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  1. M

    Make the Model Y Performance ~Quicker~

    Hello all, Owner of a 2021 Model Y Performance here. I'm wondering if anyone has found out; how can the MYP be made quicker? I understand the car is blazingly quick, and many will question why more speed and rapid acceleration are needed. But, I believe the MYP should be able to outperform...
  2. skylarracing

    Tesla Model 3 Acceleration Software Limited? [model 3P]

    I've seen people say the 0-60 times of the Model 3, specifically the M3P is software limited. Wanted to start a little discussion to see what your thoughts are on if the M3P acceleration is software limited due to how consistent the 0-60 times are. I know some of the LR AWD model 3's have the...
  3. K

    Dyno/Road Tests for All Models/variants

    Hi, just out of curiosity, has anyone compiled a spreadsheet or something similar of all of the various Dyno results and 0-60 times? I'm not just talking about the latest and greatest "Dyno breaking" ones, but one that has all models like the S60 vs S85, RWD vs AWD, Model 3, etc? It's tough to...
  4. BM3B

    Model X horsepower and 0-60 sec discussion

    I am a new Model X owner LR+ 20" with -H battery built 9/2020. I have been looking for LR (non-performance) horsepower and 0-60 information and have not found much in the forum especially for power. I will post my findings to this thread and ask anyone else with info to chime in as well. Thanks...
  5. E

    2012 Model S Signature - Increase 0-60

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Just curious has anyone increased their 0-60 time on a 2012 Signature? Can you add the ludacris or insane mod?
  6. MountainPass

    Vendor First Model Y Dyno Test!

    Hi Guys! We finally received our MYP last week and drove it straight to the shop for a dyno session. Here is the video we made with the results of the dyno test, which were not only "shocking", but also provide some insight into potential power increases via software for the M3P! Despite it...
  7. M

    Use your iPhone to estimate your 0-60 time.

    It's easy to analyze you iPhone video on your Mac using QuickTime or Preview. Take a passenger's handheld vid of the speedometer. Then share on Notes or email to yourself and open with preview on your Mac. Here's my video showing how:
  8. Jomak

    All used 75D uncorked?

    When I look at all the used MS 75D all of them report 4.2 sec 0-60. Does that mean all of them are uncorked even the 2016 models which are the ones I am looking at? I know I saw a thread about misleading info and one even said 2016 75Ds can't get the upgrade. Can you please explain the...
  9. T

    0-60 MPH test of LR RWD on 2019.36.2.1

    A very rudimentary test of the new power increase using an online stopwatch and slow motion video. Conditions were wet and cold (41F) and the battery was a little cold too. The only preconditioning was a 20 minute top-off charge about 15 minutes prior. It slipped slightly on launch. I’ll run...
  10. CA_Car_Guy

    1/2 Mile Runs

    Took my 19 M3 AWD LR to a half mile shoot out. Ran against a few different cars. Here is a half mile pull against my friends Audi R8 v10 performance plus. ~4 sec to 60 topping out at 130mph. My car was at a 35% SOC. He was behind be up to 100mph (he had a bad launch). Didn't know I was going...
  11. C

    Som Q. on Dragy and 0-60 mph. expert adv needed. (SeeVideo)

    I have Dragy. I like it and I believe on the recorded times on 0-60mph or 0-100km/h. But when I use it on Camera mode to overlay the video, I can see (ONLY on playing the video) a sorta like Christmas tree. I can't see it while I start to record the movie on the phone. In addition (the main...
  12. D.E.


