    careful guys!
  39. Lloyd

    Tesla Supercharger is an illegal monopoly

    Sure, They'll include it and charge $600 more for the car. Maybe they should include a Chademo also? Maybe tokens for free charging on all of the other networks! Of course if will be free :)
  40. Lloyd

    Tesla Supercharger is an illegal monopoly

    Several are available on Ebay for $89
  41. Lloyd

    Tesla Supercharger is an illegal monopoly

    It is readily available on amazon.
  42. Lloyd

    Did Tesla Screw You too? (Registration)

    You can lemon law it as you have given them plenty of opportunity to remedy. I don't think the lemon law applies just to mechanical defects. You have a defect in title. I got a car with no paperwork whatsoever. They told me to drive it.
  43. Lloyd

    first thing to do after tire swap?

    No heavy acceleration for the first day or so. You can spin the rim inside of the tire and screw up the balancing.
  44. Lloyd

    Hertz Employees Taking Up Entire Superchargers - Charging to 100%!

    Fees should apply once the charging is completed.
  45. Lloyd

    Don’t summon your vehicle

    Really? Seems like you were going a little more than 1-2 MPH.
  46. Lloyd

    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    Lots of mobile connectors on Ebay for $200 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=tesla+mobile+connector&_sacat=6028
  47. Lloyd

    Ford requiring owners of F-150 Lightnings to not sell them in first year

    Dealers are selling them for up to 2X MSRP. How is that fair?
  48. Lloyd

    Air pressure in tires very low

    Umm..... Check your tire pressure? Or you have a damaged sensor.