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    Software update 2024.2.7 - battery condition update

    It's always been that way as far as I know: the bms will not charge the battery under a certain temperature, it will heat it first. Even then, charging will be slowed down until the battery reaches the target temp. The BMS protects the battery. Heck, even level 2 charging waits until the battery...
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    New nitrogen filled tires riding very rough

    Just don't drop the pressure too much, that leads to other issues... :)
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    New nitrogen filled tires riding very rough

    Tires are really a personal choice. There are many options because they optimize different things. Maybe you were not directed properly in your choice. Ultra-performance all season will be the best sporty traction you can get while still be all season (although they sacrifice some of that all...
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    New nitrogen filled tires riding very rough

    Going from a Grand Touring all season (MXM4) to a Ultra High performance all season, you should expect worse comfort, while gaining traction.
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    Radio turns on at startup?

    pressing the left wheel "pauses" the media, which I believe also works on radio. Note: after a software update the music forgets the pause and restarts, you need to pause it again once.
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    Supercharger precondition when station short distance

    Yes, but you need to be in the car (or very close) to press a button or use the phone interface. and I'm pretty sure the battery preconditioning will only toggle on if the car is in Drive.
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    Sudden battery drain after 2024.2.7 upgrade - related?

    Everything's possible. You could also be configured to use another profile that has Sentry enabled.
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    Sudden battery drain after 2024.2.7 upgrade - related?

    You most probably have something that is keeping the car awake. Usual suspect is Sentry mode, make sure that is off in the car. If you turn it off in the mobile app it's temporary. Otherwise every time you open your Tesla mobile app you wake the car up and it stays awake for a little while...
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    Can I do a software update via flash drive?

    I believe "I sideloaded a browser" means you added an application on your dongle. You cannot add an application to the car by sideloading. There is already a browser included but it seems the car doesn't want to use it to enter wifi credentials / payment etc...
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    Can I do a software update via flash drive?

    Your best solution might be to buy a cheap SIM with data and use that only when your car needs to download an update, if you don't want a permanent SIM in your phone. OR even a separate, cheap phone just for that purpose...
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    Is it possible to enable Sentry mode for pre-defined hours?

    There shouldn't be a difference. Sentry just keeps the car awake instead of sleeping, that's where the energy consumption comes from. In order to charge the car needs to be awake so adding sentry shouldn't change anything.
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    Supercharger precondition when station short distance

    The ideal case is that you charge when you arrive instead of the next morning. That way your battery is already warm from driving and you can enter that SC as destination so the car preconditions as you drive. I don't believe there's a way to precondition as you ask without you being in the car...
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    Windows Drop Slightly When Closing Driver's Door

    All four windows adjust downwards a bit when parking, and readjust upwards again when you start driving, in cold conditions. That is so they are low enough to open and close the doors if they ever freeze and cannot move for some reason. Verify if that's what's happening to you.
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    Is it possible to enable Sentry mode for pre-defined hours?

    Not in stock form... The car doesn't provide that nor does the mobile app. A service like TeslaFi (or probably any other that calls on the Tesla API) can schedule commands, and changing the sentry status is one of the options: I don't have commands enabled on mine as you can see, but it seems...
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    "Pop/Bang" Sound While Driving (not pre-conditioning)

    I get that here especially in winter as my battery warms up from driving. Same sound as when supercharging. Normal.
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    Slip start in reverse

    I did this once recently to get out of a parking at the airport after being boxed in. I believe slip start works both directions. However as soon as you turn the steering wheel the car reduces power a lot to prevent spinning around.
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    Issue with headlight malfunction in model 3

    Have they replaced the headlight so far?
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    Are any of the tricks to force a software update real?

    Right, you can only force your car to update IF Tesla has already decided that your car was eligible for that update AND your car hasn't yet realized it's available. You only have (some) control over your car realizing that an update is available for it.
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    2024.2.2.1 killed my M3

    The way to get a hold of service is to enter a service request in the mobile app.
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    I have a glictch and need help

    That sounds like the driver's seat sensor is malfunctioning. it happened to me, twice. The car thinks you're still sitting in it so everything stays on. When that happens try opening and closing the driver's door... I believe everything will shut down. If that's your situation, a seat sensor...
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    Determining most efficient charge rate 2023 M3 RWD LFP

    Charging while the battery is already warm, for example returning home after a drive, will charge immediately instead of heating the battery. That's a saving in time and energy. 32A is only 7.5kW of draw. My garage heaters pull that much when they run... I wouldn't call that a huge spike on the...
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    Tesla model 3 (2018) location of the LV Battery Temperature Sensor

    The Tesla Service Manuals are now available online, they should help you find what you need. This is one link although it seems to be for US.
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    Question: How to report cameras to Tesla navigation's new speed camera detection feature?

    Are you using the navigation or just driving around? Cameras are only indicated in the car along your route if you enter a destination in the navigation system...
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    M3P: Why So Little Regenerative Braking?

    Hold mode doesn't reduce the regen level. I feel my 2020 Model 3 dual motor has lost some regen power over the years. Regen doesn't feel as strong as it used to and I use my brakes more than in the first year or two. Max regen value has always been 85kW in ScanMyTesla so that's not what changed...
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    Can you make it across the Navajo Reservation?

    ...what about slower than ref speeds instead of 20% higher. We aren't always obligated to drive over the limit :) Mind you I normally drive 20% over (allegedly) bit when you need to stretch it, you can go slower.
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    !6V battery

    It is absolutely not recommended to try to charge that battery once it has gone too low. I've seen a video of it exploding quite drastically. Please see this video.
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    Sentry Mode not draining the battery?