    There’s a performance device called “dragy” that reportedly is very accurate. It’s $149. I’d certainly like to measure my Tesla’s performance, (uncorked S75D), but once that’s done I don’t really feel a need to have that dragy device sitting years unused in a drawer. So... What I propose...
  13. C

    SR+ 0-60 and ¼ mile times

    Has anyone taken their SR+ to the strip yet? Would be interested to see the ¼ mile time. Thanks!
  14. JTesmod3

    Dragy 0-60 Model 3 AWD

    Got 2 runs in on my morning commute...put some technical information (battery charge, tire psi, temp.) if anyones interested
  15. Maximilien

    Potential 0-60mph Model 3P+ vs. Model P85D

    The usable battery of 3PD+ is 78 kwh. (total 80.5) Currently 3.5s The usable battery of P85D is about 77 khw. (total 81?) Currently 2.8s. with ludicrous mode, 3.2s without it. But Model 3 is 1000 pounds lighter. A thought crossed my mind that Tesla is purposely "significantly" downplaying...
  16. B

    Can anyone with a RWD Model 3 confirm if it so has a faster than listed 0-60 performance?

    With more AWD and P3D performance numbers hopefully coming in soon, and everyone hoping they are higher than quoted numbers, I remember hearing RWD acceleration numbers were cut back couple months ago. I'm ordering soon and finally decided on getting RWD for increased efficiency. So just...
  17. JTesmod3

    I want performance numbers! Free use of my dragy if your in the los angeles westwood or valley area

    Like most you im obsessing between the all wheel drive and the performance version but am really anxious to see what the all wheel drive can do...if your in the LOS ANGELES area i will meet you to get some performance numbers, let me know...awd, performance awd, rwd, anything 3 at this point o_O...
  18. GeekLad

    0-60 Test App for the Tesla Web Browser

    I've been tinkering with a little experiment to calculate stats for 0-60, quarter mile time, and other stats via a web app used with the Tesla web browser. Because the browser API for the GPS only updates at 1Hz, the actual values need to be interpolated. I need the help of anyone and everyone...
  19. Mayhem

    Model 3P-D 0-60 prediction?

    Just a fun poll to judge 0-60 predictions. I myself would like to see a actual measured (e.g. VBOX) 2.9 - 3.1 sec, with advertised 3.3 - 3.5 sec. (Tesla always almost always underpromises on 0-60).
  20. aikisteve

    Uncorked 100D beats P100D in sports mode

    To my big surprise, the uncorked 100D beats the P100D in sport mode. Would expect the same results at least. But maybe the cars are set up the same, but the weight difference plays a role... But at least I got payback as well :-D (test was done under controlled circumstances. Do not try to...
  21. P

    75DUncorked vs 100D

    I Ordered Model X 75D two weeks ago, waiting for late December delivery. But been thinking of switching my order to 100D. I would receive 100D sooner, first week of December. Only thing that is stopping me is the higher price haha. I just dont know if i can justify it, new uncorked 75D is now...
  22. ishareit

    0-60 in 4.3 seconds on new RWD Model S

    Waiting for get delivery of my Model S RWD 75 next week. The 0-60 specs are 4.3 seconds on this car and I was wondering if that is reasonable - given that its a RWD and might lose traction if floored. Can't wait to try it myself, but wondering if anyone who has the newer spec'ed Model S can...
  23. T

    Updated 0-60 performance on new inventory MX?

    I recently took delivery of MX75D from new inventory and found out (from the laminated config/price sheet inside the car) that it was manufactured in May 2017. When I ordered it, I specifically asked about the 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, and whether the inventory vehicle could do it (i.e. is it...
  24. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Model X Wing Available Now!

    Our Model X Wing in autoclaved carbon fiber gives adds a sporty look to the backend of your Model X. Attached with pre-installed double sided tape. Click Here for More Info! Click Here for More Info!
  25. raphy3

    How to get P85 to full power

    Hi everyone. I have a CPO 2013 P85 that I took delivery of this past Tuesday. Just putting the pedal to the floor and testing the acceleration, it definitely does not feel much faster than a regular 85. 0-60 appears to be well over 5 seconds, just by counting while watching the speed. I haven't...
  26. Haxster

    0-60 MPH in Under Two Seconds!

