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100 amp

  1. M

    Just ordered Model 3, need to set up charging, recommendations?

    Just ordered Model 3 standard range plus (263 miles), my garage has no 240V I believe, and not sure it's 100A or 60A. I have no knowledge of electrical stuff, so will hire an electrician to do things right. I read many posts and still am a bit confused. It seems this is what I need to do/make...
  2. Antares Nebula

    Any drawback to future proofing a single Tesla wall connector with 100 amp circuit?

    Any drawback to future proofing a single Tesla wall connector with 100 amp circuit? Want to install a Tesla Wall Connector for one Tesla (Model 3). May or may not buy additional Teslas in future. Since I (that is my electrician) have to do the electrical work for one connector, which only...
  3. N

    Advice: Rental property and Model 3

    Hi Everyone FIrst time tesla customer here (almost). I am taking delivery of my model 3 next week and I am having some trouble with installing Tesla charging at my home which I rent. The option that I am considering is to use the dryer plug (10-30 or 14-30 adapter) to charge the Model 3. I...
  4. W

    Stuck with 100amp Service from PG&E. HELP!!

    Hi all, I am new to the forums but I have enjoyed reading everyone's experiences. Sorry but this will be a long post. Background Info Union City, CA (PG&E is provider) Single Family House 1,855 sq ft (completely renovated 5 years ago when we bought the house) Original House Built: 1972...
  5. Daniellane

    Model 3 & Model S Load Sharing 2 HPWCs Video Demo! WooHoo!

    Just took delivery of our Model 3 today and finally had the opportunity to thoroughly test our dual wall charger set-up. It works like magic! Two HPWC’s sharing one 100 amp circuit. From the HPWC installation manual: The Wall Connector includes a feature whereby Wall Connector to Wall Connector...