    Phone key should not be a problem. Plenty of us have their cell phone in proximity to the car and it sleeps anyway.
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    Range Estimates for Dummies

    You can estimate the 100% SOC range from a lower soc. It gives an estimate but as you can see in some threads around here, the BMS can become slightly uncalibrated. In some cases you can help it and the number will change. Still, it gives an idea of the ballpark. You can see how mine evolved...
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    My Model Y battery loses 2 % each day while it sits in garage, Sentry & Climate are off, what gives ?

    You're in California, with less temperature changes than here... :)
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    My Model Y battery loses 2 % each day while it sits in garage, Sentry & Climate are off, what gives ?

    Another vote for BMS adjustment. I have cases where my car is higher by a few percent the next day, and other times it's a couple percent lower... That is not necessarily spent energy.
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    Difficulty waking from app

    Some of the commands don'T go through the internet but instead communicate through the local bluetooth LE connection. Maybe the honk is one of them. If you're so close, pulling the door handle also wakes the car up.
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    Did I damage my vehicle trying to use this lift puck?

    I noticed the center pin being too long when I got my pucks 4 years ago for my model 3. I simply cut the top of each post a bit with an exacto knife. The center pin just serves as a centering mechanism and it also holds the puck in place while you use it. It's not mandatory at all.
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    37k, Km’s brake service

    Another YES here. You drive in crappy winter conditions, you should definitely clean and lubricate the brakes at least once a year. It's recommended on all cars regardless of weather but much more essential in our conditions. I do it myself in the spring when I change my wheels. Tesla don't...
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    Model y lfp battery charging habits

    As Bruce said, 100% is for the BMS to stay calibrated. Initially some people were left stranded with a car that suddenly went from say 7% to 0%/"stop now" because the BMS wasn't calibrated. That doesn't mean the car needs to idle at 100% all the time. You need to reach 100% "at least once a...
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    Stranded due to stuck windows

    I've had mine frozen (so assumed it was your case) and was able to close the door anyway by working the window gently as I very slowly close the door. I don't think I would be stranded because of it. You are the first case I hear about having the problem so I don't think it's a common issue.
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    Stranded due to stuck windows

    I am presuming the window is stuck because of ice. When that happens you can normally fix it by running a credit card along the window from the outside of the car, between the glass and the rubber at the bottom. If that doesn't work you can try pushing the window inwards a bit as you bring the...
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    Difficulty waking from app

    I believe this is how it goes: Phone (running Tesla Mobile app) -> phone's internet connection (Wifi or otherwise LTE) -> Tesla computer on the internet -> cell phone provider -> SMS to your car Your phone does not talk to the car directly to wake it up, it talks to a Tesla computer in the...
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    Difficulty waking from app

    Waking the car requires sending it an SMS as far as I know, and that can fail. When the mobile app doesn't wake my car inside 10-15 seconds, I kill the mobile app and start it again. This normally makes it work for me, most probably re-attempting the SMS send...
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    Can you make it across the Navajo Reservation?

    That means you should arrive at more than 6% SOC if you go even slower than 70Mph, like 50Mph for example. Input that as max in ABRP and see what it tells you.
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    Can you make it across the Navajo Reservation?

    Not a direct answer to your question but you have some control over your consumption. If you go slow (certainly under 55mph) you'll stretch your distance. The same can be said about heating/cooling... not using it can save a few good kWh and thus stretch the distance you can make... Not much you...
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    Canadian winter - best practices for preconditioning battery for best efficiency?

    You are forcing your car to heat the battery to 45-50C (if you drive long enough to reach that) which is not great for battery longevity, unless you need to charge it fast, and only for a short time. As soon as you deactivate that, the car will then work hard to cool the battery, spending...
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    WTH? Taking ~1.5hr 35-80%

    The car now displays a message if the reason is that your battery isn't warm enough. I've at least seen it on 3 and Y so I presume it applies to S and X too... If you don't get this message that's not the reason. You need to know your charging curve to know if you are getting optimal for the...
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    Charging miles per hour calculation

    Measuring charging by miles per hour is not a great method. You are getting energy in the form of kWh at a certain rate (kW) into a battery that contains kWh. If you have a 90kWh battery and you are charging at 10kW it would take 9 hours, roughly. To be able to calculate this in miles per hour...
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    I have a glictch and need help

    At least here ALL service must be requested through the app so I would start with that.
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    Steering wheel, heater auto

    From the manual: A similar comment is made about the steering wheel.
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    I have a glictch and need help

    Agreed. I've had this type of thing happen to me, twice, and both times was the driver seat sensor malfunctioning. It can be intermittent, it's not always a total failure.
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    Tesla Canada constantly rejecting warranty claims

    I've also heard people have issues with waking the car up when they are connected to their home wifi but a bit far away from the router so signal is low. I don't understand why this would affect wake-up but in their case disconnecting the wifi from the car helped them. That would not explain...
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    Tesla Canada constantly rejecting warranty claims

    I'm sorry you are having such bad luck. I don't think it's like that everywhere but there are cases where owners are unhappy of dealer responses. Phone connecting with car issues are common. The phone needs to communicate with a Tesla server somewhere on the Internet, which talks to a cell...
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    Home charging M3 RWD at 48A on Tesla Wall Charger

    A M3 RWD will only ever request 32A since it only has a 32A onboard charger. IT doesn't matter that your wall charger can provide more. Everything will be fine, at 32A
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    WTH? Taking ~1.5hr 35-80%

    You need to pick the supercharger in the navigation map for precondition to happen. Navigating to the same address will not work. Did you pick it in the map after turning the display of superchargers on?