    Just for fun, Elon authorized a Skunkworks project to explore a supercar concept based on the Model 3. A small team in Palo Alto put together a motor-per-wheel chassis with a pair of modified high-output controllers and TWO 60 kW battery packs. Much of the interior was stripped out to save...
  27. TexasTeslaRacing

    2016 MS P100D Powertools RunLog

    I don't know how many of you use the Powertools app but it's a nice app to check MAX KW and 0-60 times. Two separate logs are attached. The first run was at 80% SOC with two people in the car, level road, with max battery power on, and launch control used. Best time we could do was 3.0 0-60 and...
  28. F

    Model X 75D / 90D 0-60 mph acceleration video

    I've scoured YouTube but couldn't find a single video of the Model X 75D or X 90D accelerating from 0-60 mph / 0-100 kmh, only clips of ludicrous X P90Ds. I'm putting together an Excel chart with acceleration curves for the various models based on acceleration videos. Can someone with a X75D or...
  29. fallen888

    Model S RWD 60 0-60 in 5.5? Or less?

    Tesla says I should be able to go 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds. But I just did it in less. In fact, I was a little early to hit start in the beginning and didn't hit stop until I clearly saw the 60 pop up on the instrument panel. So I believe it's even less. Anyone get it lower? What's the lowest...
  30. badboy1980

    P90D Ludicrous Performance Against Battery Percentage Left

    Hi All, I have a P90D Ludicrous on route to me (Its my 2nd Tesla, the 1st being a 85D). I was wondering how much the 0-60 performance is affected by the battery charge level. For example, if the battery is at 90% it does 0-60 in 2.8 secs but if its at 50% does it complete 0-60 any slower? I...
  31. Garlan Garner

    If you had a choice: Acceleration or Distance?

    It has been said by Mr Elon M. that there is definitely going to be a Ludicrous mode on the M3. Some have concluded in their minds that Ludicrous means sub 3 second 0-60 times. Mr. Elon M. has also said that the distance for the M3 will exceed 200 miles per charge. He has also stated in a...
  32. omgwtfbyobbq

    Model 3 Specification Speculation

    Since it's fun to speculate, I threw together a little python script that uses the EPA FTP-75/HWFET traces and the unadjusted EPA rating of the S 70D to guess at Model 3 range. Using an admittedly crude comparison, I'm guesstimating a 55kWh 3 will hit 240+ mile combined and 75kWh 3 will hit 325+...
  33. RidgeRacerJM

    Model 3 Performance Speculation @ Hawthorne Event? 0-60, etc.

    To those who were at the event in Hawthorne and had the opportunity to take a ride in the Model 3, what would you say was the 0-60 for the dual motor? I also read somewhere that they (Tesla) had to utilize a Model S component to make them (Model 3 test cars) driveable, so maybe the performance...
  34. E

    85D 0-60 faster than expected

    I've been thinking nonstop about how I should've gotten the P90D instead of 85D to feel the acceleration and power, but it seems like they're more similar than I once though. 85D 0-60 has been seen to be sometimes as low as 3.85, average around 4.0. This is without rollout P90D is 3.1 with...
  35. J

    Driving P85D What happens in Insane Mode launch in Snow and Ice Conditions!

    P85D INSANE LAUNCH in SNOW ice winter driving Tesla - YouTube Oh yes I did. And tesla is truly a smart car.
  36. D

    Model S acceleration 0-60 MPH between 85kw Perf / Standard / 60kw / European P85

    hello !!! I tried to put together differents videos taken from youtube to see differences between 5 Models S with acceleration 0 to 60 mhp Even between 85 KW perf, we can see minor differences. top left is Perf but without Launch control top right is European perf in kmh Bottom left is taken...
  37. Zextraterrestrial

    Grey Performance 0-60

    I was giving a quick test ride and did a 0-60 (slipped a bit on takeoff since I just slammed the go pedal ) brake lights come on just after 60 on return I did a hard stop from ~ 65 mph Joules- you can also see her slip when I hit the paint line close to 55 mph