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  1. n.one.one

    What time will PWs reach 100%- Spreadsheet (downloadable)

    There are days that you might want to adjust the use of your Powerwalls and it would be helpful to know when they will reach 100%. The spreadsheet linked below will quickly tell you what that time is based on how fully charged they are now and the current or estimated charge rate. I'll put an...
  2. Ostrichsak

    How are we supposed to get est range @ 90% 100% etc. now?

    These new updates are awful. I can't adjust the SoC capacity unless it's actually plugged in which is stupid. I should be able to open the app at any point and slide the SoC to 80% 90% 100% or whatever. They appear to have also removed the estimate of range that previously existed. So, even if I...
  3. N

    How to display rated range at 100% without charging to 100%?

    Is there an easy way, without charging to 100%, to display the 100% rated or ideal range? I'm asking because I don't want to ask dealers to charge to 100%, and some dealers don't know the UI menus at all. Is it just a matter of changing to % display, then calculating the range at 100%? I saw...
  4. P

    100% = 370 rated miles? Or not ....

    Hello: Hopefully someone can tell me if I should be concerned or not. Sept 2019 build Long range shows 364 miles after charging 100% at home (14-50). The car is (was) brand new when I picked it up a month back & I saw the same loss about 3 weeks back. Tesla service told me "it takes time" to...
  5. A

    Is always charging only to 80% stupid?

    I hate to be another person asking what probably seems to be a pretty simple battery question, but most questions I've seen seem to be from people asking the opposite perspective. I have a LR RWD Model 3 (the cheapest one that was available when I ordered in June). I almost never charge above...
  6. Defiant

    S70D (2015) in paniek bij volle accu

    Een kennis overweegt om aan mij zijn prachtige S uit te lenen zodat ik een goede vriend kan chauffeuren op zijn huwelijk. Hij vertelde me van een wonderlijk probleem. Hopelijk weet iemand hier meer. Hij laadt standaard de auto braaf tot 80%. Maar de paar keer dat hij voor een lange trip tot...
  7. ckwong

    Charge to 100% on Road Trip

    I know to charge it to 100% before the road trip but do I leave it on 100% during the road trip and change it back to 90% once I get back home? Thanks
  8. F

    I leased my 70D. Should I really care about charging only to 90%??

    I got my 70D delivered at the end of June. For tax deductions purposes, leasing it made far more sense than buying the car. I am going to turn this car in at the end of 36 months. Bottom line is that I don't really care about "battery life" being affected in year 4+ of ownership. So, is there...
  9. fasteddie7

    Charging the 60d to 100%?

    Hi all! I saw a very small number of threads on this without a definitive answer. Seems to be reminiscent of the old 60kwh pack being software limited to 40kwh, but there wasn't a definite answer then also. Since it seems to be difficult to determine a definite yes or no, is charging the 60 to...