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  1. BobbyKings

    Model Y draad(je)

    Omdat hij / zij echt komt :) Elon Musk to reportedly share more info about the Tesla Model Y ‘next week’
  2. Alketi

    100kWh pack - geometry, pack density and ... immersion cooling?

    I saw this mentioned elsewhere and it has some interesting implications. Let's start with what we know: - Tesla uses "coolant" running through a ribbon between the individual cells, as described in these patent drawings As can be inferred from the drawings this limits the surface area...
  3. LargeHamCollider

    Poll: How is Tesla getting to 100kWh? and some history.

    Tesla's battery marketing labels ("85kwh" etc.) aren't precise descriptions of pack capacity making this a bit trickier, for background here's a brief history of Tesla's batteries. Some time after the car went on sale 85 owners noted that their cars never showed anywhere near 85kwh used. This...
  4. Haxster

    Pondering 100kWh and 120kWh batteries

    So, if these batteries become available for the S/X, here are some questions: How much will they cost? Can they be retrofitted? Are they improved chemistry/construction or just more volume? How much more will they weigh? How much thicker might they be? How much will they increase range? Will...
  5. BobbyKings

    A healthy and happy 2016!

    First of all I wish everybody a very healthy and happy 366 days in 2016! And on top of that here are my specific Tesla wishes for everybody for 2016: 1) A fantastic reveal of a fantastic model ≡. 2) A 100 kWh battery pack. 3) A merry X-mas (also being a model X under the Christmas tree)...
  6. BobbyKings

    Een gezond & gelukkig 2016!

    Ten eerste wens ik iedereen een heel gezond en gelukkig 2016 met 366 fantastische dagen. En daar bovenop wens ik iedereen nog 3 specifieke Tesla gelukjes toe: Een hele mooie model ≡ (onthulling). Een 100kWh battery pack. Een merry X-mas (dat is een X onder de kerstboom). Geldt ook voor 2015...