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    How much did you pay for your 50 Amp Outlet?

    I just read a thread about charging on 120 volt 15 amp outlets and was curious how much all of you paid to install a 220 volt 50 amp outlet? I just built a new house and the electrician charged me $50 per outlet to install five of them (two at the front of the house in the driveway, one for the...
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    Simplified solar charging for Model 3

    I am planning on keeping my Model 3 at a second home where I only drive it on alternating weekends. The home is a condo with a long (200 feet+) run from my meter to my carport. Including permits, I estimate that the cost of running power conduit and placing a 120V outlet at my carport would be...
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    Intermittent Charging Failure using 120 volt wall outlet

    I am a new owner of P3D+ and I am currently unable to charge using Tesla provided Charger from 120-volt wall outlet. After a few miles of charging at 3-4 miles/hour I get a "Charging interrupted at 9:18 am with battery at 235 mi" notice. Then later I would say start charging but it will do...