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  1. Aphinity

    14-30 charge adapter - 110v/120v capable?

    I'm trying to adapt to a 30amp 110v service and I'm not seeing a 110v capable plug with 30amp capability. I'd rather not use the 5-20 adapter as it's not going to get full amperage. Given that the 5-15 connector has been known to accept 240v (despite this being a bad idea), I'm curious if...
  2. B

    FS: Dryer Buddy Plus #1 w/ kWh meter

    Dryer Buddy™ Plus #1 Custom 30A NEMA 10-30 2-way switcher, 5.5' 10-30 cable to two 10-30 outlets with optional kWh/Watt/Volt/Amp meter Dryer Buddy for sale. Used for about a year and worked great, installed a dedicated circuit/charger and no longer need it. Originally paid $375, selling for...
  3. igotzzoom

    Temporary Charging Solution - 10-30 & Mobile Charger

    Rather than spending the $3,000+ to do the 200A panel upgrade, I think as an interim solution, we're going to put a new plug in the garage on the currently unused 30-amp dryer circuit (we have a gas dryer) and utilize the mobile charger with the 10-30 adapter. I plan on doing off-peak charging...
  4. ForeverFree

    Plug Adapters (Gen 1) -- 5-20 (120V); 10-30,14-30, and 6-50 (240V)

    If your travels may take you away from Supercharging, or if you simply need home/family/friend charging connections other than the 5-15 (120V) and 14-50 (240V) adapters that came with your Model S or X, these will make you a road warrior. Like-new condition. Originally $45/each in the Tesla...
  5. ishareit

    10-30 to 14-30 adapter and charging advise

    Hello everyone! My first post here... I am getting a delivery of my Model S soon (so excited!) and wanted to get setup for charging in the meantime. To add an outlet in the garage dedicated to charging with a 50 AMP circuit is going to be too much work as per the electricians I contacted. They...
  6. Tico

    WTB: Tesla NEMA 10-30 Adapter in Phoenix, AZ

    Hello everyone. I'm in Phoenix, AZ visiting family and would like to get a NEMA 10-30 Tesla made adapter for my S so I can charge and my parent's place. Thanks in advance.
  7. glhs272

    New NEMA 6-50 & 10-30 UMC Adapters

    Hadn't seen anything posted yet so I figured I mention that today I received a package from Tesla. Inside were several newly revised and manufactured Tesla UMC adapters. This is due to the recall. These have a white connector face. Since I had purchased the entire collection of UMC adapters way...