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  1. I

    PCS_a052 Error when trying to charge on 110V at home

    Hi all, New owner here and was trying to charge my '23 M3 RWD on 110V for the first time today using a 25' extension cord (10/3 SJTW). The charge starts out great at 12/12 A, 118V, 1kW but then after about an hour, I get a PCS_a052 error. I tried the other plug on the same outlet but still get...
  2. T

    "Why should I pay for your gas? I'm not paying for anyone else's gas"

    Hey guys, I am trying to convince my employer that the amount of electricity pulled from a standard 120v outlet to charge a Tesla is a very small amount. I know there is only so much output one single outlet can have. What is an easy way to quantify this to the average person? What is another...
  3. Aphinity

    14-30 charge adapter - 110v/120v capable?

    I'm trying to adapt to a 30amp 110v service and I'm not seeing a 110v capable plug with 30amp capability. I'd rather not use the 5-20 adapter as it's not going to get full amperage. Given that the 5-15 connector has been known to accept 240v (despite this being a bad idea), I'm curious if...
  4. MrBoylan

    Problem charging at 110V on Tesla UMC (Red T)

    Came up to my parents' cabin with my Model 3 (first road trip!). I was hoping to charge the car using a standard 110V outlet and the Tesla provided UMC (universal mobile charger). When I plug in the UMC, the TESLA letters light up green, but when i plug the UMC into the car, I hear some clicking...
  5. Railhawk52

    Issues with 110v gfic outlets

    I’ve been noticing issues when charging my model 3 with a 110v gfic outlet. I have an outlet in my garage and the model 3 trips the outlet just when it ramps up to 3 amps. I though it was an issue with the outlet and the wiring, but other heavy appliances work on it like my vacuum cleaner...