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  1. W

    30A 120V - Use it or forget it?

    We have a 30A 125V outlet in our garage for when we plugged in our Airstream travel trailer years ago. Can I use this for our new Tesla Y (on order) or with our limited daily driving of 15 miles or should I just use 110V standard outlet? And what should I order when I order the vehicle, a wall...
  2. T

    "Why should I pay for your gas? I'm not paying for anyone else's gas"

    Hey guys, I am trying to convince my employer that the amount of electricity pulled from a standard 120v outlet to charge a Tesla is a very small amount. I know there is only so much output one single outlet can have. What is an easy way to quantify this to the average person? What is another...
  3. Aphinity

    14-30 charge adapter - 110v/120v capable?

    I'm trying to adapt to a 30amp 110v service and I'm not seeing a 110v capable plug with 30amp capability. I'd rather not use the 5-20 adapter as it's not going to get full amperage. Given that the 5-15 connector has been known to accept 240v (despite this being a bad idea), I'm curious if...
  4. H

    How much did you pay for your 50 Amp Outlet?

    I just read a thread about charging on 120 volt 15 amp outlets and was curious how much all of you paid to install a 220 volt 50 amp outlet? I just built a new house and the electrician charged me $50 per outlet to install five of them (two at the front of the house in the driveway, one for the...
  5. C

    Charging at work

    First of all, I'm the proud owner of a new blue midrange M3. I drive 61 miles each way to work and there's available a 120v receptacle for charging there. Btw, I received my car 2 days ago and haven't drove it to work yet, should I charge it at work which I think could give me a little over 40...
  6. DB-Cooper

    New Owner: Range, Charging, Will This Scenario Work?

    Hi, ordered the car in the signature, it's being delivered in less than two weeks! I've been doing tons of research, but I wanted to run a specific scenario across this audience, but first a little background. Background: We did have a Gen2 Prius, but this is our first pure-EV. We also have a...
  7. M

    75D 120v charging

    Last night at a friend's house I had to use a regular 120v to charge my 75D. Although tesla official number shows model x charges at 2 mile per hour using 5-15 adapter on 120v, I observed 1.5% per hour charge speed which translates to around 3.55 mile per hour. In 14 hours I managed to charge...
  8. MrBoylan

    Problem charging at 110V on Tesla UMC (Red T)

    Came up to my parents' cabin with my Model 3 (first road trip!). I was hoping to charge the car using a standard 110V outlet and the Tesla provided UMC (universal mobile charger). When I plug in the UMC, the TESLA letters light up green, but when i plug the UMC into the car, I hear some clicking...
  9. H

    Do I need a dedicated line when installing a 120V plug or are dedicated lines only for 240V?

    I live in a condo with a personal parking spot in a shared parking garage. I had an electrician do a site assessment and since my parking spot is around 400 ft away from the power vault (also I need scanning, drilling, permits, etc), the total cost can get very pricey. Since there is power all...
  10. Madartist

    Dual 120V to NEMA 14-50 adapter

    Is there a dual 120V to NEMA 14-50 adapter available? I can't seem to find one. If so, does anyone have any experience with it using the UMC? How many miles (or kW) per hour of charge do you get? This would seem to be a better choice rather than plugging into the standard 120V alone when other...